Here are my first edition rankings for key fantasy positions as well as top projected rookies. I tend to play in leagues that use defensive players (IDP’s) so I made list for that position too.

This list is extremely prone to weekly changes as we draw closer to the season.

Here is a link to this seasons full Schedule: http://www.scgffl.com/nfl_schedules/2011_nfl_sched.htm

Top 20 QB’s

1. Aaron Rodgers           GB          Same offense as last year but healthier

2. Michael Vick              PHI       Wether throwing them or running them, he will get you TD’s

3. Tom Brady                   NYE      Has all the tools and experience for another superbowl ring

4. Peyton Manning        IND      Year in, year out

5. Philip Rivers                SD        Last year MVP talk, V. Jackson back

6. Tony Romo                   DAL    I expect a rejuvenated gun slinging Romo

7. Drew Brees                    NO     Leads a potent offense still capable of makin the bowl

8. Ben Roethlisberger     PITT   Good selection of recievers, solid running game infront

9. Matt Schaub                  HOU  Has Andre Johnson. TE Owen Daniels healthy again

10. Matt Ryan                    ATL   Young QB still getting better

11. Eli Manning                 NYG

12. Matt Stafford                DET

13. Joe Flacco                     BAL

14. Josh Freeman               TB

15. Jay Cutler                        CHI

16. Matt Cassel                     KC

17. Kyle Orton                       DEN

18. Sam Bradford                 STL

19. Ryan Fitzpatrick            BUF

20. Chad Henne                   MIA

Top 20 RB’s

1. Adrian Peterson                 MIN    One of the most consistant RB’s, contract season $$$

2. Jamaal Charles                  KC       Has the potential to lead the league in yards from scimmage

3. Arian Foster                        HOU  WIll be hard to match last season but will still be a force

4. Chris Johnson                    TEN   Capable of scoring every time he gets the ball

5. Michael Turner                   ATL   When hes healthy he is one of the best in the game

6. Maurice Jones-Drew         JAC   The most consistant and explosive part of the JAG offence

7. Ray Rice                                BAL   Between the tackles or out of the backfield he gets yards

8. Frank  Gore                          SF      Great season before breaking his hip (still wanted to play)

9. Darren McFadden              OAK  Capable of being one of the future star RB’s of the league

10. LeSean McCoy                   PHI   Underrated. Good hands with big play potential

11. Rashard Mendenhall       PITT

12. Shonn Greene                    NYJ

13. Steve Jackson                    STL

14. Peyton Hillis                      CLE

15. Matt Forte                           CHI

16. Ryan Matthews                SD

17. Ahmad Bradshaw            NYG

18. LeGarrette Blount            TB

19. DeAngelo Williams         CAR

20. Daniel Thomas                 MIA

Top 10 TE’s

1. Antonio Gates                       SD    This guy is a monster, impossible to defend

2. Jermichael Finley               GB    A top option within a top offense. tall and athletic

3. Dallas Clark                         IND Whens hes healthy hes like another WR

4. Vernon Davis                       SF    Very talented, will likely be a go to option for new QB’s

5. Jason Witten                       DAL  Dallas will be a different team, Wittens numbers will show it

6. Owen Daniels                     HOU

7. Jimmy Graham                   NO

8. Kellen Winslow                  TB

9. Tony Gonzalez                     ATL

10. Mercedes Lewis                  JAC

10b. Brandon Pettigrew          DET

Top 25 WR’s

1. Andre Johnson                      HOU    Leads league in pass yards almost yearly

2. Calvin Johnson                     DET     Extremely tall and strong, similiar to ^AJ^

3. Roddy White                           ATL     Looking to expand on his success with QB Matt Ryan

4. Greg Jennings                       GB        Top WR Option for leagues best arm in A-Rod

5. Hakeem Nicks                       NYG     Has grown leaps and bounds since rookie campaign

6. Reggie Wayne                        IND     Peytons top option,  great mix of skill and experience

7. Vincent Jackson                    SD       Tall and athletic, looking to regain his top WR status

8. Dwayne Bowe                        KC        Amazing hands and a budding QB in Matt Cassel

9. Larry Fitzgerald                     ARI     One of the leagues best talents, needs a QB

10. Mike Wallace                      PITT    Scary speed, new #1 for Big Ben over Hines Ward.

11. Miles Austin                          DAL

12. Mike Williams                      TB

13. DeSean Jackson                  PHI

14. Jeremy Maclin                      PHI

15. Brandon Marshall               MIA

16. Brandon Lloyd                      DEN

17. Dez Bryant                              DAL

18. Wes Welker                            NYE

19. Austin Collie                           IND

20. Steve Johnson                        BUF

21. Marques Colston                    NO

22. Anquan Boldin                       BAL

23. Sidney Rice                              MIN

23b. Percy Harvin                         MIN

24. Steve Smith                              CAR

25. Santonio Holmes                   NYJ

Top 20 IDP

1. Patrick Willis                           SF        Best Linebacker in the league

2. Jerod Mayo                               NYE    Last years tackle leader looks to regain title

3. Jon Beason                               CAR    A monster who will be back where he belongs this season

4. Paul Puzlusny                          BUF    Defense unit struggles resulting in lots of tackles for Puz

5. Laurence Timmons                PITT   One of last seasons best tacklers, plays in a great unit

6. James Laurinitis                     STL

7. Barrett Ruud                             TB

8. DJ Williams                            DEN

9. Steven Tulloch                         TEN

10. Karlos Dansby                      MIA

10b. DeMeco Ryans                   HOU

11. EJ Henderson                        MIN

12. Clay Matthews                       GB

13. Ray Lewis                                BAL

14. Curtis Lofton                           ATL

15. D’Qwell Jackson                   CLE

16. David Harris                           NYJ

17. Brian Cushing                        HOU

18. Brian Urlacher                       CHI

19. Derrick Johnson                    KC

20. James Harrison                     PITT

Top 10 DST

1. Green Bay Packers      This defence makes things happen. Turnovers, sacks..etc

2. Pittsburgh Steelers     One of the most feared defences in football for years

3. New York Jets              One of the leagues best Blitzes and Secondary

4. Baltimore Ravens       Like the Steelers, one of the leagues feared defences for years

5. Philidelphia Eagles   A fast defence extremely capable of forcing turnovers and scoring TD’s

6. New York Giants

7. Chicago Bears

8. San Diego Chargers

9. New England Patriots

10. Dallas Cowboys

Rookies Looking to Make an Impact

Daniel Thomas                    MIA     Every down back likely taking over starting role

Mark Ingram                        NO       Jumps into a very talented offence, Heinsmen winner

Roy Helu                                WAS    Joining a offense known for making 1000 yard rushers

Cam Newton                         CAR     Rushing Yards and TD’s are extremely likely.

AJ Green                                BEN     Will immediately be a top option in CIN, QB questions though

Julio Jones                            ATL

Delone Carter                        IND

Jake Locker                           TEN

Mike Leshoure                      DET

Lance Kendricks                  STL



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