Every year there are a group of highly touted rookies whom owners are expecting to have an immediate impact in fantasy land, and in some cases this can ring true (Percy Harvin 2009, Mike Williams 2010).

The rookie draft class of 2011 is no different, with a good number of rookie names being bounced around by fantasy experts as having potentially big years. WR’s like Julio Jones in ATL and AJ Green in CIN are already making top WR’s power rankings, the same is being said about RB’s like Mark Ingram from NO and MIA’s Daniel Thomas.

But a key factor affecting this seasons rookie class is the lack of a training camp. All of these rookies have been drafted and given jobs, but have not been told when they start, when they can talk to management, what is inside the playbook and all of the other information of gains in the months before the season starts. The learning curve for this years rookies is going to be bigger than ever as players will have much shorter amount of time to fit into their teams offensive and defensive schemes.

Undoubtedly their will still be a handful of rookies who will transcend the learning curve and still produce quality umbers at times, but it is going to be harder than ever to predict who those players will be, some players just have a knack for making the transition to the pros.

List of rookies who are expected to make a solid fantasy impact who may struggle due to lack of training/lockout. Be sure to recheck their personal and teams status regularly before drafting.

Cam Newton (CAR)

AJ Green (CIN)

Andy Dalton (CIN)

Julio Jones (ATL)

Mark Ingram (NO)

Daniel Thomas (MIA)

Mikel Leshoure (DET)

Roy Helu (WAS)

Jake Locker (TEN)

Greg Little (CLE)

Demarco Murray (DAL)

TItus Young (DET)


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