So I spent some time looking at each team in the AFC’s schedule and tried to determine which teams have the easier and harder schedules this season. Some of what I found might help you when making a tough draft decision.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are certainly looking ahead to some tough match ups in 2011 including the Jets, Saints, Steelers, Ravens, ColtsX2, Chargers, Buccs, Bears and Falcons… yeah.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be hard pressed to repeat as division champions. They have and decent beginning to their schedule with some soft match ups but The rest of their schedule includes the ChargersX2, Colts, Patriots, Steelers, Jets and Packers.

I dont expect to many wins out the Bengals this year but with a pretty easy schedule including the BrownsX2, Broncos, Bills, Jags, Seahawks, Titans and Cardinals they could provide some of the years most unexpected games.

The Steelers and Ravens are both looking strong again and both have the privilege of playing the Bengals and Browns twice each which should provide them with some easier wins. The Colts and Texans have a similar luxury with the Jaguars and Titans.

Note: A team higher on the list does not make it a better team, it just means I believe they have a easier schedule. Even tho The Titans will have a much higher ranking than the Patriots, the Patriots still have more fantasy value as a team. And yes the rankings do seem to have teams grouped in divisions, but no, they are not, its just that teams in the same division seem to often have similiar schedules. (maybe its because they have to play their own division teams twice each.. just a thought…)

My AFC Strength of Schedule Power Rankings: 1=easiest 16=hardest

1.Steelers – @BAL, SEA, @IND, @HOU, TEN, JAX, @ARI, NE, BAL, @CIN, @KC, CIN, CLE, @SF, STL, @CLE,

2.Bengals – @CLE, @DEN, SF, BUF, @JAX, IND, @SEA, @TEN, PIT, @BAL, CLE, @PIT, HOU, @STL, ARI, BAL

3.Ravens – PIT, @TEN, @STL, NYJ, HOU, @JAX, ARI, @PIT, @SEA, CIN, SF, @CLE, IND, @SD, CLE

4.Colts – @HOU, CLE, PIT, @TB, KC, @CIN, @NO, @TEN, ATL, JAX, CAR, @NE, @BAL, TEN, HOU, JAX

5.Titans – @JAX, BAL, DEN, @CLE, @PIT, HOU, IND, CIN, @CAR, @ATL, TB, @BUF, NO, @IND, JAX, @HOU

6.Texans – IND, @MIA, @NO, PIT, OAK, @BAL, @TEN, JAX, CLE, @TB, @JAX, ATL, @CIN, CAR, @IND, TEN

7.Browns – CIN, @IND, MIA, TEN, @OAK, SEA, @SF, @HOU, STL, JAX, @CIN, BAL, @PIT, @ARI, @BAL, CLE

8.Chargers – MIN. @NE, KC, MIA, @DEN, @NYJ, @KC, GB, OAK. @CHI. DEN, @JAX. BUF, BAL, @DET, @OAK

9.Raiders – @DEN, @BUF, NYJ. NE, @HOU, CLE, KC, DEN, @SD, @MIN, CHI, @MIA, @GB, DET, @KC, SD

10.Jets – DAL, JAX, @OAK, @BAL, @NE, MIA, SD, @BUF, NE, @DEN, BUF, @WAS, KC, @PHI, NYG, @MIA

11.Broncos – OAK, CIN, @TEN, @GB, SD, @MIA, DET, @OAK, @KC, NYJ, @SD, @MIN, CHI, NE, @BUF, KC

12.Dolphins – NE, HOU, @CLE, @SD, @NYJ, DEN, @NYG, @KC, WAS, BUF, @DAL, OAK, PHI, @BUF, @NE, NYJ

13.Bills – @KC, OAK, NE, @CIN, PHI, @NYG, WAS, NYJ, @DAL, @MIA, @NYJ, TEN, @SD, MIA, DEN, @NE

14.Patriots – @MIA, SD, @BUF, @OAK, NYJ, DAL, @PIT, NYG, NYJ, KC, @PHI, IND, @WAS, @DEN, MIA, NE

15.Chiefs – BUF, @DET, @SD, MIN, @IND, @OAK, SD, MIA, DEN, @NE, PIT, @CHI, @NYJ, GB, OAK, @DEN

16.Jaguars – TEN, @NYJ, @CAR, NO, CIN, @PIT, BAL, @HOU, @IND, @CLE, HOU, SD, TB, @ATL, @TEN, IND

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Heres a video that always gets me jacked up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeexDrlNx5E


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