Same as I did with the AFC a few days ago, I have ranked the schedules of NFC teams for the 2011 season. And like before some of the analysis could help you in the future.

The AFC west was a terrible division last year and will likely be a weak division once again, having to play each other twice is largely the reason the 4 AFC west teams are ranked so high.

If you exclude Seattle, The Cardinals and 49’ers only play 3 playoff teams from last year.

The Packers  and Falcons have nice schedules, wherein they dont play to many play off teams but also dont have to many gimme games either.

The Redskins are going to suck again this year but some fantasy potential lies in some weak match ups like ARI, CAR, BUF and SEA. Their last couple games have a few teams I see possibly being comfortably in the playoffs providing the ‘Skins with some steals.

The Eagles face another tough schedule that makes the playoffs anything but certain, but also give rejuvenated Michael Vick another great opportunity to dominate the fantasy world.

A pretty tough schedule including GB, NOx2, IND, ATLx2, CHI, and HOU should give young QB Josh Freeman plenty of chances to live up to the hype surrounding him, and lots of high scoring games.

The Bears start the season with Atlanta coming to town, then travel to New Orleans, and finally are visited by Green Bay. It will not be an easy to start to 2011 for the Bears. Coming out of these games 3-0 or 2-1 could be a huge boost for a team trying to make another playoff run.

The Giants first 6 or 7 weeks are very appealing facing many lackluster teams which should help them off to a quick start. But the schedule only gets harder for a team that has been known to wear down late in the season as they face NE, SF, PHI, NO, GB, DAL, NYJ, DAL. This could result in another good fantasy season for Eli and his talented young WR’s. A hard schedule can bring out the best in a team.

My NFC Strength of Schedule Power Rankings: 1=easiest 16=hardest

comments, feedback… everything is welcome, get involved!

1.Cardinals – CAR, @WAS, @SEA, NYG, @MIN, PIT, @BAL, STL, @PHI, @SF, @STL, DAL, SF, CLE, @CIN, SEA

2.49’ers – SEA, DAL, @CIN, @PHI, TB, @DET, CLE, @WAS, NYG, ARI, @BAL, STL, @ARI, PIT, @SEA, @STL

3.Packers – NO, @CAR, @CHI, DEN, @ATL, STL, @MIN, @SD, MIN, TB, @DET, @NYG, OAK, @KC, CHI, DET

4.Falcons – @CHI, PHI, @TB, @SEA, GB, CAR, @DET, @IND, NO, TEN, MIN, @HOU, @CAR, JAX, @NO, TB

5.Seahawks – @SF, @PIT, ARI, ATL, @NYG, @CLE, CIN, @DAL, @STL, WAS, PHI, STL, @CHI, SF, @ARI

6.Rams – PHI, @NYG, BAL, WAS, @GB, @DAL, NO, @ARI, @CLE, SEA, ARI, @SF, @SEA, CIN, @PIT, SF

7.Lions – @TB, KC, @MIN, @DAL, CHI, SF, ATL, @DEN, @CHI, CAR, GB, @NO, MIN, @OAK, SD, @GB

8.Vikings – @SD, TB, DET, @KC, ARI, @CHI, GB, @CAR, @GB, OAK, @ATL, DEN, @DET, NO, @WAS, CHI

9.Saints – @GB, CHI, HOU, @JAX, @CAR, @TB, IND, @STL, TB, @ATL, NYG, DET, @TEN, @MIN, ATL, CAR

10.Redskins – NYG, ARI, @DAL, @STL, PHI, @CAR, @BUF, @MIA, DAL, @SEA, NYJ, NE, @NYG, MIN, @PHI

11.Eagles – @STL, @ATL, NYG, SF, @BUF, @WAS, DAL, CHI, ARI, @NYG, NE, @SEA, @MIA, NYJ, @DAL, WAS

12.Buccaneers – DET, @MIN, ATL, IND, @SF, NO, CHI, @NO, HOU, @GB, @TEN, CAR, @JAX, DAL, CAR, ATL

13.Panthers – @ARI, GB, JAX, @CHI, NO, @ATL, WAS, MIN, TEN, @DET, @IND, @TB, ATL, @HOU, TB, @NO

14.Cowboys – @NYJ, @SF, WAS, DET, @NE, STL, @PHI, SEA, BUF, @WAS, MIA, @ARI, NYG, @TB, PHI

15.Bears – ATL, @NO, GB, CAR, @DET, MIN, @TB, @PHI, DET, SD, @OAK, KC, @DEN, SEA, @GB, MIN

16.Giants – @WAS, STL, @PHI, @ARI, SEA, BUF, MIA, @NE, @SF, PHI, @NO, GB, @DAL, WAS, @NYJ, DAL


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