NFL.com Fantasy Draft: A Breakdown

So yesterday I did my first fantasy draft of the season, I had wanted to wait until closer to the season to draft my teams, but I thought I would do just this one early so I can provide you all with this article.

Hope you enjoy… my breakdown and analysis of my first fantasy draft of the season.

The Draft was on NFL.com, with standard scoring, positions, and 12 teams.


The draft starts and I am granted the first 2nd overall pick. I am a bit over whelmed; my luck seems to usually put me at about 7th pick. HOU RB Arian Foster is selected first overall, and the clock is now on me.

PICK #2 – KC RB Jamaal Charles – Arian Foster being taken with the first pick doesn’t change much for me, I would have expected APete to go first. In my head I keep thinking I should draft APete myself, but after a couple moments of deliberation, the risk taker inside of me surged out and I used my 2nd overall selection Mr. Charles. I justify this choice by thinking about it this way: By picking Jamaal Charles I have the player with the higher potential for a monster season, but also more potential to disappoint. APete would have been the safer pick, but I decided to go on a limb and take the man who ran for about 6.6 yards per carry last season.

PICK #23 – NYG WR Hakeem Nicks – After what seems like a lifetime the clock is back on me with 23rd overall pick. I already have a stud RB and get to make 2 of the next 4 selections. I know what my plan is at this point, grab a pair of top quality WR’s; the NFL of late has seen a huge increase in passing yards and touchdowns. Calvin and Andre Johnson were both gone already of course, and Greg Jennings and DeSean Jackson (crazy eagle fan) had just gone off the board. I had the Choice of Nicks or Roddy White, and since I knew I had another pick coming extremely soon, I went with young and explosive Nicks.

PICK #26 – IND WR Reggie Wayne – After selecting Nicks 23rd, I watched Philip Rivers get drafted followed by Roddy White, (would have loved Nicks and White) and again it’s my turn. With White now gone, I am looking at Reggie Wayne and Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz has been ranked higher on about every rankings board I look at, but with Peyton Manning throwing to him, and coming off 111 catches last season, picking Wayne was a no brainer to me.

PICK #47 – IND TE Dallas Clark – After another lengthy wait I’m back in the action with the 47th and 50th overall picks. Again, when it gets to me at this point i already know what I want to draft, a QB and a TE. The order which I draft them will depend upon what’s available. Antonio Gates had already been snatched up, immediately followed by Jason Witten so I figured I’d be best off grabbing a top tier TE while I still can. I was tempted to draft J. Finley from Green Bay due to his physical abilities and extreme potential. But after injuries in back to back seasons I ended up drafting the always dangerous Dallas Clark. Pairing Clark with Wayne should give me a nice tag team combo whenever the Colts are rolling, which is quite often.

PICK #50 – MIA RB Daniel Thomas – I had originally been looking to draft a QB with this spot, but I found that all the QB’s worth drafting at this stage were already taken, and I could likely still get a good QB on my next pick, even though it is so far away. So, I decided that I would grab my second starting RB with this pick. The RB’s still available to me were Shonne Green, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, and Daniel Thomas. Maybe it’s the fact that I am a dolphins fan, but I selected the rookie Daniel Thomas 50th overall. Though it is liable to change once a CBA is signed, at the moment Daniel Thomas is the feature back in Miami. The NFL is littered with teams operating a RB committee, but for the time being, Thomas is all alone, and a very tempting draft choice, one I couldn’t pass up on.

PICK #71 – NYG QB Eli Manning – 21 picks later and its back to me, and it’s finally time to get my QB. I consider this pick a bit of a steal myself. QB’s like Romo, Schaub and Roethlisberger were taken rounds ago, while Matt Ryan was recently selected. I look up at the draft board and seeing Eli Manning’s name staring back at me; I didn’t hesitate. Eli has4000 yards in back to back campaigns, 58 TD’s in those years to go along with one of the league’s premier receiving corps led by my own Hakeem Nicks. Welcome to the team Eli.

PICK #74 – NYG WR Mario Manningham – At this point WR’s were getting pretty thin and it’s a position I like to be strong at so I decided to spend this pick on a WR since I had a 21 pick wait coming up. I was trying to decide between Pierre Garcon and Manningham who were in my eyes the two top prospects. I already had two members from each respective team so it wasn’t a easy call at first. But with Steve Smith out for a few weeks to start the season, and Austin Collie emerging as the WR#2 in Indy, I thought it would be best to go with Mario.

PICK #95 – WAS RB Ryan Torain – At this point in the draft I had most positions covered i wanted, my starting roster just needed a Kicker and DST and it would be set. But instead of drafting those positions with my next 2 picks, I decided to draft some quality backups. A Kicker isn’t as important to me and DST can be made up for by playing good matchups, if I can’t get a solid one. I ended up taking Ryan Torain as my back up RB, he will likely be sharing touches with Roy Helu, but Washington will likely rely on the run again and Torain showed he is more than capable of putting up 100 yard efforts last season, when he’s healthy….

PICK #98 – GB WR Jordy Nelson – For a backup WR i went with Green Bay wideout Jordy Nelson. Nelson saw an increased role in the GB offence as last season went on, capping it off with a 100+ yard and a TD game in the Super Bowl. With James Jones possibily leaving for free agency and Donald Driver not getting any younger, Nelson has a chance to become a week to week starter this year.

PICK #119 – OAK K Janikowski – Its round 10 and time for me to look at getting a Kicker and DST. Looking at the draft board all of the top DST’s had been taken (Pitts, Balt, Jets, Eags) so I started looking at Kickers instead. Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski was available and an easy choice for my kicker. The Raiders are looking to improve last season’s 8-8 record and divisional success which will hopefully lead to more chances for Janikowski. There is also the fact that this guy can hit from like 60 yards out.

PICK #122 – NE Defence/ST – A couple picks later and back to me again and time to grab my DST. As i mentioned before, all of the top tier options had been picked already. Left for me to choose from was New England and San Diego, both pretty solid options to me. In the end i went with New England due to them coming off a better season fantasy wise for a DST and it also is the more balanced team over all that is extremely well coached; it is not very often New England gets lit up.

At this point in the draft I was back to just trying to draft backups and players I feel might just break out this year and make a push for a starting spot on my roster.

PICK #143 – BUF QB Fitzpatrick – I already had a backup RB and WR from earlier rounds so with this pick i drafted Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitz took over for Trent Edwatds last season and actually helped the Bills earn some wins. He took risks, threw into tright spaces, and for a couple weeks was a top QB option in fantasy land. If he can do that in his first chance as a starter, I will gladly add him to my bench to see what he can do this season.

PICK #146 – MIA WR Davone Bess – Bess is more valuable in PPR leagues, but I still wanted him on my team, and the time was right to select him. He is a 3rd down monster who can make the toughest of catches and crucial times. His yards per catch is anything to brag about but that goes with his role as a slot receiver. If Chad Henne and his team can grow this season and keep the offence on the field more often, Bess has a chance to get close to 10 TD’s.

PICK #167 – STL WR Danny Amendola – Amendola was up and coming star QB Sam Bradford’s favourite target last season and if that trend continues, is enough of a reason for me to draft him. Like Bess, his yards per catch average is a little low being a slot receiver and all, but the amount of targets he gets from Bradford and his ability to make tough catches make him a good sleeper choice to me. STL looks to be moving forward as an offence, which again, like Bess, could result in more TD opportunities for Amendola.

PICK #170 – SEA WR Mike Williams – Like I said, I like to be deep at WR, you never know who is going to have a break out year sometimes. Mike Williams returned in 2010 from a 2 year football hiatus in good physical condition, and playing for his old College Coach, Steve Carroll. The former first round draft pick proved 2010 was the year for comebacks (Michael Vick) as he had a solid campaign catching 65 passes for 750 yards. While he only caught 2 TD’s last season, If he continues to see the amount of action he saw last year while continually getting better, 2011 could see his numbers take a nice jump.


So here it is: my first Fantasy Football team of the season and why I drafted them.

Think my team is garbage? Think its fantasy gold? Any certain pick you can’t wrap your head around? Let Me Know!!!

Comment, leave hatemail if you must! Just get involved!

–          KoopaFantasy


5 thoughts on “A Fantasy Draft BREAKDOWN!

  1. Nicks over white, I don’t like. Wayne over Fitz I could see changing. TE 4th? When you already have a WR from the team. You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

  2. second pick you took charles? If you want to take a risk at number 2…why not draft michael vick who would easily be among the top in fantasy points?

    • I prefer to take a RB this early, I may suffer in the end if Michael Vick goes nuts, but I think Jamaal Charles is a better bet to play all 16 games this year, which s what i want out of my first pick.

  3. I like the write up about each pick. I think your a little weak a RB I would have maybe drafted a stronger option at RB with either your 3rd or 4th pick. Eli was a good pick at that time in the draft as he will definitely finish with more fantasy points then many QB’s picked ahead of him.

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