Some of the NFL’s biggest and fantasy prevalent moves and signings:

RAMS – Mike Sims Walkers – Mike Sims Walker was rumored to be in talks with the Bears recently, but that was squashed after they signed Roy Williams to a deal.  In the end, Sims Walker is off to St Louis to spend a year as a Ram, a move he as expressed excitement about since it become official. Sims Walker will get an opportunity for playing time immediately I would Imagine, and will get to see targets from a very capable young QB in Sam Bradford. I could see Sims Walker’s speed and size adding another threat a long the sideline, while guys like Amendola play the middle. He may not see the high number of targets some of the other receivers will get, but his YPC should be better.

EAGLES – Nnamdi Asomugha – This one is the big move of the free agency, every team in the league would love to have a player like Asomugha on their roster, but don’t have the opportunity to make it happen.  The Jets had a chance and were said to be making serious moves to try to acquire Asomugha and have him paired with Darelle Revis, making them likely one of the most feared defensive tandems to play the game. The Cowboys have long attracted big names and talent, and were rumored to be one of the other front-runners for Nnamdi’s services, but they to missed out.  As it turns out, Asomugha is now a Philadelphia Eagle, he will join a team that already has one of the most explosive offenses in the league, and will add another level of depth to its defense. I don’t know if the move has much fantasy impact but it certainly has league impact, as Eagle fans must be jumping for joy hoping for another chance at a Super Bowl.

CHARGERS — Vincent Jackson – Jackson has signed a 1 year franchise tender with the team for 11 million dollars, ensuring the 2009 pro-bowl WR plays for them for at least another year. Despite the turmoil that has gone on between Vincent and the Chragers brass, there appears to be little to no bad blood and Jacksons should see playing time immediately. He is a top WR in this league when he is on the field and healthy, and has one of the best arms in football throwing to him.

Other deals that are happening soon are:

TE Todd Heap moving to Arizona (rumored) – Has strong ties to ARI

DE Ray Edwards heading to Atlanta – Pass rusher opposite Abraham’s 13.5 sacks

DE Marcus Spears resigns with Cowboys

Thanks for the support everyone!!


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