Some of today’s biggest free agency news:

TITANS – Barrett Ruud – Barrett Ruud has signed a one-year deal to play football in the town of Tennessee this season. Ruud was a second round draft pick by the Buccaneers in 2005 and has led the team in tackles in the last 4 seasons, not missing a game in three.  Playing as a Titan, Ruud will still have strong fantasy value as an IDP; former teammate and Buccaneer LB Quincy Black takes a boost in my rankings as he has been just behind Ruud as the Buccs lead tackler in 2009 and 2010.

BENGALS – Nate Clements – The Bengals didn’t long to sign CB Nate Clements in order to fill the hole left by former CB Johnathan Joseph. Joseph signed a pretty big contract with the Texans, so the Bengals who are rebuilding opted for a cheaper veteran in Clements.

BEARS – Marion Barber – Barber has signed a two-year deal with the Bears making him the most recent former Cowboy to ship off to Chicago. Barber is expected to play a complimentary role to Forte, taking some goal line carries and acting as a receiver out of the backfield.

JETS – Plaxico Burress – Plaxico will be playing in the same city as last time he was in a NFL jersey, but this time it will be for a different club. Burress is a Former New York Giant, but has signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets for 2011. Playing with the Jets is a great spot for Plaxico to land if he wants to win games, but I don’t think it ill help his fantasy value out much. He will be replacing Braylon Edwards he will not be coming back to the team, playing across from Santonio Holmes. Sanchez is not a stellar passing QB which is why I don’t think it is good for Plaxico’s fantasy value, he should see some red zone targets though or his size.

Colts – Peyton Manning / Joseph Addai – Peyton manning restructured his contract and signed a lesser deal worth $90 Million over 5 years (nice small contract Peyton) which helped the deal come to terms with RB Joseph Addai. The move by Peyton will allow his team’s staff to use more money to spend on other players and contracts that will support him as the leader of the Colts for 5 more seasons. Peyton is key to the Colts team but also needs a team around him. The move is good for Peyton fans and owners who don’t want to see the team around him fall apart.

EAGLES – Cullen Jenkins – The Eagles continued to make moves this off-season and added another solid player to the team by signing former Packer DE Jenkins to a 5-year deal. It appears the Eagles are making serious pushes for a super bowl run and not just play offs where they have been put out so many times recently. Though not a big fantasy signing the move is still a good one for the Eagles.

LIONS – Steven Tulloch – The Lions continue to bolster their defense, this time by signing former Titans LB Steven Tulloch to a one-year deal. Tulloch will get to play with his former defensive coordinator from Jim Schwartz whom he played his first 3 seasons under. Tulloch makes tackles at an extremely high rate, making 160 last year in his first full 16 game season. The Lions are also rumored to be in talks with LB Nick Barnett.


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