Players Who’s Move Will Raise Their Fantasy Value:

Chad Ochocinco (NE) – Now that he had been shipped off to New England where he will be put to work with Tom Brady and company, the fantasy value of Chad Ochocinco is sure to rise. He becomes the outside deep threat on a team that needed one, so it’s not like he isn’t going to get used right away. While the Patriots have an offence that loves to score, they also love to spread it out so Chad remains a little bit of a mystery still at the moment, but being attached to such a high powered offence can only bring good things. I believe this could be another 1000-yard season for Chad, and maybe even a 10 TD season.

Mike Sims-Walker (STL) – Sims-Walker was very up and down when he was a Jaguar, 100 yard TD weeds were often followed by zero catch weeks, something a fantasy owner hates. The move to St Louis however, I believe will make Sims-Walker a ore weekly threat as young stud QB Sam Bradford slings him the ball. Walker has the potential and skills t be the #1 WR on this team and see over 100 targets.

Greg Olsen (CHI) – Greg Olsen has spent the last few seasons in Chicago quietly becoming of the better pass catching TE’s in the league, all while playing as a Bear where his skills were not fully used. Now Olsen gets to move to Carolina with a Rookie QB who will likely depend on him early for quick and easy passes and first downs. The main concern at the moment is the presence of TE Jeremy Shockey who was picked up in the off-season.

Kevin Kolb (ARI) – Kevin Kolb now gets to be undoubtedly the starter for his team week in week out. I don’t think one bad game will warrant the yank from the brass that doesn’t have many other options at the position (we saw them exhaust plenty last season). The best part about this situation for Kolb is that he gets to wing 150 passes at Larry Fitzgerald if he wants too, and he will probably be able to since his club is still very weak.


Players Who Received a Fantasy Boost from Someone Else:

Chris Johnson (TEN) – Boosted by the addition of veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck who can help the Titans manage games better and keep CJ’s legs moving.

Adrian Peterson (MIN) – See Chris Johnson.

Ray Rice (BAL) – Boosted by the parting of RB Willis McGahee, long time TD vulture of Rice’s.

Daniel Thomas (MIA) – The Addition of Reggie Bush is the best possible finish for Thomas owners and fans. Bush will act as a long down and pass catching RB to Thomas’s every down style.

Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – boosted by having a quality QB throwing to him again this season.


Players Whose Fantasy Stock Has Fallen:

Sidney Rice (MIN) — Playing on a lackluster team with a young unproven quarterback, ‘nuff said.

DeAngelo Williams (CAR) – Resigned to the same crowded backfield where he has long shared time with another good RB in Jonathan Stewart on newcomer Mike Goodson.

Knownshon Moreno (DEN) – The addition of quality RB Willis McGahee put s a big hit on Moreno’s value. Moreno hasn’t been a stud RB to date yet and now will be handcuffed by a guy who knows how to get involved when playing behind another RB. Personally I like Willis better as an RB and wouldn’t mind seeing him get more touches.


Thanks everyone! That’s all for now!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think I may have forgot or missed or just plain be wrong about!!

Read/Rate/Comment…. I really appreciate it!!


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