Yahoosports.com Fantasy Draft Breakdown

Today I drafted my second fantasy football team for this season in the hopes I would get a solid team that would be competitive with potential for a championship.

As with my first draft from a few weeks ago, I am going to blog about the picks and why I picked them / what was going through my head at the time… Enjoy!

The Draft was on yahoosports.com with 12 teams and adjusted roster / scoring:


Scoring —

Offence League Value Yahoo! Default Value
Passing Yards 25 yards per point; 4 points at 350 yards  
Passing Touchdowns 4  
Interceptions -2 -1
Rushing Yards 10 yards per point; 4 points at 180 yards  
Rushing Touchdowns 6  
Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 4 points at 200 yards  
Reception Touchdowns 6  
Return Yards 25 yards per point; 3 points at 200 yards 0
Return Touchdowns 6  
2-Point Conversions 3 2
Fumbles -1 0
Fumbles Lost -2  
Offensive Fumble Return TD 6  
Kickers League Value Yahoo! Default Value
Field Goals 0-19 Yards 2 3
Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3  
Field Goals 30-39 Yards 4 3
Field Goals 40-49 Yards 5 4
Field Goals 50+ Yards 6 5
Point After Attempt Made 1  
Point After Attempt Missed -1 0
Defense/Special Teams League Value Yahoo! Default Value
Sack 2 1
Interception 2  
Fumble Recovery 1 2
Touchdown 6  
Safety 3 2
Block Kick 2  
Points Allowed 0 points 13 10
Points Allowed 1-6 points 8 7
Points Allowed 7-13 points 6 4
Points Allowed 14-20 points 4 1
Points Allowed 21-27 points 2 0
Points Allowed 28-34 points 0 -1
Points Allowed 35+ points -4  
Defensive Players League Value Yahoo! Default Value
Tackle Solo 2 1
Tackle Assist 1 0.5
Sack 4 2
Interception 5 3
Fumble Force 4 2
Fumble Recovery 2  
Defensive Touchdown 7 6
Safety 5 2
Block Kick 4 2

Lets Begin!

PICK #4 – KC RB Jamaal Charles – I end with the fourth pick this time around which I like, I get to draft one of the 4 RB’s very highly touted this year. The first three picks go by quickly with no surprises, Arian Foster then Adrian Peterson followed by Chris Johnson, leaving me with Jamaal Charles. If you read my first draft then you know that in it I passed over both APete and CJ2K for Jamaal Charles, going out on a limb, so there was no way I could justify drafting anyone but him with this pick. Here’s to hoping Jamaal Charles doesn’t suffer a serious injury this year.

PICK #21 – IND QB Peyton Manning – When the draft came back to me with 21st overall pick I had wanted to grab a WR since it is 3 WR league with a flex, but due to most of the WR’s worth drafting at the top gone, I decided to grab Peyton, as the ADP was right and he is pretty close to a sure thing. WR DeSean Jackson was available but I don’t like his fantasy value compares to his draft position.

PICK #28 – TB WR Mike Williams – Mike Wallace was the player drafted just before Mike Williams, and I was really hoping to grab him as my selection, but instead I have Williams who had a stellar rookie year with a young QB and is looking to only improve.  I had considered the other WR’s still available, fearing a sophomore slump, but I believe Tampa Bay will be very competitive again this year and Josh Freeman will continue to look for Mike Williams in the red zone

PICK #45 – PHI WR Jeremy Maclin – This is why I didn’t want to draft DeSean Jackson in the second round. I waited, hoping for a WR with value that is beyond his ADP, and believe I have found that in Jackson’s teammate Jeremy Maclin. Last season Maclin put up more fantasy points than Jackson and I believe he will do so again this year. Maclin sees more targets per game than Jackson, and has been much less injury prone in his young career.

PICK #52 – IND TE Dallas Clark – When the draft came back around to me once more there weren’t any WR’s worth drafting at that time, so I decided to snatch up a TE instead. Much like my first breakdown Antonio Gates, Jason Witten and Jermichael Finley had all been taken recently, so I was left with all-star TE Dallas Clarke. Clarke is a favorite target of Manning’s and I expect another solid season from him now that he is healthy, I’m hoping the combo will connect close to double-digit times on the season.

PICK #69 – NE Chad Ochocinco – With this pick I wanted to fill out my #3 receiver spot and was looking through the list of available suitors; Manningham, Knox, S. Moss and Austin Collie among others. I don’t like cheering for Indi and already had their QB and TE, so Collie I wasn’t eager for, and no one else seemed worth the pick at the time. Just as I was thinking of settling on Davone Bess one of the other owners made a comment about how he wanted to make a trade with whomever had drafted Ochocinco. I didn’t think Ochocinco had been drafted and realized that I would really like to have him as my #3 receiver now that he is playing in New England. The owner stated, “oh… he’s still available”. Not anymore.

PICK #76 – SF LB Patrick Willis – In this league a set of Linebackers in the 2 D slots can be the backbone of a team. A LB bringing in about 6-8 tackles a game will net 12-16 points with the 2 points per solo tackles setting the league uses; it’s not rare for top ranked IDP’s to have multiple 20+ point efforts. I was the first person to draft an IDP and went for the crème de la crème in Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis has been the top ranked IDP for a few seasons now and shows no signs of letting that change, Jerod Mayo was the league leading tackler last season but I believe Willis to be the safer bet to win that title this year.

PICK #93 – CHI RB Matt Forte – When the draft came back to me I was going to grab a solid WR or TE to fill in my flex spot, but decided to scroll up the draft list to see who was available still. Since we only play 1 RB there were quite a few RB’s who had been skipped and were of fairly high value for how deep into the draft we were, namely Matt Forte. We were nearing pick 100 and Matt Forte with an ADP of 30 on yahoosports was still available. I figured why not and grabbed him as my back up.

PICK #100 – STL WR Mike Sims-Walker – 7 picks later and I’m back in the hot seat looking to now grab my flex. I notice Mike Sims-Walker a small bit down the draft board and my gut told me it was a good pick. On a new team with a great young QB who throws often. They play in a fairly week division and he is capable of being the #1 receiver on the Rams.

PICK #117 – JAX LB Paul Pusluszny – A lot of the owners had begun to draft their own LB’s and I decided to grab my second one to ensure I had a top quality tandem to start the season. Pusluszny finished last season as one of the league’s top tacklers all while missing a few games. He is playing on a new team but will be in a favorable system so I don’t believe he will suffer much.

PICK #124 – MIA SS Yeremiah Bell – The Strong Safety position is the one I always prefer to put in this slot, finding they are the most consistent tacklers on a weekly basis. They may not have huge weeks where they catch an INT for a TD, but they can easily put up anywhere from 5-9 tackles in a game. Yeremiah Bell is one of the top ranked and most consistent tacklers at this position and on my team, the DOLPHINS! There may have been a little favoritism here.

PICK #141 – CHI DE Julius Peppers – I decided to keep going with the defensive wall I was working on ad drafted Julius Peppers as my DL. I was waiting for the draft to come around to me so I could draft Ndamukong Suh from the Lions, but he was snatched up the pick before me, breaking my heart. But alas, I already had Peppers in my side queue and didn’t hesitate in making him the newest Koopa Kartel member.

PICK #148 – San Fran D/ST – I seem to get a lot of grief for it, but I like to draft my D/ST and sometimes kicker a bit earlier than some if they are a quality unit. I know playing matchups can be very effective, and I still will on certain weeks, but I believe San Fran has an easy schedule this season and has a defense capable of big things.

PICK #165 – STL QB Sam Bradford – I had everything I needed but a Kicker and my bench, so I decided to stock up on reserves, first up: Sam Bradford. Had a great campaign for a rookie and looks to only improve as a sophomore. He has talented young WR’s and new addition Sims-Walker, as well as one of the leagues most consistent RB’s in Steven Jackson (though age and wear must be getting to him). He will be a great play for Peyton’s bye week, and should be a good replacement should something happen to him.

PICK #172 – STL WR Danny Amendola – I had drafted Amendola as a back up in my first draft and liked him again in this draft as the 172nd over all pick. I already have Sims-Walker, so now I have whichever of the 2 becomes the top receiver for the team, I know there are other WR’s probably capable of doing so, but I think it will be one of these two. Sims-Walker is more typical size and speed of a #1 WR, which is why I drafted him before Amendola, but since Danny saw 122 targets last year I figured it couldn’t hurt to make sure I have him as well.

PICK #189 – HOU K Neil Rackers – Finally drafted a kicker with my 16th round pick, I wasn’t going to grab one but when I looked at the draft board there weren’t any top offences left available so I thought I would grab Houston’s kicker since I expect them to reach scoring range quite a bit.

PICK #196 – NYG TE Kevin Boss – Dallas Clark is one of the most feared TE’s in the game and has an excellent reputation with QB Peyton Manning, but since he is coming off a season ending injury I thought it would be nice to grab a backup TE who isn’t a complete shot in the dark. Boss hasn’t officially resigned with the Giants at the time of drafting, but he is a capable TE who is he ends up back in New York, is part of an offence with a lot of passing yards in the future.

PICK #213 – DET WR Nate Burleson – In this league I believe it can pay off to have depth at WR since it plays 3 WR and a flex. At pick 213 there weren’t a lot of quality options left.  I decided upon Burleson because of his experience, but more importantly because of the improvements to the Lions team. They look to be a much better team this year, and if Matt Stafford can play more than 12 games can be a very potent offence. This pick was just me trying to grab a WR who was a part of it.

PICK #220 – MIA LB Karlos Dansby – Last round of the draft and I feel as though I have fairly solid team, I could have added more depth at WR, trying to grab a potential sleeper, but instead, likely due to my heart (dolphins fan), I drafted Karlos Dansby, a very good option as an IDP every week. He will compete with Pusluszny for starts along side Willis.

The Draft is over and my team is final, the result:

QB Peyton Manning

RB Jamaal Charles

WR Mike Williams

WR Jeremy Maclin

WR Chad Ochocinco

TE Dallas Clark

WR/TE Mike Sims-Walker

D/ST San Francisco

K HOU Neil Racker

D Patrick Willis

D Paul Pusluszny

DB Yeremiah Bell

DL Julius Peppers


QB Sam Bradford

RB Matt Forte

WR Danny Amendola

WR Nate Burleson

TE Kevin Boss

D Karlos Dansby

Overall, I am Happy with this team, quite happy really. I feel a though I have a quality RB and QB to go with 2 young WR’s capable of stellar seasons. Ochocinco will be a mystery until game time but I am hoping for big things from him. I have to LB’s I feel will finish in the top 10 for IDP’s a long with excellent starters in Bell and Peppers. Dallas Clark is an elite TE but last year has me worried, I need him in there playing like the TE he is capable of being. My bench I also feel happy with, a have most key positions covered and hopefully I can be quick to the waiver wire should I need to.

Let me know what you think of my team! Terrible? Great? Where do I need improvement? Any pick I made you don’t understand my reasoning for? I want to know!

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Read / Rate and Comment, I Really Appreciate it !!



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