Players still being over and under valued


Peyton Hillis: Despite the massive amount of talk and hype talking about how hard it will be for Peyton Hillis, people still seem to be drafting him as though he will reproduce last seasons numbers. The Browns offence is too weak as a whole for teams to not stack the box against Hillis when they play against him. The Brown’s staff is also aware that they will need to balance the workload with another RB better in order to keep Hillis fresh towards the end of the season. Teams are more aware of what he can do and he will see less touches.

AJ Green: Even with the lack of good QB (Andy Dalton, Jordan Palmer and Bruce Gradkowski), many people still seem intent on drafting the young AJ Green fairly early in drafts. If you are drafting for a keeper or dynasty draft, the move makes more sense, as Green is poised to become one of the leagues elite WR’s. IF you are however playing in a Standard or PPR league, than drafting AJ Green as anything more than a flex is a big risk to me. I don’t see how he can be selected before S Moss, Ochocinco, Braylon Edwards and Mario Manningham, just to name a few

Mark Ingram: Even with the recent reports that Ingram is expected to a large bulk of the workload in 2011, I still have large doubts about drafting him. He will lose pass catching and long down touches to Sproles and Thomas on a regular basis; he needs to be the goal line RB in order to have serious fantasy potential. A good season is definitely possible for the young RB, but a lot of things will need to go his way.

Sydney Rice: Rice in Seattle with Tavaris Jackson as the starting QB, not exactly a great fantasy scenario for the talented WR.  As long as Tavaris and Charlie Whitehurst are the only starting QB’s on the roster, I won’t be drafting Sydney as anything more than a flex option, if that. He just got a big payday and moved to a crappy team; motivation may be harder for Rice to find this season. His ADP is so high due to people hoping he would stay in MIN or go to a viable passing team, but since the move to SEA, his ADP needs to slide down fast.

DeSean Jackson: Much to my chagrin, Jackson’s ADP has dropped from about 2-3 weeks ago. He is now being drafted as about the 10th overall WR, as opposed to about 7th, where he had been. Mike Wallace Reggie Wayne and Miles Austin, all players whom I would rather draft, have passed him on most draft boards, now all we need to for his teammate Jeremy Maclin to pass him. I refuse to draft a player who depends on one huge play a game as my #1 WR.


Jeremy Maclin: The real fantasy stud on PHI needs more love; slightly fewer yards but multiple TD’s more than his teammate Jackson last year as well as higher targets per game than him. Maclin is the safer bet to put up consistent yards and a nice TD total week in week out.

Chad Ochocinco: Since moving to New England his draft position has seen a boost, but not as big as I expected. Playing with Tom Brady as his QB, Chad has the chance to become a top 25 WR this season, maybe even better. New England scores a lot of TD’s and it’s only a matter of time before Chad starts cashing in a regular basis.

Eli Manning: For how highly touted Peyton is each year, Eli is just as overlooked. Former Super Bowl winner over the 16-0 Patriots, back t back 4000-yard seasons to go along with 58 TD’s over that time. He now has one of the leagues most explosive young WR’s in Hakeem Nicks as well as other young talented options in Manningham, Smith (when he’s healthy) and Ramses Barden.

Kevin Kolb: Now that he is the unabashed starter for his team every single week the stats for Kevin Kolb should see a nice boost, along with his ADP. Kolb may not be a top tier QB, but he gets to join a team where he will be a leader with a solid receiving corps to throw to. Having Larry Fitzgerald on the field is any QB’s dream and he now has a solid TE to throw to in Todd Heap. ARI plays in a weak division they are actually capable of winning, I expect Kolb to have some rather nice games this year against lackluster defences.

Somehow, Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez are being drafted before Kevin Kolb.

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