New England Patriots 47 – 12 Jacksonville Jaguars

Its only week 1 of the preseason and the Patriots are already shellacking their opponents, this time to the tune of a 47-12 thrashing over Jacksonville.

PATRIOTS — Brady did not play a snap, third year QB Brian Hoyer started the game and looked solid, while rookie QB Ryan Mallett finished the game off, looking great in the process. Not much fantasy impact here as Brady is the starter unless he breaks something pretty much, good showings however by the two young QB’s looking to make a name for themselves.

Rookie WR Taylor Price looked very impressive in his 100 yard with a TD game, including 50-yard grab and an extremely difficult end zone grab. It is unlikely Price will be a starter anytime soon, but he certainly showed what he is capable should be his skills be required later in the season, or as a result of injuries.

Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis didn’t play, nor did second round draft pick Shane Vereen, but third round draft pick RB Stevan Ridley did and made the most of it as he rushed 16 times for 64 yards and 2 touchdowns, as well as catching 7 balls for 47 yards and a TD. Undrafted RB Richard Medlin also rushed for 50 yards and 2 scores in the route. There is certainly going to be some competition in the Patriots backfield this year, which makes picking one before the regular season extremely hard to do. If you really do want a NE RB though, I believe the safest bet is still the fumble-proof BJGE.

JAGUARS – Rookie QB Blaine Gabbert wasn’t quite as impressive in his first NFL action, finishing 9/16 for 85 yards. Gabbert started off nicely making some solid throws, but struggled with consistency as the game went on.

Jaguar RB’s didn’t have much more success than the QB’s as the leading rusher was undrafted rookie Richard Murphy who ran for 43 yards on 7 carries, Rashad Jennings and Deji Karim had 28 and 24 yard games respectively on 6 carries each.

There isn’t a whole lot of fantasy value to be had with Jaguar starters so its hard to feel as though any of the Jags who suited up for this game will be of much value any time soon.

Dallas Cowboys 24 – 23 Denver Broncos

Dallas vs. Denver was an exciting game that wasn’t decided until the final minutes.

COWBOYS – The Cowboys won this game on a last-minute TD and 2-pnt conversion in the final minutes, but the star of the game to me was Dallas Cowboy rookie WR Dwayne Harris who finished with 127 yards receiving and 2 TD’s. There is no shortage of receiving talent on the Cowboys with Austin, Bryant and Witten, and it looks as though we can add Harris to the mix, though it may be a few weeks before we start seeing him make an impact again. Should an injury occur to Austin or Bryant it is looking to me like Harris will be the kid to step in.

3rd year QB Stephen McGee looked solid under centre as he went 14/24 for 208 yards with 3 TD’s. McGee could end up as the #2 behind Romo, instead of Kitna this time.

Dallas RB Felix Jones who was banged up quite a bit last year showed signs of what his team has been expecting of him as he broke tackles on each of his 3 rushes going for 23 yards, as well as taking a pass 16 yards out of the backfield. It’s only the first preseason game but that is exactly what fans wanted out of Felix, it will be interesting to see how he continues to perform in the next few games.

BRONCOS – Orton started the game but only played one series as he went 2/6 for 3 yards. Tim Tebow came for a period throwing 7 passes, and completing 6 of them for 91 yards, he also scrambled twice for 15 yards. Oddly enough Brady Quinn took the majority of the snaps were taken by QB Brady Quinn he threw for 120 yards and a touchdown in the loss.

One of the good things I noticed about the Broncos offence was their running attack, whether that was because of their RB’s and O-line, or because of Dallas’s D-line I’m not exactly sure, but I did see the Bronco RB’s breaking for 4-6 yard runs routinely.

Philadelphia Eagles 13 – 6 Baltimore Ravens

Vick gives fans exactly what they want, albeit for one drive.

EAGLES – Michael Vick only played in one series, but he did exactly what his fans and owners wanted him to do, he threw for 87 yards, capped off with a 3-yard TD pass to TE Brent Celek. Vick looked extremely confident throwing the ball into tight spaces with success. Backup QB Vince Young also looked good in his Eagle debut, he did not play much but was extending plays and making passes when he did. It looks as though playing with Vick is already rubbing off on the young man.

RAVENS – Joe Flacco looked all right in his only series under centre, throwing for 60 yards and settling with a FG (he also took a big hit). Rookie QB Tyrod Taylor, who finished with a less than impressive 179 yards and 2 INT’s, played the rest of the game.

Ray Rice didn’t play very much either but looked good when he did, taking a short pass for 21 yards at one point.

Not much else to talk about for the Ravens, as it was mostly backups last night, 11 different players caught a pass, while 5 ran the ball.

Seattle Seahawks 24 – 17 San Diego Chargers

Rivers was on cruise control for opening series TD

SEAHAWKS – QB Tavaris Jackson was a little shaky in his Seahawk debut as he threw for just 13 yards and rushed for 12; he was also sacked twice. He seemed to hesitate releasing the ball quite a bit. Charlie Whitehurst looked better, but granted he was playing against players most people have never heard of. Whitehurst finished with 115 yards on the day. The last of the Seahawk QB’s to play was rookie as well. Portis is still very raw and make mistakes, but certainly showed some poise and smarts for a rookie QB. 3rd year RB Thomas Clayton got most of the rush attempts finishing with 62 yards and a TD while Leon Washington was back, running for 23 yards and a TD on 6 touches.

CHARGERS – Much like Vick for Philly, Philip Rivers only played one series for the Chargers but looked stellar doing it, going 5/6 for 87 yards and a TD. The drive included a 48-yard pass to returning stud WR Vincent Jackson; Rivers to Jackson will likely be a recurring theme this year. RB Michael Tolbert didn’t rush the ball often, but did get involved early when he took a Rivers pass 8 yards for aerial pay dirt.

The Chargers defense were quick at getting to opposing QB’s, bringing the athletic Tavaris Jackson down twice early in the game.

Arizona Cardinals 24 – 18 San Diego Chargers

Kolb fails to create a scoring drive as Cards rally for late win.

CARDINALS – New QB in town Kevin Kolb started the game for the Cardinals, even finding WR Larry Fitzgerald twice for 60 yards, but was unable to get his team on the scoreboard in their first two drives before coming out, he also scrambled twice for 15 yards. Not a bad debut for Kolb, nothing special aside from perhaps a some good connections with his star wide-out, but also nothing really to complain about in the short field time.

Beanie Wells ‘ particularly effective running the ball beyond a 15 yard run; only 5 rushes for 7 yards otherwise. Beanie was also stuffed on a first and goal. Rookie RB Ryan Williams ran for 21 yards on 4 touches in what little time he saw.

Larry Fitzgerald and Kolb had a mix-up early but connected twice after that, one of which was a spectacular 43-yard grab by Fitz.

In Kolb’s absence, each of the other 3 QB’s to start for Arizona threw for a touchdown, those being John Skelton, Richard Bartel and Max Hall, who threw the game winning TD to 1st year WR Isaiah Williams.

RAIDERS – QB Jason Campbell started the game and played alright going 6/9 for 66 yards. Replacing him was Trent Edwards who performed pretty well himself, throwing for 140 yards and a TD.

Oakland wide-outs looked very good in this game, Darrius Heyward-Bey made an appearance with a nice catch early on, while another 3rd year WR Marcel Reese made a great catch just out-of-bounds that drew an interference call as well as an outstanding one-handed grab; he certainly looked like a player wanting to make an impact. WR Derek Hagan got involved by grabbing a 42-yard bomb from Edwards, while the TD was reeled in by the hands of rookie WR David Ausberry, a catch which included a very impressive tow-drag to stay inbounds.


Notables: Gonna stick with players with more fantasy impact, even if they didn’t see much action, and include some players looking to show off while they can.

STUDS who looked great:

Philip Rivers, Michael Vick, Larry Fitzgerald, Vincent Jackson, Felix Jones

Others who looked great:

Dwayne Harris (DAL), Taylor Price (NE), Stevan Ridley (NE), Marcel Reece (OAK), Ryan Mallett (NE), Stephen McGee (DAL),

Players who struggled:

Blaine Gabbert, Beanie Wells, Tavaris Jackson

Players who looked OK to Good:

Joe Flacco, Trent Edwards, Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, Vince Young, Thomas Clayton, Knowshon Moreno, Willis McGahee

It’s hard to assess a preseason game and how it might affect the upcoming fantasy season, but some of these kids are the stars of tomorrow and it never hurts to get to know their names.

I apologize if the grammar of this post is worse than usual.

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