Miami Dolphins 28 – 23 Atlanta Falcons

DOLPHINS – As a pretty hardcore dolphins fan the first few Dolphins series were excruciating to watch, an INT that wasn’t really Chad Henne’s fault was first, followed by another Chad Henne INT on the next possession, things certainly weren’t looking good for our starting QB in his third season as the starter. Luckily, on the ‘Fins next possession he came back to life as he connected with rookie RB Daniel Thomas for a 25 yard gain followed by a 44 yard TD bomb to a wide open Brian Hartline. That was about al we saw of Henne, who continued to prove he doesn’t seem ready to lead an NFL team. In Chad Henne’s absence, Matt Moore came in, going 11/18 for 123 yards and 2 TD’s, also adding one INT.

Second year WR Roberto Wallace got to see quite a bit of action as he reeled in 3 catches for 60 yards in the game, including a 28-yard TD pass from Moore, rookie WR Edmond Gates also got into the action catching a 6 yard TD pass along with 17 yard reception.

We didn’t really get to see a whole lot from rookie EB Daniel Thomas; he only rushed the ball 4 times for 5 yards, but did look good on a 25-yard catch and run pass from Henne.

FALCONS – Matt Ryan was solid as ever in the limited time he saw, leading his team to a 17-0 lead pretty quick. He connected twice with Rookie WR Julio Jones on 21 and 22-yard gains.  He ended the game 6/10 for 90 yards and a TD.

As mentioned, Julio Jones had two receptions from Ryan before he was also taken from the game, he totaled 43 yard son the two catches and also ran a reverse that went for 12 yards, the young gun definitely showed what he is capable of.  3rd year WR Harry Douglas looked god as well as he made 3 catches for 47 yards including a very impressive 20-yard TD grab.

RB Michael Turner looked good in his limited action as well, he handled the ball 4 times for 21 yards, one of which was a 2-yard TD wherein he plowed through the O line like he has so many times before; Burner was looking strong.

Detroit Lions 34 – 3 Cincinnati Bengals

LIONS — The Lions came out firing in this one and didn’t take long to get a lead, Matt Stafford showed no signs of rust as he went 6/7 to start the game, throwing 26-yard TD pass to Megatron (Calvin), then a 7-yard TD pass to Nate Burleson.

Calvin Johnson looked as dominant as ever as he reeled in a tough TD grab in coverage, while Nate Burleson made a very nice TD catch where he had to use a very nice two-tow drag to stay inbounds.

Jahvid Best only got 4 touches rushing the ball; I doubt the Lions want to risk an injury to him after seeing Leshoure go down season. The RB who stuck out the most for the Lions, to me, was 3rd year RB Aaron Brown who was able to gain 21 yards on his 4 touches.

The Detroit Lions defense also looked fired up as the had a pair of picks, a lot of QB pressure, including a point where Ndamukong Suh pretty much hauled QB Andy Dalton to the ground.

BENGALS – The Bengals and their fans are fully prepared for a rebuilding season, and they got to see the beginnings of that last night as their team managed to put up only 3 points. Andy Dalton looked alright but struggled at times as he finished 11/15 for 69 yards and a INT. He twice led the Bengals into field goal range early, but they were only able to convert one.

WR’s Shipley, Green and Simpson all saw game time but weren’t able to have much of an impact, same with TE Jermaine Gresham.

One of the few solid aspects of the Bengals game from last night was RB Cedric Benson who was able to gain 37 yards on only 4 touches; I imagine he will be seeing quite the workload this year.

Washington Redskins 16 – 7 Pittsburgh Steelers

REDSKINS — The Redskins managed to beat the Steelers, butt they played their starters the entire first half, while the Steelers, fresh off a Superbowl appearance played their 2nd and 3rd stringers almost the entire game.

QB Rex Grossman made his case for starting QB as he went 19/26 for 207 yards and a TD in the first half, completing his TD to veteran WR Santana Moss. Moss was a favorite of Grossman’s as he reeled in 7 catches for 64 yards. Moss was just one of 13 Redskin players t catch a ball last night.

Tim Hightower ran the ball well gaining 44 yards on 10 touches, while rookie RB Evan Royster saw the bulk of the touches, gaining 66 yards on 15 carries.

Redskins Kicker Gano was on target as he went 3/3 on the night, proving to be the difference.

STEELERS – Wasn’t much on display for the Steelers last night as almost the entire game was played for backups. One player who stood out was RB Isaac Redman who ran for 42 yards and a TD on 5 carries. Steelers backup QB’s didn’t have much success as Dixon wet 1/10’ Byron Leftwich had the best day for Steeltown backup QB’s, finishing 6/10 for 70 yards.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25 – 0 Kansas City Chiefs

The Buccaneers were primed and ready to go last night as they smothered the Chiefs with 25-0 win. Josh Freeman looked excellent in the drives he orchestrating, running in himself for the first TD of the game’ he finished 9/13 for 73 yards with a 5 yard TD run; obviously good news for those who noticed that Freeman had good running yards last year, but no TD’s, that will likely change this year.

Other than the excellent defensive play, there isn’t much else to talk about for the Buccs. The defense forced and recovered 2 fumbles and also brought down backup Chief QB Palko in the end zone for a safety.

CHIEFS – The Cheifs were unable to put up a point in this game, which does not bode well, as Starting QB matt Cassell struggled, coughing up one of the fumbles.

Cassell finished the game without a completion before coming out. Chiefs QB’s finished a combined 8/16 for 68 yards.

Jamaal Charles didn’t touch the field last night with the bulk of the touches being carried by 4th year RB Jackie Battle, who provided the other fumble. Thomas Jones however was effective in using his 2 touches, going for 25 yards, including a 17-yard gut up the middle.

New Orleans Saints 24 – 3 San Francisco 49ers

SAINTS – The talking point for this game was the performance of rookie RB Mark Ingram, who, on just 6 carries was able to reach pay dirt to go along with 23 yards, showing the potential that made the Saints trade up to draft him.

Another player who made a name for himself last night was rookie WR Joe Morgan from Walsh University. Morgan reeled in a punt return and took it 78 yards for a TD; the run was something he likely will ever forget, as it was very very impressive. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bOSL833yQg

The New Orleans Defense looked they wanted to take Alex Smith’s head off as they sacked him 3 times in the first quarter. Rookie QB Colin Kaepernick didn’t fair any better as he was also sacked 3 times in the first quarter after replacing Smith.

49ERS – Not much good came from this game for the 49ers aside from some needed game time. QB’s Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick both struggled throughout the game, Smith finished 2/7 for 10 yards while Kaepernick was 9/19 for 117 and 2 INT’s. Kaepernick was effective scrambling however, gaining 47 yards with his feet, including a 28-yard run.  Gore didn’t see much action, but was able to gain 20 yards on his 4 touches.

Notables: Players with fantasy relevance who played well, struggled, or just looked OK.

Played WELL: Matt Stafford, Josh Freeman, Rex Grossman, Mark Ingram, Thomas Jones, Matt Ryan, Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, NO D/ST, DET D/ST, Santana Moss, Buccs D/ST, Julio Jones

STRUGGLED: Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Matt Cassell, Chad Henne, Colin Kaepernick (yeah I realize this is all QB’s)

Played OK: Frank Gore, Matt Moore, Cedric Benson

Players Lookin to Make a Name: Roberto Wallace, Joe Morgan

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