Last night i drafted my 3rd fantasy team of this season and my first in about a month, a lot has certainly changed since i did my last draft on august 2nd. I will recap and attempt to breakdown the picks I made and what I was thinking when I made them.

Settings: 10 team PPR league. QB RB RB RB WR WR WR TE TE W/R W/R W/R D/ST K (BENCHx12!)

damn thats a big bench.

My Pick: 4th overall

The league uses standard yahoo scoring in almost every category except for a few:

QB pass TD = 6 (not 4)  / Reception = 1 point (not .5)  /  Fumble lost = -1 (not -2)  / ALL FG = 3

Lets Begin!

Pick #4 – (HOU) WR Andre Johnson – First 3 picks off the board were Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. with my first pick i really didn’t want Jamaal Charles once again (i have him in both of my other drafts) so I decided to skip over him and Rashard Mendenhall to pick Andre Johnson. The league a full point PPR so every catch is worth a point no matter how short it is, for this reason I decided to skip over the RB’s available (none were good pass catchers) and go with the leagues premier receiver.

Pick #17 – (NYG) WR Hakeem Nicks – I have never played in a PPR league before so I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about this draft and how big of an impact PPR can have. With the PPR set for a full point I decided i wanted to stock up on WR’s as opposed to RB’s and see where that took me. The top available players at this point in the draft were QB’s (Brady, Manning Brees) and some RB’s who I didn’t find to be good pass catchers. I decided I would once again grab another top WR hoping this 1 PPR set up would pay dividends. Andre and Hakeem leading my team to fantasy glory!

Pick #21 – (SD) QB Philip Rivers – I was about to select Matt Forte as my first good pass catching RB of the draft but unfortunately the owner directly before me stole him. I could have drafted Mike Wallace to give my team a scary WR trio but i decided that with 6 points per TD thrown i wanted an elite QB. Welcome to the team, Philip Rivers.

Pick #37 – (DAL) TE Jason Witten – Perhaps it will end up biting me in the ass once the season stats, but in my head, RB’s just dont have the same value in PPR unless they are a very good ass catcher or just plain elite. With this thought going through my head I still didn’t see an RB i wanted to draft. TE’s Antonio Gates and Jermichael Finley had recently gone off the board on picks I thought were a bit of a stretch. I decided i would take the time to draft a PPR stud, TE Jason Witten. 90+ catches and lots of TD’s last year and now he should have QB Tony Romo for another full season.

Pick #44 – (KC) WR Dwayne Bowe – I was seriously started to get scared that i had’nt picked a RB yet and still didnt see one i wanted to draft, maybe i was taking this PPR thing too far. But alas, here I am with pick 44 drafted my 3rd WR. Dwayne Bowe from KC has fallen in drafts quite a bit and I can understand why, but letting him slip by me here I believe would have been a mistake. I had wanted Brandon Marshall but again he was stolen the pick before me.

Pick #57 – (PHI) WR Jeremy Maclin – If you read m blog at times, then you may already know I dont think mch of DeSean Jackson, especially when it comes to fantasy. In PPR he takes an even bigger hit, so i was happy to take his very talented and more consistent team mate Jeremy Maclin with this pick. We can play 3 flex spots of a WR or RB, looks like I will playing more WR’s.

Pick #64 – (SEA) RB Marshawn Lynch – Finally! I Drafted a RB! I knew i really needed a RB here or risk having a threesome of absolute gambles. I was looking through the available RB’s trying to find somone who has a good pass catching game to add on to thier decent yardage total. Mike Tobert and Lynch were the 2 guys i was trying to decide between. I decided on Lynch due to his monster performance against the Saints and that he is the premier back for Seattle now, where as Tolbert will play behind Ryan Mathews.

Pick #77 – (IND) RB Joseph Addai – I sacrificed picking elite RB’s early on so i could have some elite WR’s, and this is my justification. In the middle rounds like this i am now able to grab guys like Lynch, and now Addai who are very good pass catchers as well. Addai may not get the yardage that other RB’s get, but he is able to add multiple catches a game for decent yardage hat I’m hoping will be able to make up some of the difference. Addai is looking to play a full season this year and the Colts are really going to need him to if they want to be a play off team still.

Pick #84 – (HOU) TE Owen Daniels – With a couple of RB’s finally on my roster I went back to drafted receivers. Jimmy Graham, whom I was looking to draft had just went off the board so I took at the other TE’s available and saw Owen Daniels. It took Daniels a little while to get back into gear last season, but when he did he looked very good and I’m expecting a good, full season from him this year.

Pick #97 – (STL) WR Mike Sims-Walker – This is something i may get a lot of grief about, and maybe it is justified, for I have never done PPR drafts before. Even without PPR i tend to favour WR’s in recent ears drafts, and so with PPR i decided i wanted my flex players to be mainly WR’s. I was targeting Danny Amendola but the owner right in front of me, once again drafted the player i was about to take (he really had a knack for that). With Amendola the PPR monster gone I decided I would stick with the same team and take the guy who has potential to be the Rams #1, Sims-Walker.

Pick #104 – (BAL) WR Lee Evans – Staying with the theme of WR’s, this time i took Baltimore’s new WR, veteran Lee Evans. Evans was pretty rocky the last few years in Buffalo but has had a resurgence already this preseason in Baltimore. With the strong armed and confident Joe Flacco throwing the ball his way Lee Evans could once again emerge as a top deep threat. Or maybe its just because he loves to play well when Baltimore is around (see Lee Evans vs. Baltimore last year).

Pick #117 – (DET) WR Nate Burleson – 3 TD’s in 3 preseason games, the leagues best young QB slinging him the ball, and only the #2 WR on his team, whats not to love about Nate Burleson so far this year? At this point, i think it is the steal of the draft.

Pick #124 – (NYJ) RB LaDainian Tomlinson – I still didn’t have my 3rd starting RB yet and decided i had better get one ASAP. The picking was getting pretty slim, (Willis McGahee and Ronnie Brown were the top ranked guys available) so I ended up drafting the future Hall of Famer LT. I know LT is going to have a distinct role as a 3rd down back and pass catcher, but thats what I need from him. I already have a team stacked with elite WR’s and solid PPR players (I think) so taking LT as a starting RB ‘ the worst thing for me. He will still see decent playing time and loves to catch the ball. I also lack faith in Shonn Greene,he isn’t getting more carries because he’s getting better, LT is just getting older.

Pick #127 – (DET) QB Matt Stafford – Amazing back up option, I also just didn’t want anyone else to take him haha. Backup QB with potential to be elite.

Pick #144 – (NE) WR Deion Branch – Veteran WR  playing with an elite QB who he has very good chemistry with. Very crafty route runner who knows how to get open and make catches, cant hurt your bench in PPR.

Pick #157 – (PIT) WR Antonio Brown – Have you watched the preseason? Then you likely know why i stole this guy off the draft board.

Pick #164 – (SEA) WR Mike Williams – Top WR on Seattle, not a very good passing team at the moment but still had 60+ catches in his comeback year, looking to see more this year.

Pick #177 – (CLE) RB Montario Hardesty – I really really needed some back up RB’s for bye weeks. Im hoping the Waiver Wire can save me before the bye weeks come around (I only have 1 RB on bye at a time anyway). Will be seeing touches to keep Peyton Hillis fresh, hoping I can plug him in one week if I need to.

Pick #184 – (PIT) TE Heath Miller – Backup TE for Daniels and Witten, very underrated.

Pick #197 – (ATL) WR Harry Douglas – Has been having a very explosive preseason, looks like he could be another explosive weapon alongside Roddy White and R Julio Jones.

Pick #204 – (SEA) Leon Washington – Back up RB to Marshawn Lynch, only real reason I took him.

Pick #217 – (CIN) Bernard Scott – Was just trying to grab some Back up RB’s just incase.

Pick #224 – (WAS) WR Anthony Armstrong – Surprise deep threat from last year ranked third in yards per catch, could see increased targets this year.

Pick #237 – (NYG) WR Victor Cruz – Stealing all the preseason stars, just incase.

Pick #244 – ARIZONA D/ST – Good Week 1 matchup, young defence on the rise.

Pick #257 – (NYG) K Lawrence Tynes – Solid kicker with a explosive, if inconsistent offence.


So thier you have it, my 3rd fantasy draft of this season. This was my first ever PP draft so let me know what you think of it. Was my strategy good/decent? Was it completely bunged up?

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Draft Breakdown: Part Trois

  1. Offense League Value
    Passing Yards 25 yards per point; 3 points at 300 yards
    Passing Touchdowns 6
    Interceptions -1
    Rushing Yards 10 yards per point; 3 points at 100 yards
    Rushing Touchdowns 6
    Receptions 1
    Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 3 points at 100 yards
    Reception Touchdowns 6
    Return Touchdowns 6
    2-Point Conversions 2
    Fumbles Lost -1
    Offensive Fumble Return TD 6

    Kickers League Value
    Field Goals 0-19 Yards 3
    Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3
    Field Goals 30-39 Yards 3
    Field Goals 40-49 Yards 3
    Field Goals 50+ Yards 4
    Point After Attempt Made 1

    Defense/Special Teams League Value Yahoo! Default Value
    Sack 1
    Interception 2
    Fumble Recovery 2
    Touchdown 6
    Safety 2
    Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns 6
    Points Allowed 0 points 10
    Points Allowed 1-6 points 7
    Points Allowed 7-13 points 4
    Points Allowed 14-20 points 1
    Points Allowed 21-27 points 0

  2. The most obvious thing sticking out to me is that your team is very good at WR but just plain awful at RB.

    In this league, which has 3-6 RBs and 3-6 WRs and just 1 QB, I think you should have waited a lot longer on QB. For example, which round did Kyle Orton get drafted? Maybe 8-10? I think you would have been a LOT happier with Orton around 8-10 and a third-round RB (maybe Bradshaw?) than Rivers in the 3rd and Addai in the 8th or Sims-Walker in the 10th. I expect Orton (or Freeman or Eli Manning or maybe Stafford) will get within 20% of Rivers’ points, but I would be astonished if Addai got within 20% of a 3rd round RB’s.

    My guess is that a few people that went for Rodgers/Vick/Brady/Brees pretty early (first three rounds) and you got spooked. If other people are drafting QBs too early in a 1QB league, I think the best response is to draft what they’re NOT. I can almost guarantee that the RBs (and possibly the WRs) available in the 3rd round would have helped your team more than Rivers will. It might be worthwhile to consider offering a trade to someone that has a pretty good RB and a value QB. IE: Rivers and a ~8-10th rounder for a low 3rd round RB and a 8-10th rounder value QB.

    I think the rest of your team is okay, although I haven’t played much PPR. Armstrong and Cruz might be pleasant surprises.

    It looks pretty ugly that your 5 best RBs are Lynch, Addai, LT, Hardesty and Washington in a league where there are 3-6 starting RBs, particularly since this league has so many bench spots that you probably won’t be able to grab a miracle off of the waiver wire. (If either Javon Ringer or Jamie Harper is available, I’d grab him IMMEDIATELY–they both could conceivably be a major payoff if Chris Johnson misses games, which looks increasingly likely. You can make room for one by booting off your kicker–there’ll be one ready for you right before gametime, two weeks from now. By then you’ll have a better idea who the least valuable member of the team is).

  3. I think for 10 teams you got some good picks. You probably could have gone Lesean McCoy off the board. That guy is ridiculous when it comes to the open field but you can’t go wrong with Andre.My 12 team draft is tonight and this is my first PPR league. I’ll definitely be using this site as a regular so don’t forget us PPRers!

  4. Now that I have my own PPR team to manage and a lot to learn about it still, I will be sure to include PPR articles as well to keep everyone involved and coming back! Thanks for your Feedback!!

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