The lockout ended, so now too has preseason. Very, very soon I will be sitting on my couch every sunday with a beer in one hand and proline tickets in the other while I scan the multiple NFL games on my laptop making sure my fantasy players don’t let me down. It is, as you can imagine, the best day of the week; bar none.

I had tried to stay busy this offseason and post season writing articles on what ever I could muster. But now that the real NFL season is almost upon us I wanted to create this short post to let any of my potential readers know what to look forward to in the coming season.

Each week I will post a “Sit’em  / Start’em” for 10 players who are on the bubble (#3 WR’s, Flex, waiver wire, etc.).

I will also post a weekly “Sleepers” articles outlining some deep waiver wire players who may have an impact that week.

I will also post a weekly “Dud Studs” articles outlining some weekly fantasy starters who you may want to consider replacing for the week due to match up, history, workload, etc.

Each articles will be accompanied by a Video which will be posted on the blog as well as on my youtube channel: Koopafantasy

I am open to suggestions of other articles I could include on a weekly basis! I am always willing to expand the content of my blog, time permitting!

I have one last draft to complete today which I will breakdown and post before the blog will mostly consist of the weekly content. Be sure to check back in regularly and show me some love! I REALLY Appreciate it!


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