A look back at the Sit em Start em picks I suggested for week 2

Start em:

Rex Grossman: 25/43 for 291 yards, 2 TD 2 INT – Without the picks it would have been a very good stat line for Grossman. I expect more weeks like this from Rex in the future.

Jacoby Jones: 3 catches for 48 yards +36 return yards – Even with Kevin Walter out Jones is having trouble becoming the play maker the Texans want him to be. I doubt he will be making another appearance on my start list anytime soon.

Carnell Williams: 13 carries for 36 yards +4 receiving yards – With Steven Jackson out for week 2 I expected a pretty solid performance from Cadillac, but was disappointed as he failed to reach 100 total yards.

Cedric Benson: 16 carries for 59 yards + 17 receiving yards – Certainly not the day I was hoping from Benson against the weak Denver run defence, but not terrible.

Deverey Henderson: 3 catches for 103 yards, TD – This hit or miss wideout was a hit this week as he caught a 79 yard TD pass.

Aaron Hernandez: 7 catches for 62 yards, TD – Another solid performance from the patriot TE Hernandez, barring injury he should be a very consistent performer at TE. The PAtriots are finding huge success with the 2 TE set they are using.

Sit em:

Matt Hasselbeck: 30/42 for 358 yards, TD, INT – With the help of Kenny Britt Hasselbeck had a very good week 2 outing. Anytime Britt is 100% then Haselbeck has added value.

Shonn Greene: 16 carries for 49 yards + 2 catches for 6 yards, TD – One of the biggest busts of 2010 had a pretty good game in week 2 in that he found the end zone. His YPC was still rather unimpressive.

Dwayne Bowe: 3 catches for 103 – another 100 yard effort for the stud wideout despite massive struggles from his team. With the loss of Jamaal Charles, Bowe is going to be leaned on by his team even more now, an it seems as though they will be playing from behind a lot.

Brandon Lloyd: Did not play in week 2

Mercedes Lewis: Did not play in week 2.

Some key injuries from Week 2: JAMAAL CHARLES OUT FOR SEASON… god this sucks. good luck cheifs.

Miles Austin, Braylon Edwards and Mario Manningham also all sustained injuries, be sure to check their status.


More hits and more misses ! Hope I helped anyone out there, but more inportatly, hope i didn’t mess things up for you!!

Week 3 Sit em Start coming tomorrow!


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