A look back at the Sit em Start em picks I suggested for week 3

Start em:

Cam Newton: 16/34 for 158 TD, 7 rush for 27 yards – Huge games in the first two weeks but was brought back down to earth against a weak Jacksonville secondary.

Ben Tate: 19 rush for 82 yards – Not what you would hope out of a starting running back but not terrible.

Owen Daniels: 5 catches 76 yards TD – After two very mellow weeks Daniels finally came out with a TD in a high scoring game against New Orleans.

A.J. Green: 4 catches 28 yards – Definitely not what I had hoped from Green; Cincinnati struggled all game long in a game I thought they would come out on top of.

Ryan Mathews: 21 rush 98 yards 2TD, 4 catch 51 yards – Had a great day on the ground and in the air, hoping to see more games like this from the young back.

Mike Tolbert: 4 rush 19 yards, 3 catch 24 yards – Sat back and watched Ryan Mathews for the most part; Bolts failed to beat down on the Chiefs people had hoped.

Sit em:

Ben Roethlisberger: 25/37 for 384 TD INT 2FUM 5 rush 15 yards – Would have had a good day if it wasn’t for Freeney and Mathis forcing 2 lost fumbles.

Pierre Garcon: 6 catch 82 yards – Not as bad as I would have expected against the Steelers, but I don’t think anyone expected the Colts to hold on that long. Trusting him in the future will still be questionable with Peyton out for months.

Steven Jackson: 4 rush 23 yards – Wasn’t used much in a blowout loss, still suffering from lingering injuries.

Carnell Williams: 18 rush 75 yards 1 catch 4 yards – Was able to have a pretty good day on 18 carries against Stout Baltimore defence but St Louis still struggles to score TD’s.

Dwayne Bowe: 4 catch 67 yards TD – Great TD catch gave Bowe a good fantasy afternoon in another Chiefs loss.

Davone Bess: 5 catch 52 yards – Made catches when he needed to but fantasy value was hard to come by in this ugly game.


Was hoping for a bit better results this week; heres to week 4 !!

Some injuries/suspensions from week 3 action:

Kenny Britt (season) – Michael Vick (hand) – Antonio Gates (foot) – Cedric Benson(susp.)

Some likely unknown players who had some big games in week 3:

James Casey (HOU TE) – Torrey Smith (BAL WR) – Victor Cruz (NYG WR)


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