Deep Sleepers: Players to target in deep leagues or to help you with injuries / byes

Andy Dalton (CIN): Dalton has played alright in his young NFL career, and is attached to what is currently the top defence in the NFL who are giving him excellent field position. Dalton showed last week that he can also use his legs to score. Plays Jacksonville this week.

LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ): LT and Shonn Greene play against New England this week and I don’t imagine the Jets want it to become a shoot out. Look for lots of carries for these 2 RB’s while L.T. gets quite a few passes his way.

Michael Jenkins (MIN): With McNabb at the helm Jenkins has become a nice fantasy option scoring 2 TD’s over the first 4 weeks. Likely the best fantasy option on this team after APete and Percy Harvin.

Eric Decker (DEN): Had him on my list last week and it payed off and believe he can find the end zone again this week against San Diego. The Chargers are another high powered offence that are going to force the Broncos to throw the ball a lot.

Jermaine Gresham (CIN): Had a big TD catch last week in the teams win against the Bills. I expect quite a few targets for the talented young TE against Jacksonville’s secondary.

Dud Studs: Weekly starters who may be negatively impacted this week by injury or match up

Matt Schaub (HOU): Andre Johnson out will have a huge effect on Matt Schaub, he just lost one of the most talented wideouts in the game and gets to replace him with the likes of Kevin Walter and the underwhelming Jacoby Jones.

Frank Gore (SF): Had some big runs last week but I don’t expect him to break off any like that this week against Tampa or to reach the end zone.

Mike Wallace (PIT): Even if Big Ben plays he will be very banged up and less mobile. I imagine he will have some trouble getting the ball deep to the lightning fast Wallace.

Marcedes Lewis (JAX): Very slow start to the year; not much of a fantasy option at the moment with Gabbert under centre.


These are my Deep Sleepers and Dud Studs for week 3.

hope it helps, more importantly, hope it doesn’t screw you over.   -Koopa.


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