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7 thoughts on “Video: Week 8 Sit ’em / Start ’em

  1. hey dude ……… fantasy football has made football even more exciting….love it… win or lose its all good….. but would rather win…….. my record sucks 2-5 thus far but should have won all my matches. had the players but the ones that did good i had on the bench…

    QB Cam Newton
    WR Brandon Marshall
    WR DeSean Jackson
    WR Michael Jenkins
    RB DeMarco Murray dallas @ philly def verus run rank 3rd
    RB Maurice Jones-Drew jackson @ houston def verus run 28th
    TE Fred Davis
    BN Roddy White
    BN Rashard Mendenhall
    BN Jermichael Finley
    BN Ryan Fitzpatrick
    BN Plaxico Burress
    BN Roy Helu washington @ buffalo def verus run rank 7th

    would you bench maurice over helu??? i had murray in last week and i think he’ll have a productive game this week as well so i want start him. what you think. i bench maurice last week over mendenhall and got screwed costed me my match lost bye half a point or 5 yards. drew played baltimore def and still managed to get 100 yds…..i feel that HELU will have a great week 8..i think it will be like what murray had last week….. or am i just crazy late let me know

    • Helu should be able to have a good game but I wouldn’t start him over MJD. MJD is a workhorse who can run well even against the best of defences as we saw monday night. In a division matchup against Houston, who they aren’t far behind, i expect them to se MJD a lot. Helu will have to mix touches this week with Torain so I dont see him having a week like Demarco did, and its always hard to trust a Mike Shanahan RB. Stick with Murray since he’s coming off such a huge week and gets to play Philly who has had a very generous run defence. Hope this helps!

      • thks. i went ahead and dropped HELU and picked up Pierre Thomas for NO….I believe he is going to starting back against the awful Rams…I think he’ll do better than MJD. he will be spliting touches with darren sproles. i thought it was a good pick up for this week…..

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