BYES: Packers, Falcons, Bears, Jets, Raiders, Buccaneers

Start em:

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Roethlisberger has put up some very impressive numbers over the last 2-3 weeks and gets to play the Patriots in week 8. The Patriots are a high scoring team with a very soft secondary, Ben should have little problem moving the ball down the field.

Chris Johnson (TEN): Going against the 0-7 Colts in week 8 is a perfect opportunity for the Titans to bounce back from their week 7 trouncing by the Texans. Johnson should be able to play and have a game like those he had so many times over the last 2 years.

Knowshon Moreno (DEN): Willis McGahee suffered an injury in week 7 which will give Moreno the full workload next week when Denver plays the Lions. Not my favourite matchup but the workload and momentum the Broncos have right now are good reasons to start Moreno

Demaryius Thomas (DEN): Caught a wicked 5-yard TD pass in the week 7 come from behind win against Miami. Had only 3 catches on the day but was targeted a team high 10 times in his first start. Tebow’s inaccuracy was the main reason Thomas only caught 3 balls.

Antonio Brown (PIT): Hines Ward suffered an injury this week giving Brown increased reps for next week, likely. Pittsburgh plays against the terrible pass defence of New England, this one SHOULD be a shoot out.

Fred Davis (WAS): With injuries to Chris Cooley and now Santana Moss (RB Hightower is also gone for the season), The Redskins are going to need even better production from TE Davis. Davis has already had a pretty solid campaign.

Sit em:

Joe Flacco (BAL): Flacco is about as up and down as you get in fantasyland. Flacco was great 2 weeks ago against Houston, but was dominated by Jacksonville this week. After watching the Monday Night’r I can’t help but want to sit Flacco; Start him if you think he will Yo-Yo to greatness once again.

Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis (NE): It’s usually not a good game plan to try and run a lot against the Steelers. Brady will likely be slinging the ball for most of this game.

De’Angelo Williams (CAR): John Stewart looks to be the more consistent rusher this season and the elusiveness and run capabilities of QB Cam Newton will also eat into Williams touches per game.

Sydney Rice (SEA): Not sure if Whitehurst or Jackson will start, not that either are that great. Rice will have to deal with a Bengals defence that has led  them to a 4-2 record on the season.


Let me know what you think of my Week 8 Sit / Start Picks for the 2011 NFL season!

Lots of time to adjust them so let me know which ones you agree and disagree with!!

Feel free to Rate / Comment on any of the content within the blog, I’m insecure and it lets me know you care!!

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8 thoughts on “Week 8 Sit ’em / Start ’em

      • Do you think i should play Antonio Brown over Nate Washington? Washington is at home and he is projected more. plus he is playing the Colts. I dont know who to play

      • I think I would go with Brown, he has been getting tons of targets lately and with Hines Ward out and against New England, theres gonna be lots of points to go around for Pits. Nate could have a good day, but Tennessee wont be running up the score like the Saints did. Jared Cook has become a go to option for Hasselbeck and its as a good game for Chris Johnson to finally break out of his funk. I myself would go with Antonio hoping for a big game.

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