Start em Results:

Andy Dalton (CIN): 15/26 for 179 yards INT / 2 rush -2 yards – Cincinatti came away with a needed 7-point win in week 15 but it was no so much do to Andy Dalton performance this time. Dalton had a pretty favorable matchup going into St. Louis but was rather ineffective as his RBs combined for a pair of TDs. A lot of people were looking at Dalton due to his play off schedule, but after this performance, and playing in some possibly very nasty weather in week 15 against the Cardinals, he may not be the answer.

Shonn Greene (NYJ): 18 rush 73 yards – 18 carries is still a pretty hefty workload considering the Jets were trailing the entire game, and by quite a measure as well. The Jets have some work to do still to make a wild card spot and I still like Greene’s outlook for next week against the up and down Giants.

Felix Jones (DAL): 22 rush 108 yards / 3 catch 23 yards – Exactly the workload I as expecting and he was able to gain over 100 yards rushing while adding a few in the air. Has another great chance this week to run for 100 yards while adding a TD as he and Dallas take on the Eagles.

Marques Colston (NO): 8 catch 91 yards – Drew Brees throws for 5 TDs and Marques Coltston doesn’t get one of em despite having a team leading 8 reception and 91 yards… just my luck.

Santana Moss (WAS): 2 catch 40 yards TD – Only two catches on the day but hauled in a 20-yard pass early on an another 20-yard gain to give him a nice 10-point fantasy outing for the week as the Redskins upset the Giants. This week Washington will head against Minnesota who was just lit up by Drew Brees. Of course Rex is no Brees, but he can still throw the ball and has another  chance at multiple TDs.

Anthony Fasano (MIA): 2 catch 28 yards TD – Not as targeted as I expected in the Win over Buffalo but still effective hauling in 2 catches for 28 yards and a score. Fora TE Fasano seems to have a knack for long gains averaging over 15 yards per catch on the season; his TD was a 22-yard catch.

Sit em Results:

Michael Vick (PHI): 15/22 274 TD INT / 5 rush 32 yards TD – I doubt many people thought Philly would be able to put up 45 points against the Jets, but thats what they did on Sunday afternoon. Vick threw an early TD to TE Brent Celek then added a rush TD of his own in the second quarter giving him a solid fantasy outing by half time. From that point on it was McCoy all, day, long.

Frank Gore (SF): 18 rush 65 yards TD – Was held to the yardage total I expected but was able to cross the goal line for a 5-yard TD in the fourth quarter, giving him a quality 12-point fantasy outing in most leagues. Another pretty tough match up against Seattle this weekend.

Ryan Matthews (SD): 26 rush 90 yards 2TD – Was I ever wrong on this one. San Diego was able to motor past Baltimore and largely in part to the 26 carries pumped out by Matthews. Rivers was slinging the ball well from the opening drive and it opened up the defence for the speedy youngster who capitalized with 90 yards and a pair of TDs. Baltimore had only given up 6 rushing TDs all season, with Tolbert’s first quarter TD, they allowed 3 in this game.

Rashard Mendenhall (PIT): 15 rush 64 yards / 3 catch 25 yards – Similar to Gore, Mendenhall reached the 60-70 yard total I expected, but Rashard (like his entire team) was unable to score a TD. Much more favorable matchup this weekend against St. Louis.

Steve Smith (CAR): 5 catch 82 yards TD – Another big game for Steve Smith as he helped his Panthers score a big win over the AFC South winning Houston Texans. Smith scored on a 26-yard gain in the first quarter and continued to rack on yards finishing with 82. It does not involve Smith but if you like trick plays check out the 7-yard TD run by Carolina’s R.Brockell in the second quarter.

Vincent Jackson (SD): 3 catch 82 yards – Had a big 58-yard gain in the first half but was able to do much after that. He was over thrown however by Rivers on a huge gain that would have been a TD early in the game.

Vernon Davis (SF): 6 catch 72 yards TD – I just wrong on this one, Vernon was targeted a bunch and was able to convert 6 of those targets for 72 yards and a TD; looked good all game long.

Sleeper Results:

Rex Grossman (WAS): 15/24 for 185 yards TD 2INT – Despite Washington scoring an upset win over the Giants, Grossman didn’t do all that much, completing only 15 passes for under 200 yards with a pair of picks. He did toss a 20-yard TD to Santana Moss early in the game but that was about it.

Jake Locker (TEN): 11/16 for 108 yards TD / 1 rush 9 yards – Hasselbeck started the game but was relieved by the rookie Jake Locker in the second half after trailing the winless Colts. Locker was able to throw a 7-yard TD pass to Nate Washington with just under 4 minutes left but that was as close as the Titans would get with Donald Brown sealing the win with a 80-yard TD run. Locker once again looked impressive in his limited game time.

Kevin Smith (DET): 15 rush 43 yards / 1 catch 3 yards – Despite earning a win in the end, Detroit was playing from behind most of the game against Oakland which limited the opportunities for Smith. Detroit only completed one pass to an RB all game, to Smith for 3 yards.

Ben Tate (HOU): 7 rush 26 yards / 1 catch 4 yards – Houston was expected to pound the ball with ease against one of the leagues worst defences, but instead they fell behind and stayed their for four quarters, losing 28-13. Arian was the go to runner getting 16 carries while also adding 5 catches in the receiving game.

James Jones (GB): 2 catch 17 yards – Green Bay lost to Kansas City and was only able to score 14 points… not really to sure what happened here. Now that Green Bay has lost I doubt they will have the same incentive to keep their starters in late in games, going to be hard to trust Green Bay players the last few weeks.

Demaryius Thomas (DEN): 7 catch 116 yards – Denver was forced to play from behind most of the game and it resulted in Tebow having to sling the ball quite a bit. Thomas, who seems to be Tebow’s go to guy over Eric Decker capitalized by grabbing 7 catches for 116 yards.

Jake Ballard (NYG): 1 catch 15 yards – Caught a 15-yard pass early in the game but then suffered a knee injury that kept him out of the game and likely out for the upcoming week 16 matchup. Gonna have to look elsewhere if this is your TE.


Injuries: Jake Ballard (NYG) – Johnny Knox (CHI) – Anquan Boldin (BAL) –


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