Peyton Manning has a bit of a break from the limelight today as the big story shifts to the Washington Redskins and the move they made early this morning. A few hours ago NFL Insider Jay Glazer was the first to report that the Redskins had made a move and traded with the St. Louis Rams in order to land their #2 overall pick in April’s draft. With Andrew Luck the consensus #1 overall pick going to Indianapolis without a doubt since they have released Peyton, Robert Griffin III becomes the next big pick. RGIII is a Heisman trophy winner who was already bringing in a hefty amount of hype before he wowed audiences at the combine with his athleticism and professionalism. The St. Louis Rams already have what many believe is a potential star quarterback in Sam Bradford, so were shopping around offers to deal the #2 overall pick.

As the title states the Washington Redskins were the team lucky enough to win the sweepstakes for the RGIII pick, but how lucky are they? Is the move worth it?

The price tag of the exchange is rather steep; the Redskins will be giving up a 1st and 2nd rounder draft pick in the years draft as well as a 1st rounder in 2013 and 2014. Since news of the trade broke the debate has instantly focused on whether the Redskins are giving up to much in making their move for RGIII. I will quickly go through what side of the argument I am on; I like the move.

In acquiring the rights to the #2 overall pick the Redskins have put themselves in a bit of a hole in the next few drafts, but I personally think it will pay off. The Redskins juggled between John Beck and Rex Grossman all year long and that alone tells you how badly that team needs a quarterback. Grossman at times last year looked like the better QB but would almost always revert to his turnover prone ways, while John Beck showed flashes of potential but nothing that Redskins staff were going to get to excited about. In the past week their were many rumours that the Redskins were trying to make a move for Peyton Manning, but I think they have made the smarter move by landing the potential franchise player that RGIII is; they are not looking to just fix things for a few years. By drafting RGIII they are getting one of the most athletic looking and talented quarterbacks to be eligible in years. I am a Dolphins fan, a team obviously shopping around for a QB and I admit i was very hesitant about the idea of Miami making an expensive move like this to get RGIII in the draft, but the more I read about the Redskins getting him, the more excited I get for their franchise and the more jealous I get. Something tells me that this kid will take his team to a playoff appearance in just a few years and likely many more after that.

What do you think of Robert Griffin III? Do you think the Redskins made the right move or did they give up to much?

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