Chris Mortensen has reported, and almost every fantasy expert out their has confirmed that Peyton Manning has agreed to negotiate terms with the Denver Broncos… the wait is over. What does this mean for the other teams vying for a QB? What does this mean for The Broncos? Tim Tebow?

Well for starters the Broncos front office must be ecstatic, they now get to trade Tim Tebow away (thank god for them) and replace him with the only player who would make their rabid fan base forget Tebow; Peyton Manning. Any reciever plying for Denver must be ecstatic as well, namely Demaryius Thomas, who had a break out year last season. Thomas is an extreme athlete and was able to make a name for himself with Tebow throwing the ball, he should be able to make a big fantasy impact this year with Manning slinging him the ball. Eric Decker will also receive a huge boost from having Peyton Manning, he should act as more of a slot receiver; many people are already making some comparisons between Decker and Wes Welker. At this point however, I feel as though Thomas will end up being the more valuable player; we will have to wait to see if the Broncos sign anyone else to catch Manning’s passes. The Denver running attack should take a backseat to the arm of Peyton Manning next season, Willis McGahee and company will not get the number of chances to run the ball they had in 2011. I wonder who the Broncos will not take in the upcoming draft… Will they try to draft O-Linemen in an effort to bolster the line that protects their new 4-time MVP, will they try to draft a WR or TE to help Manning, or will that also be adressed in free agency? Where is Dallas Clark right now? Jeff Saturday?

The 49’ers will now likely stick with Alex Smith who started every game for them last season. That means that the Dolphins are left with current starter Matt Moore and recruiting a backup, possibly Florida product Tim Tebow… Oh god I hope not. Update: The Dolphins have signed David Garrard. Garrdard did not play last year after being dropped preseason by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Garrard is likely being added for depth since their aren’t many QBs left on the Dolphins roster. Moore should still be the starter with Garrard coming in in case on injury or if Moore plays terrible.

I have class soon but will expand upon this post later!

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