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With the signing of Peyton Manning along with many other new faces ,the fantasy landscape in Denver has changed drastically compared to last year when they were led by Orton and Tebow. This post is me sharing my thoughts and expectations for the key fantasy players on the current Broncs roster; this post may need changing after the draft.

QB  Peyton Manning – The success of the Broncos season rests on the arm (and neck) of Peyton Manning. I must admit that off the top of my head, I feel as though Peyton will end up playing a full season (or dam close to it) and have a solid fantasy campaign. The Broncos snuck into the playoffs last year with Tebow at the helm, I don’t see them missing it this time around. On fantasy rankings by many people (myself included), QB’s such as Eli Manning and has dropped drastically from where he had normally been drafted as a Colt; but there is a lot of time before the season starts, so Manning still has a lot of time to rehab his neck and arm. As of right now, I can’t help but feel as thought Manning will return to the NFL in 2012 and throw for about 4000+ yards and 30+ TDs. (Manning in 2010 — 4700 yards w/ 33 TDs)

WR Eric Decker – In the first four games of the season with Kyle Orton throwing him the ball, Eric Decker was a fantasy steal, going for about 275 yards and 4 TDs over the span. However, once Tim Tebow took over, Deckers fantasy value took a big hit. For the rest of the season Decker was unable to gain 100 yards in a game and only scored 4 additional TDs. With a future hall-of-famer like Manning throwing him the ball, there are some pretty high hopes for the talented Decker as he moves into his 3rd NFL year. In 2011 with Orton and Tebow, Decker totalled 600 yards and 8 TDs. With Peyton Manning under centre, it would be realistic to expect 1000 yards and 10 TDs.

WR Demaryius Thomas – While many people have high hopes for Decker, I myself have high hopes for this young man, Demaryius Thomas. Thomas is known to be a superb athlete and has the size to be a star at 6’3, 235 pounds. Thomas’ name is already pretty well known for his 80-yard TD catch (in which he ran 70 yards) from Tim Tebow to beat the Steelers in OT of the wild card round last year. Even with Tebow throwing him the ball, Thomas was able to create some buzz for himself; with Peyton Manning throwing him the rock I feel he can have a breakout year. He will not see the targets that sot receiver Decker will see, but his catches will have more value. As of right now I believe that Thomas can have just as good of a season as Decker, approaching 1000+ yards and 10+ TDs.

Who do you like more in 2012-2013? the Slot receiving Decker (PPR Stud BTW) or the athletic deep threat of Demaryius Thomas?

WRs Andre Caldwell / Jason Hill – Decker and Thomas will be the top options in Denver, and I believe that Tamme will likely be the #3 target at TE; this doesn’t leave a whole lot for the other WR’s like Caldwell and Hill. THese guys could end up having modest seasons and could help on bye weeks, but I would not be looking to these players for production on a weekly basis.

RB – Willis McGahee – With Peyton Manning under centre for the Broncos, it would reasonable to assume that they will be employing a different game plan focussing more of the passing game. McGahee was the focus of the Broncos running game last season, totalling 1100 yards, but only scoring 4 TDs. McGahee will likely be the starter for the Broncos again this year, and with teams forced to defend against Peyton Manning and his WRs, it could mean more room for McGahee when he is given the ball. I believe that McGahee can reach 1000 yards again this year while adding a few more TDs (6+).

RB – Knowshon Moreno – Moreno was a massive bust last year only getting 37 carries for less than 200 yards and no TDs (he only played in 7 games due to injuries). I don’t think their is going to much of an opportunity for Moreno this year with Peyton throwing the ball a lot and McGahee getting the bulk of the carries

RB Lance Ball – With Moreno out of r much of the season, Lance Ball got the chance to play in his place. Ball took advantage of the situation averaging 4.2 yards per carry on the season, getting 96 carries for 400 yards and a TD. I don’t expect a big year from Ball, but I do think he has the potential to remain the #2 RB for Denver, ousting Moreno.

TE Jacob Tamme – This is a great signing for Tamme who gets to follow Peyton Manning, whom he played with in 2010-2011. Tamme acted as the backup TE to Dallas Clark in Indy, getting a few starts when Dallas was unavailable. Tamme took advantage of the opportunity to play with Peyton, emerging as one of the top TEs anytime he got a start; he would finish the 2010 season with 631 yards and 4 TDs. In Denver, Tamme should be the #1 TE in town, and should have plenty of opportunity to be a top TE prospect going into this season. Tamme certainly has the ability and potential to become a top-10 TE this year.

TE Joel Dreessen – I would think Tamme is a lock to be a top-10 TE if it wasn’t for the Broncos signing of former Texans TE Joel Dreessen. Dreessen got to see quite a bit of action last year with Owen Daniels out for much of the season, and he capitalized by catching 28 passes for 353 yards and a career high 6 TDs. Dreessen is 6’4, 245 pounds and a great target in the red zone, he could end up stealing some TD catches from Tamme.

What do you think of the Broncos going into this season? Agree with anything I said? Disagree? LET ME KNOW!

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