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In this article I rank my top-10 rookies going into this season. The NFL Draft took place over the weekend so we can stop hearing about wether or not the Colts will actually draft Luck or not (did anyone actually think they were gonna take RGIII instead of Luck…) and get to guessing/assuming/predicting what kind of fantasy season they might have; lets get to it!

1) CLE RB Trent Richardson – Trent Richardson is being touted as one of the best RBs to enter the draft in years, some are saying he is likely the best RB in the draft sine Adrian Peterson. He was drafted 3rd overall by the Cleveland Browns and lands in what should be a great situation. In Cleveland he will be the every down RB, with Montario Hardesty being his only real threat to lose touches. Despite being a rookie, Richardson should be one of few RBs in the league who won’t have to regularly share touches.

2) WSH QB Robert Griffin III – Andrew Luck was taken as the #1 overall pick, but it is very possible that the #2 overall pick Robert Griffin may just have the better rookie fantasy year. Both QBs are young and talented, but their are to key things that RGIII can use to his advantage. First, RGIII is known as an incredible athlete who will be able to use his legs to help his team. Like Newton last year and Vick before him, RGIII is being touted as a QB who can make you pay with his arm and also with his legs. RGIII also has way more weapons in Santana Moss, Garcon, Davis, Armstrong and RB Roy Helu.

3) ARZ WR Michael Floyd – Justin Blackmon was the #1 ranked WR going into the draft, and the first WR chosen with the #5 overall pick. The shiza part of all of this? He went to the Jacksonville Jaguars and QB Blaine Gabbert. Michael Floyd however has landed in the desert to play across from Larry Fitzgerald, where he will get passes from either Kevin Kolb or Jon Skelton. While neither are amazing passes, they are both levels ahead of Blaine Gabbert. Playing across from Larry Fitz also means he will rarely be seeing doble coverage as Fitz is constantly dealing with them.

4) IND QB Andrew Luck – Luck doesn’t have all of the upside as RGIII, but is still the most talented QB to enter the draft in many years, some say since Peyton Manning. Some have very little faith in Luck ging into his rookie year, believing he will need time to develop. I however think that he should be able to transition fairly well to the NFL game. He is already used to leading a pro-style offence, is a superb athlete (look at his combine stats) and has a great head on his shoulders. We all saw how well Andy Dalton preformed as a rookie with AJ Green helping him out; I don’t see why Luck can’t perform similar to that with Reggie Wayne Austin Collie and Cody Fleener as his main targets.

5) TB RB Doug Martin – Bad news for LaGarrette Blount in the form of a new rookie RB who just might gain the starting role before this season is over. Martin has been compared to Ray Rice; Rice was coached in college by now Tampa Bay HC Greg Schiano. This makes me think that Martin is a long term prospect for the Buccaneers and has serious potential in the NFC South. (NO, ATL, CAR, all have soft rush defences)

6) JAX WR Justin Blackmon – As I mentioned earlier, Blackmon ended up in a terrible position in Jacksonville with second year QB Blaine Gabbert throwing him the ball. Gabbert had a terrible rookie campaign and I have little faith in him to make a substantial step forward. Blackmon is still however a superb talent at the WR position and will be the teams #1, so he should still se a decent amount of targets despite the fact they will be coming from a bad QB.

7) NYG RB David Wilson – Th Giants drafted RB David Wilson to join Amad Bradshaw in their backfield, replacing the now 49’er Brandon Jacobs. Wilson has is a talented runner with a lot of upside, but has had some serious troubles with fumbles in his college career. Wilson fumbled 7 times in his final college season, but is should be noted that those fumbles often came when battling for extra yards. (he averaged 5.9 yards per carry ni his final year)

8) TEN WR Kendall Wright – Wright ended up in a pretty decent situation by landing with Tennessee. He gets to play across from another talented WR in Kenny Britt, and also has a experienced QB in Matt Hasselbeck. Tennessee also has a talented young Qb in Jake Locker whom hasn’t played much but has looked pretty good when he has.

9) IND TE Coby Fleener – Fleener was Andrew Luck’s TE in college and is basically a pure pass catching TE; he has been compared to former Bears and current Panthers TE Greg Olsen. Fleener joins his college QB Luck in Indianapolis, giving him an instant boost in value. They are both rookies, but will come in with a healthy chemistry and work ethic together. I would not be surprised if Luck ended up looking to his longtime teammate Fleener quite a bit this season.

10) CIN WR Mohamed Sanu – Sanu was drafted in the third round by the Bengals and becomes one of the newest members on this very young and talented Cinci roster. Dalton and Green were stellar in their rookie campaigns and will look to improve this season and will have new tools in Sanu and Marvin Jones to help them do so. It should be noted that although Sanu is not known as the speediest of receivers, he did catch 115 passes in his final year at college.

11) STL WR Brian Quick – Quick was drafted #33 overall, the first pick in the second round by the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have had a glaring weakness at WR for a few seasons now and have selected what they believe can be a franchise WR.  This is a quote from the Rams receivers coach: “I see a lot of similarities to Terrell Owens,” Sherman said Thursday evening. “The way the kid goes and gets the ball, the physicality, the desire … he has a chance to be special, no doubt.” The team apparently also decided that drafting Justin Blackmon wasn’t as big of a priority after hosting a workout with Quick; they certainly have seen something in him. I feel like Quick has on of the best situations of all the rookie WR’s. He will be the teams #1 deep threat (Amendola is the slot man for the Rams) and has a talented young QB in Sam Bradford.

12) CHI WR Alshon Jeffery – Jeffery was expected to be drafted inside of the first round until worrie arose about his fitness and worth ethic, largely due to this picture: (he is wearing #1) http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/article/media_slots/photos/000/392/892/Alshon-Jeffrey-Is-Fat_original.jpg?1334150668

Jeffery ended up falling to pick #35 overall, the 13th pick in the 2nd round, being chosen by the Chicago Bears. I, along with many other people are excited or Alshon. He joins a team that has a solid run game, good defence and a viable passing attack that is only getting stronger. Jeffery will get to catch passes from Jay Cutler and play across from an elite level WR in Brandon Marshall. I imagine Jeffery can earn the #2 or #3 WR spot minimum; he will be better than Knox and Hester as a WR, but will liely have to battle Earl Bennet for the #2 role.


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