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NOTICE: FANTASY DRAFT BREAKDOWN! After your done with this post, be sure to check out my breakdown of the Fantasy Team I just drafted….


Top-100 is complete! I will make changes here and their as I continue to do research, people get hurt or return from injuries! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

1) Arian Foster (HOU RB) – 1200 and 10 TD in only 13 games; the guy is a beast and is healthy going into the season.

2) Ray Rice (BAL RB) – Had a great year in terms of yardage, and was able to capitalize on goal line carries with McGahee gone, rushing for a career high 12 TDs. Should be much of the same this coming season

3) LeSean McCoy (PHI RB) – Was the model of consistency last season, scoring 20 total TDs over 15 weeks; and the one bright spot in a terrible Eagles season.

4) Drew Brees (NWO QB) – Most people have A-Rod as the first QB, but I myself prefer Brees. He just set the record for pass yards in a season and is going to be needed by his team this year more than ever with Sean Payton gone.

5) Aaron Rodgers (GB QB) – I would not argue with you if you took A-Rod #1 overall.

6) Calvin Johnson (DET WR) – 

7) Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX RB) – Had a heroic season last year, rushing for a league high 1600 yards n a team with no other offensive threats. Should have a another good season but wil be har to duplicate last year.

8) Matt Stafford (DET QB) – Finally got to play a full season and made the best of it throwing for 5000 yards. The sky is the limit for this kid, and he has the best WR in the league as a target.

9) Cam Newton (CAR QB) – His mixture of a good throwing arm and size/speed make Cam a fantasy gold mine. I expect his rushing TD total to drop off a little bit this year, but he should have another fantastic fantasy campaign.

10) Tom Brady (NE QB) – A Career best 5200 yards last year and now has the talented Brandon Lloyd on his roster to go along with Welker, Gronk, Hernandez and Branch. (Ocho too I guess)

11) Andre Johnson (HOU WR) – Johnson was a bust for owners last year, getting injured early in the season and not coming back until the final weeks, when it was likely too late for your team. He still is the 2nd best WR in the league and played great when he came back (even with Yates throwing the ball). He did have back to back 1500 yard seasons before the injury.

12) Ryan Matthews  (SD RB) – A lot of potential for this kid. Chargers don’t have the potent passing attack they once did and he is a very talented pass catcher; top-5 RB potential.

13) Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ WR) – It’s Larry; even with a bad QB he is a lock for 1000 yards and 10 or so TDs. (1400 and 8 in 2011-12)

14) Wes Welker (NE WR) – 2nd only to Calvin Johnson for receiving yards last year with over 1500 while atcihng 9 TDs. No reason why he and Tom won’t have another solid year.

15) Marshawn Lynch (SEA RB) – Lynch had a career season rushing for 1200 yards and 12 TDs on the season, much of it with defenders aiming to stop him since Seattle had such a weak passing attack.

16) Steve Smith (CAR RB) – Smith returned to elite status with Newton as his QB in 2011-12. I think Cam will target Smith just as much as last year if not even more. Smith is the only viable threat in Carolina has in the air.

17) Roddy White (ATL WR) – The most targeted WR in the league last year despite people thinking he had a down year. (1296 / 8)

18) Hakeem Nicks (NYG WR) – Hakeem and Victor both have the potential for great seasons, but I will take Nicks experience and consistency over Cruz’ highlight season. Defences will pay more attention to Cruz, giving him less space, and Nicks a bit more hopefully.

19) Chris Johnson (TEN RB) – Should have a a full training camp this year (last year his cardio was obviously in question after the holdout). Should easily able to reach the 1000+ yardage mark and show off some of the explosiveness that earned him the CJ2K moniker.

20) Rob Gronkowski (NE TE) – There is a very strong argument for taking Gronk even before this. He is a matchup nightmare and the best target a QB can ask for in the red zone. Gronk should be able to have another fantastic season.

21) Greg Jennings (GB WR) – The #1 receiver on of the most prolific offenses; I love me some Greg Jennings.

22) Demarco Murray (DAL RB) – Had a terrific rookie campaign, running like a star every chance he got. Some health concerns to keep in mind however.

23) Darren Sproles (NWO RB) – All purpose player will help you out every week wether its on the ground or in the air.

24) Mike Wallace (PIT WR) – Despite the emergence of Antonio Brown, Wallace was able to have a great season with just under 1200 yards and 8 TDs. Rashard might not be available to start the season meaning more plays in the air.

25) Jimmy Graham (NWO TE) – Brees favourite target and super athlete; I expect Graham to have better numbers than last year.

26) Michael Turner (ATL RB) – You pretty much know what your getting with Michael Turner; he got another 300 carries last year for 1300 yards and 11 TD, I expect much of the same this year.

27) Matt Forte – When I was putting Trent Richardson into the list I had him ranked among RBs at about 12-14, putting him at about 27 overall, where Forte was ranked. However, if it came down to Forte and Richardson in the draft, I would have to go with the experience and take Forte; so Forte is placed higher though they both have rank 27.

27) Trent Richardson (CLE RB) – The rookie will have the privilege of not having to share touches with another quality RB; some people think Richardson can be a top-10 RB this year.

28) Darren McFadden (OAK RB) – Has the skills to be an elite RB in this league, but can’t stay healthy; draft at your own risk.

29) Jamaal Charles (KC RB) – The injury was very early in the season so Charles gets the highest spot of all the runners coming back from serious knee injuries.

30) Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG RB) – Read my Ahmad Bradshaw article.

31) Eli Manning (NYG QB) – Said he was an elite QB, then won another title… Good on ya Eli. Came just shy of 5000 yards and now has the scary WR comb of Nicks and Cruz to work with.

32) Peyton Manning (DEN QB) – Depending on his health, Peyton could end up being a steal if he falls this low, or could be a bust if he gets hurt.

33) Steven Jackson (STL RB) – Doesn’t go under 1000 yards and should be able to go for another 8+ TDs.

34) Frank Gore (SF RB) – Signing of Jacobs could spell trouble for Gore owners, but could also help him play a full 16 games healthy.

35) Michael Vick (PHI QB) – Same as usual… High Risk; High Reward. If he plays 16 games your laughing… but he’s more likely to play 12-14.

36) Kenny Britt (TEN WR) – I have very high hopes in Kenny Britt. If this guy can play a full season I think he will have a massive breakout season.

37) Fred Jackson (BUF RB) – Was having a career season with over 1100 yards and 6 TD before an injury in week 10. I expect Jackson to start where he left of last season.

38) Tony Romo (DAL QB) – Romo has two talented WRs in Bryant and Austin and also has one of the leagues top TE’s; Romo should have little trouble reaching at least 4000 yards this season with a healthy number of TDs.

39) Philip Rivers (SD QB) – Im expecting Rivers to bounce back from his turnover plagued season and step up to the challenge of having Peyton Manning battling him for a division title.

40) Brandon Marshall (CHI WR) – Should be able to have a better year in Chicago, back with Cutler than he did in his 2 years in Miami. H had 9 TDs in 2 season with the Dolphins; He might be able to do that in one season with Cutler.

41) Marques Colston (NWO WR) – As long as he is a Saint and Brees is throwing the ball I will gladly own Colston for the right price. He is no longer the #1 target now that Jimmy Graham is around, but he still sees a lot of targets and should have another good season.

42) Victor Cruz (NYG WR) – I do not think Cruz will be able to reach 1500 yards again this season; defences are going to be way more aware of his skill and explosiveness. Nicks will cash in.

43) Jordy Nelson (GB WR) – Much like Cruz, it will be hard for Nelson to reproduce his numbers from last season. He did however have his amazing season on a pretty low number of targets. As I write this I think that Nelson warrants moving up a few spots.

44) A.J. Green (CIN WR) – Was stellar as a rookie with a rookie QB; should only improve as a sophomore.

45) Adrian Peterson (MIN RB) – The perennial top-5 overall pick is outside the top-40 for me at the moment. I am ging to be very unwilling to move him up this list unless I hear some VERY good news about his knee.

46) Antonio Gates (SD TE) – Antonio and his damn foot problems. If he plays, he is a stud. The problem is that he almost never plays a full season. Last year he was able to catch 700 yards and 7 TD in 13 games. With V. Jackson gone, Gates could see even more targets when he on the field.

47) Percy Harvin (MIN WR) – One of the lone offensive weapons on the Vikings roster, coming off another great season. He set career highs in yards in receiving and rushing and had a career high 9 total TDs. If Peterson is still hurting to start the season, Percy will be needed even more than ever. By the way, I love this kid.

48) Miles Austin (DAL WR) – Romo is likely going to throw for 4000+ yards this season; Miles should be able to catch 1000 of them at least.

48) Dez Bryant (DAL WR) – See Miles Austin.

50) Matt Schaub (HOU QB) – Schaub will be good to go for the coming season and has a healthy Andre Johnson once again. Having Arian Foster in the backfield also makes things much easier for Schaub.

51) Matt Ryan (ATL QB) – I’m guessing he will be very simliar to last year in terms of stats; 4000ish yards / 30ish TDs

52) Rashard Mendenhall (PIT RB) – Mendenhall is usually a lock for 1000+ yards and a healthy number of TDs, but this year he might not be ready to start the season. His ranking may change as the season approaches and we hear news on his recovering knee.

53) LaGarrette Blount (TB RB) – The addition of Doug Martin is bad news for Blount. Martin is a similiar runner to Ray Rice, and was draftd by the man who coached Rice. Many think Martin will end up with a pretty sizeable role in the Buccaneers offence as a rookie.

54) Beanie Wells (ARZ RB) – 

55) Willis McGahee (DEN RB) – With a lot of attention on the signing of Peyton Manning and the new passing game (JAcob Tamme, Thomas, Decker), I think McGahee will have more room to run and will have another solid campaign.

56) Roy Helu (WAS RB) – Broke out late last season with some very impressive performances running the ball as well as in the passing game. Helu SHOULD be the go to ball carrier for the Redskins this season.

57) Reggie Bush (MIA RB) – Had a career year in Miami and will look to build on that. Seems to have easily trumped the young Daniel Thomas as the teams go to ball carrier. Also has excellent pass catching skills.

58) Antonio Brown (PIT WR) – Had a breakout season last year with 1100 yards, all he needs to do is add some more TDs (only 2 last year). Along with Mike Wallace gives Big Ben a very dangerous duo at WR.

59) Jeremy Maclin (PHI WR) – 

60) Jason Witten (DAL TE) – Will be a favourite target of Tony Romo agan this year, one of the best pass catching TEs around.

61) Dwayne Bowe (KC WR) –

62) DeSean Jackson (PHI WR) –  I hate owning Jackson, as he can be terrific one week going for 150 and 2 TDs, then disappear the next two weeks… draft at your own risk.

63) Stevie Johnson (BUF WR) – Should be a lock for 1000 yards; I am also expecting anywhere from about 7-11 TDs.

64) Vincent Jackson (TB WR) – Mike Williams had a massive sophomore slump, so I imagine Vincent Jackson should take over as the teams #1 option, hopefully helping Williams have a comeback.

65) Brandon Lloyd (NE WR) – In the last 2 years Lloyd has shown the talent he possesses but unfortunately is now stuck in the crowd that is Patriot WRs and TEs; New England also just added Jabar Gaffney… why?

66) Reggie Wayne (IND WR) – Might end up being a bit of a sleeper. He may have lost Manning but he did gain the top young QB prospect since Manning. Wayne should be a favourite target of Luck in 2012.

67) Julio Jones (ATL WR) – Many people have Jones ranked much higher, but I still feel as though Roddy is the true #1 on this team and that they need to refocus on their dominant ground game (Michael Turner can control games) if they want to finally have a run in the playoffs.

68) Shonn Greene (NYJ RB) – I have no love for Greene, draft at your own risk.

69) Ben Roethlisberger (PIT QB) – Mike Wallace has become a premier WR and Antonio Brown isn’t far behind him. Has other good targets in Emmanuel Sanders and TE Heath Miller.

70) Peyton Hillis (KC RB) –

71) Demaryius Thomas (DEN WR) – With Peyton as the QB Thomas and Decker could end up being much more valuable than I have them ranked. I am almost certain one of them will… but which one? My vote is for Thomas; Decker in PPR.

72) DeAngelo Williams (CAR RB) –

73) Jonathan Stewart (CAR RB) –

74) Vernon Davis (SF TE) – San Fran has made some additions to the passing game to help out Alex Smith, but the most skilled is still Vernon Davis, without a doubt.

75) Jermichael Finley (GB TE) – With all the weapons that Rodgers has at WR, Finley can be overlooked at times, but he is still one of the most talented TEs playing right now and attached to one of the leagues scariest offences.

76) Aaron Hernandez (NE TE) – With Gronk having the year he did, he will likely see more coverage in the coming season, perhaps leaving more room for the crafty young Hernandez?

77) Robert Meachem (SD WR) – Went from a crowded receiving corps in Nw Orleans to being the #1 in San Diego, should be a good year for Meachem.

78) Isaac Redman (PIT RB) – 

79) Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF QB) – I, and many others expect Buffalo to be a more consistent team this season, and much of that depends on the growth and consistency of QB Fitzpatrick.

80) Tony Gonzalez (ATL TE) – 

81) Justin Blackmon (JAX WR) – Blackmon and Robinson gives the Jacksonville Jaguars a decent passing attack that should only get better as these two players grow and mature. I don’t ave the most hope though due to the fact that it will be either Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert throwing the ball… ew.

82) Eric Decker (DEN WR) – See D. Thomas above.

83) Laurent Robinson (JAX WR) – The biggest challenge for Robsinson will be the battle for #1 WR between himself and the rookie Justin Blackmon; the next biggest will likely be catching balls from either Gabbert or Henne.

84) Denarius Moore (OAK WR) – 

85) Pierre Garcon (WSH WR) – 

86) Brent Celek (PHI TE) – 

87) Ben Jarvis Green Ellis (CIN RB) – He doesn’t fumble so he will get a healthy number of touches, especially down near the goal line; a very quiet and underrated runner.

88) Michael Crabtree (SF WR) – 

89) Torrey Smith (BAL WR) – I think Torrey will out play Boldin for fantasy, being a very talented and speedy deep man who can take advantage of Joe Flacco’s cannon of an arm.

90) Anquan Boldin ( BAL WR) – Amazing talent, doesn’t quite fit the Baltimore system and doesn’t get a lot of red zone looks.

91) Santana Moss (WSH WR) – Moss has been extremely consistent despite the struggles of the Redskins, I wouldn’t be surprised if RGIII developed a healthy chemistry with Moss early.

92) Mario Manningham (SF WR) – 

93) Santonio Holmes (NYJ WR) – 

94) Titus Young (DET WR) – The youngster had his moments in 2011 and should have even more in 2012 with defences paying so much attention to Calvin Johnson.

95) Lance Moore (NO WR) – Always plenty of targets to go around in New Orleans, Moore has proven he is a hard worker and a favourite of Drew Brees.

96) Mikel Leshoure (DET RB) – If he is healthy I expect Leshoure to be the #1 in Detroit. With Calvin and Stafford so dominant in the air it could open things of up Leshoure.

97) Jay Cutler (CHI QB) – Has Brandon Marshall back along with a crew of pretty crafty WRs in Hester, Knox and Bennett.

98) Brandon Pettigrew (DET TE) – Saw a ton of targets for a TE last year; just needs Tony Schefter to stop stealing TDs and he will be a top TE.

99) Andy Dalton (CIN QB) – 

100) Sydney Rice (SEA WR) – 

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9 thoughts on “Top 100 Big Board – 2012-13 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

    • It is not a no brainer to me; Charles will be coming back from an ACL injury, a very serious knee surgery that usually leaves players rusty, and often never quite the same. Charles will also be sharing carries with KC’s newest RB Peyton Hillis. Peyton Hillis is a serious threat and will be getting a good number of carries that normally might have gone to Charles. Murray in his rookie season exploded onto the scene and showed he was far and away a better RB than Felix Jones. As long as Peyton Hillis is in town I would rather have Murray.

  1. just a heads up.. C. J. Spiller is going to be a steal in all drafts.. (Should be in the middle of this list)

    • I have read a few articles that share your line of thinking. At the moment I am very hesitant to think he will be worthy of a mid round pick while playing behind Jackson. Care to elaborate and possibly help change my mind?

      • I initially thought this pick was ridiculous a couple years back when the Bills already had Beast Mode and Jackson on the team. Chan Gailey knew something when picking this kid. We (fantasy ppl) saw something at the end of last year with Spiller and it seems the Bills have some momentum behind them. Gailey’s confidence has grown with Spiller, the carries will be 50/50 with FJ, but the kicker is the Bills weak receiving corps… Along with half the carries, Spiller will be spread out wide in a bunch of the Bills offensive packages. Kid was a freak at Clemson, and now with more maturity & confidence this will be his breakout year.

      • I see… I’m definately going to have to do some reading up on this kid and find a spot for him in the top 100. Care to make a prediction for his totals? Think he will have 1000 yards rushing + receiving? Think he can reach 6+ total TDs?

  2. I believe he will be in the 1000-1200 all purpose yards. Projecting – Rushing :700 yds rushing 6 tds. Receiving : 40 rec for 350 yds 3 tds. My only negative side on Spiller, is the consistency. This is due to the obvious point of giving the ball to the hotter hand at any given time. Toughest part judging the Running Back by committee model…

  3. Chris johnson at 19! The most unreliable fantasy player in the league! he should be in the late 30’s

    • I think he will be close to his 2010 stats of about 1300 and 11 TD rushing / 250 1 TD receiving. He had a pretty tough 2011 (still had 1400 total yards and 4 TD which isn’t terrible) but that was largely due to his being out of shape and not having a training camp due to holding out on his contract. This year however he has been paid and reportedly looks as though he is in great shape.

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