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The following is just some general information and news that has surfaced recently on some fantasy relevant players. Enjoy!


Peyton Manning (DEN) – It is hard to get a read on what exactly is going on with Peyton right now and what his situation is with his arm and neck, but from what I have heard recently, he is already impressing everyone at the Denver OTA’s. It’s also no secret that Peyton has some weapons to work with in Thomas and Decker, as well as a tandem od big, red zone targets TE’s in Tamme and Dreessen.

Matt Moore (MIA) – The current consensus is that Matt Moore is very likely to start at QB for the ‘Fins in this coming season. What does this mean for fantasy owners? Not a whole lot. Moore was a quality fantasy starter for a series of weeks last season, often throwing for 300 yards and 2-3 TDs, and while he may be able to do this again this season, it will only be at times, I almost  guarantee he has multiple weeks where he is held out of the endzone. As of right now Moore is a decent QB2 option; also keep your ears open for news on former pro-bowl QB Dave Garrard. I do not expect Tannehill to start in 2012 unless things go downhill FAST for the ‘Fins.

Brandon Weeden (CLE) – If you do something as simple as google “Brandon Weeden” and click on news, you will see numerous articles touting the ability and future of the Cleveland Browns rookie QB. From what I have heard, Weeden is already a lock to usurp Colt McCoy as a the teams starting QB. Even if Weeden is a little raw to start game 1, he is certainly the QB of the future for the Browns; I don’t think many people pictured McCoy leading the Browns to a playoff birth.

John Skelton / Kevin Kolb (ARZ) – Kolb and Skelton are rumoured to still be 50/50 when it comes to who will get the starting QB job for week 1. And the other thing is that even if, say Kolb, wins the starting QB job, there is no telling how long he will be able to keep it for, and vise versa. Right now my only real advice for these two QBs is to wait and find out 100% who will be starting week 1, and consider them a decent QB2 option at BEST.

Running Back:

Adrian Peterson (MIN) – According to recent reports, Adrian Peterson is currently 50/50 to start the season. Many experts believe there is a very good chance that APete will be placed on the PUP list for the first games of the season as he returns to game form. This obviously keeps Peterson’s fantasy value down and will likely keep him outside of the first few rounds of the draft for the first time in a quite a while. But perhaps APete will end up ahead of schedule and be able to avoid the PUP list, we will have to wait to find out.

Wide Reciever:

Andre Johnson (HOU) – Andre Johnson underwent surgery on his knee once again, which has a lot of people worried about him going into the coming season. Johnson also went down for most of last season with a serious knee injury, something that is fresh in fantasy owners heads. Johnson though, is still one of the elite WR’s in the league, and likely the most talented available along with Calvin Johnson. For WRs, I have Calvin ranked #1 and Andre #2, I would consider putting Fitzgerald ahead of Andre, but he is the only one.

Hakeem Nicks (NYG) – Nicks suffered a broken bone in his foot a few weeks ago which has people rethinking his fantasy value. Nicks himself has already come out and claimed that he will be ready for week 1, and Coach Coughlin has been quoted saying similar things. Nicks value will likely still take a hit due to the news but should still be a quality WR1 in fantasy land this year.

Justin Blackmon (JAX) – Blackmon was arrested for DUI for the second time in a rather short period, which has people questioning his work ethic and personality. Despite being a supreme talent, behavioural issues can have a serious hinderance on a pro career. Blackmon could even end up being suspended by the league before he even gets to step on the field.

Tight End:

Dallas Clark (TB) – Dallas Clark has reportedly looked pretty bad in OTA’s so far this year and has many people worried about him for the coming fantasy season. Clark was a perrenial top-5 TE when healthy and playing in Indy with Peyton Manning, but now he will be playing in Tampa, replacing Kellen Winslow II. Winslow was very underwhelming as a Buccaneer TE and I, along with many others expect Clark to take a serious step back from his production as a Colt.


Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it, or at least didn’t find it useless.

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