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Oh the temptations of Fantasy Football. Despite the regular season being more than 2 months away I have gone ahead and drafted my first fantasy football team of the year. Just like the name of league I host every year…. Fantasy Football is an Addiction.

Scoring and Settings: Standard scoring & settings, 12-team league. I end up with the #9 overall pick.

And Away we go!

Picks 1-8 – Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy, Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Ryan Matthews.

My Pick #9 – Maurice Jones-Drew: When I saw that I had the #9 overall draft pick I thought I would end up drafting either Fitzgerald or Brees, who were ranked #9 and #10 respectively. However, despite QB TDs being worth only 4, Rodgers, Brees and Newton would all go within the first 8 picks. I also didn’t expect Matthews to be selected before MJD. To sum it up, selecting MJD with the 9th overall pick was a no brainer to me. I now I have one of the elite RBs in the game who does not have to worry about much of a timeshare.

Picks 10-15 – Chris Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Tom Brady, Victor Cruz (Reach), Matt Stafford, Adrian Peterson (Reach/Injury).

My Pick #16 – Rob Gronkowski: It is again my pick at #16 overall and I am not smitten by the group of RBs available, but found there to be quite a few WRs I wouldn’t mind owning (See below; White, Welker, Smith). However, I sit there for about 30 seconds debating whether I want Smith, White, or to go ahead and grab Gronk, whom is an absolute matchup nightmare. While I am anticipating a wee bit of a drop off in TDs from last year, I am still very confident that Gronk will be a stud again in 2012-13. My main concern with grabbing Gronk here was that I had already used 2 picks but didnt have an elite receiver; hopefully I can grab one late round 3.

Picks 17-32 – Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden, Wes Welker, Steve Smith, Jimmy Graham, Roddy White, Andre Johnson, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, Michael Turner, Marshawn Lynch, Steven Jackson, Demarco Murray, AJ Green, Mike Wallace.

My Pick #33 – Hakeem Nicks: In my eyes, I definitely benefited from other owners being scared of a certain someones foot injury and the hype of his teammate. Victor Cruz had been taken well before this pick, and the past few picks saw AJ Green and Mike Wallace go off the board. Left for me however was the very talented Hakeem Nicks. I feel very strongly that Nicks is a safer bet to have a stellar season than Victor Cruz, who is going to see a lot more coverage and have trouble breaking for 80+ yard plays like he did last season. I am VERY pleased with this pick and that Nicks fell this far. I was tempted to take Jordy Nelson with this pick but dont feel like he is as safe of a choice and isn’t his teams #1.

Picks 34-39 – Jordy Nelson, Jamaal Charles, Darren Sproles, Demaryius Thomas, Julio Jones, Michael Vick.

My Pick #40 – Percy Harvin: Percy Harvin is my favourite player in the league whom is a non-Dolphin. In his rookie year I grabbed him off the waiver wire and he helped carry me to a coveted fantasy championship. Last year Harvin had his best year yet as a pro and was able to control the migraines that had plague him for the first few years of his explosive young career. Harvin got off to a bit of a slow start but was able to really break out once Christian Ponder took over at QB; I have posted the URL below to an article that takes a more in depth look at Percy. Overall, I am once again extremely pleased with this pick and am excited to have one of my favourite players with #1 potential, playing as my #2 WR. After being worried about not getting a WR in the first 2 rounds, I now have what I feel are a very good WR 1+2 combo.


Picks 41-56 – Miles Austin, Antonio Gates, Fred Jackson, Eli Manning, Marques Colston, Peyton Manning, Frank Gore, Ahmad Bradshaw, Tony Romo, Jeremy Maclin, Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant, Dwayne Bowe, Aaron Hernandez, Roy Helu, Kenny Britt.

My Pick #57 – Philip Rivers: With my #57 pick I Had KEnny Britt highlighted and had my cursor over the DRAFT button just waiting to pick him, no hesitation. Britt would have been the final piece of my 3 WR set and would have pushed it over the top in my eyes. If Britt stays healthy I am very confident he can be one the top WRs in the league, he was a monster last year before being lost for the season to injury. However, the owner with the #56 pick took him just before me. Very rarely does the exact player I want get taken one pick before me, but this time it happened. I didn’t fret however; Instead I looked to Philip Rivers to rescue me. I didn’t need another WR yet so a QB or RB would do. Again I was not impressed with the group of RBs infront of me so I went with a QB who still threw for 4500+ yards and 27 TDs in what was considered a rough year for him. While Rivers may have lost his boom or bust WR Vincent Jackson, he now has Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal, Vincent Jackson as well as talented pass-catching RB Ryan Mathews.

Picks 58-63 – Vernon Davis, Antonio Brown, Doug Martin, Torrey Smith, Brandon Jackson, San Francisco DEF.

My Pick #64 – Reggie Bush: With this pick I had considered selecting DeSean or Steve Johnson to complete my 3 WR set, but felt that the quality of RB was getting so low that it was close to being now or never. The Miami Dolphin fan inside of my burst out threw my fingers and drafted Reggie Bush as my RB #2 and newest team member. This is likely my least satisfying pick to date in terms of fantasy potential, but the DolFan inside of my is ecstatic; he did say he was going to rush for the league title this season.

Picks 65-80 – Fred Davis, DeSean Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Jason Witten, Robert Griffin III (Has high hopes or is a ‘Skins fan), Jermichael Finley, Ben Roethlisberger, Shonn Greene, Peyton Hillis, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Jay Cutler, Willis McGahee, Sidney Rice, Pittsburgh DEF, Matt Ryan (Ryan going this late caught my eye).

My Picks #81 – Eric Decker: This pick rides heavily on the success of Peyton Manning, but I am still happy with it. The talent level at WR was about to take a steep drop off, with Laurent Robinson being the next best available. I saw Decker available and didn’t think twice about grabbing him. Should Manning play all 16 games this season Decker could end up being much more valuable than the #3 WR I drafted him as. my WRs are now Nicks, Harvin and Decker; I am very pleased.

Picks 82-87 – Laurent Robinson, Isaac Redman, Philadelphia DEF, Brandon Pettigrew, Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis, Matt Schaub.

My Pick #88 – Baltimore DEF: Ok, before you start making fun of me and thinking what an idiot I am, and that I have lost all credibility I may have potentially gained by my first 7 picks, know this: I was being disconnected from the draft every 2-3 minutes or so, but only for about 5 seconds. Until this point the disconnects had not affected me, but this time as I was about to select Beanie Wells for my bench, I disconnect and get auto-drafted the top ranked pick; Baltimore Ravens DEF. Thanks YahooSports Rankings…

Picks 89-104 – Chicago DEF, Beanie Wells, NY Giants DEF, Joe Flacco, Green Bay DEF, NY Jets DEF, DeAngelo Williams, Tony Gonzalez, Dallas DEF, Detroit DEF, James Starks, Jahvid Best, Dustin Keller, David Akers, Malcom Floyd, Mason Crosby (a kicker…)

My Pick #105 – Robert Meachem: After a long wait I can finally start drafting for my bench. At this point, I basically just target RBs and WRs who I believe have the potential for breakout years and to be weekly starters. With that in mind I kind of wanted a backup RB just incase Bush isn’t the player I’m hoping he is going to be, but instead I went with value and drafted Robert Meachem. Meachem is assuming the #1 WR role in San Diego, where he will catch passes from the talented Philip Rivers. A #1 WR on my bench? Don’t mind if I do.

Picks 106-111 – Sebastian Janikowski, Houston DEF, Stevan Ridley, Lance Moore, Jermaine Gresham, Darrius, Heyward-Bey

My Pick #112 – Mikel LeShoure: With this pick I wanted to make sure that I grabbed a RB I felt had the potential to start for my team on certain weeks and has potential to earn the starting role for his team. That player was Mikel LeShoure. He will miss the first 2 games of the season, but one he returns should be 100% ready to roll as the teams feature back. Jahvid Best has dealt with concussion issues and can’t really be trusted to anchor the teams backfield. Another boost for Mikel is the fact that most defences will be focusing on Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson, hopefully opening up some holes for the RB.

Picks 113-128 – Jonathan Stewart, Anquan Boldin, Andew Luck, Michael Crabtree, Santonio Holmes, LaGarrete Blount, Mark Ingram, Jacob Tamme, Stephen Gotskowski, Owen Daniels, Justin Blackmon, Mike Williams, Rashard Mendenhall (can really help this owners team late in season + playoffs), Nate Washington, Andy Dalton, Greg Little.

My Pick #129 – Titus Young: By drafting Detroit’s Titus Young I have added to my bench a talented young player who catches balls from an elite level QB in Matt Stafford. Having Calvin Johnson across the field and attracting defenders should also help Titus Yong have a good year. I could see TE Brandon Pettigrew being the #2 option behind Calvin, but Titus will still be the #2 WR on a prolific offence that has the best WR in the game. At the very least Young should be a quality by week replacement.

Picks 130-135 – Randy Moss, Dan Bailey, Rob Bironas, Ben Tate, Josh Freeman, Alex Smith.

My Pick #136 – CJ Spiller: I wanted to add some more depth at RB to my team at this point, as my main concern is the weekly status and value of Reggie Bush as a RB2. While I myself don’t quite see all the potential, many experts and fantasy football bloggers have touted CJ Spiller as a breakout candidate. In my mind Fred Jackson is the teams feature back and a 3-down back, but he was lost to an injury last year in week 10 that could affect him going into this season, or at least affect how the team plans to use him. Spiller is an explosive young player entering his 3rd pro year and was able to go for 500+ yards and 4 TDs last year.

Picks 137-152 – Denarius Moore, Michael Bush, Mario Manningham, Jabar Gaffney, Seattle DEF, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Carson Palmer, Alshon Jeffery, Damian Williams, Santana Moss, Dallas Clark, Brent Celek, Cedric Benson, Pierre Thomas. Jared Cook, Coby Fleener.

My Pick #153 – Vincent Brown: A large reason I took Vincent Brown with this pick is because I had selected Robert Meachem earlier. Both of these guys will be catching balls from Philip Rivers, who is basically a lock to to throw for 4000 yards this season, someone has to be catching all of those yards! Robert Meachem will likely be the Charger I end up playing off my bench when needed, but Brown has been on the team a season longer and has flashed a lot of potential and highlight play ability.

Picks 154-159 –Devin Hester, Danny Amendola, Toby Gerhart, James Jones, Cincinnati DEF, Ronnie Hillman.

My Pick #160 – Matt Moore: With this pick I needed to grab a backup QB should something happen to Rivers and for the by week. I was looking at Sam Bradford but didn’t really like his receiver options beyond rookie Brian Quick. Instead I went with another Dolphin in Matt Moore. The biggest risk here is that Moore could lose the starting job to Dave Garrard (I seriously doubt the Fins would start Tannehill at any point this year when he is so inexperienced and they have 2 quality starters to use

Picks 161-176 – Sam Bradford, Doug Baldwin, Greg Olsen, Matt Bryant, John Kasay, Austin Collie, Niel Rackers, Joe Adams (CAR WR I admit I had to Google), Michael Floyd, Jacquizz Rodgers, Mike Nugent, David Wilson, San Diego DEF, New England DEF, Jason Hanson, Dan Carpenter.

My Pick #177 – Billy Cundiff: Once again the disconnect make its presence known by disconnecting my once again and auto0drafting another Baltimore player, this time Kicker Billy Cundiff. I don’t care as much this time, though I was about to draft Chicago BearsKicker Robbie Gould. The Bears should have a very good offence this year with Forte and Bush running the ball and the addition of Brandon Marshall. My kicker isn’t attached to quite as good of an offence, but Baltimore does have a penchant fo settling for FGs.

Picks 178-180 – Mike Tolbert, Kyle Rudolph, LaMichael James


MY FINAL ROSTER: QB Philip Rivers, RB Maurice Jones-Drew, RB Reggie Bush, WR Hakeem Nicks, WR Percy Harvin, WR Eric Decker, TE Rob Gronkowski, DEF Baltimore, K Billy Cundiff, BNCH Robert Meachem, BNCH Titus Young, BNCH Vincent Brown, BNCH Mikel LeShoure, BNCH CJ Spiller, BNCH Matt Moore.


Well the draft is over and my lineup is set… Well, what do you think? 

Please take the time and comment on this article, let me know if my team sucks, is decent, or you think can fend for a championship. If you do leave a comment, incluse some reasons as to why you think what you think!

I can also be reached on Twitter: @Blackie_Mike

Or you can view my videos on my Youtube Channel: Koopafantasy


11 thoughts on “2012 Fantasy Football: A Fantasy Draft Breakdown!!

  1. my first comment is about picks 65-80..i have done many of mock drafts this year to see how far Matt Ryan is going. This has benefited me to the fact that(granted Decker could have a monster year with Peyton at the wheel) i would of took Antonio Brown(despite the talks of a running game increase in pit..not gonna happen with their WR’s). leaving you to take Ryan(with the pick you took Decker. It is shocking to me how late Ryan is going in the drafts thus far this year. As for just the professionals of the sports media i to keep updated all year long on anything and everything involving football(not so many people do so drafting a team early in the offseason is an advantage for me). Thus far it shows to me that Ryan will break through as a Top 8 Fantasy QB(barring injuries). The team as a whole is Good! I am also a believer in Harvin having a monster year!(not to many people agree which is great for me). I tend to do to many fantasy teams..but im active enough to know whats going on with every one. Good draft and good article. A little side note for you even though Gronk is a beast. Pettigrew of the Lions is going hella late for the most targeted tight end in the league last year. He gets some more catches matched up with the targets(aka growth of staffords accuracy and decision making based on his first full season) and he finishes as a Top 5 TE. Noted to that he is going in 10th-12rd of most drafts. As many people have told me i need to start a blog of my own on football/fantasy football, but then that would put me at a disadvantage as one of my buddies drafts off of my information anyways(he lost to me in the finals last year) lol. Good luck this season!

    A fantasy football fanatic

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to post this comment! lots of great information in their! I agree with you that Matt Ryan is currently a bargain with how har down in the draft he is dropping. Using hindsight I likely would not have drafted Rivers where I drafted him, knowing that I would be able to grab Matt Ryan a few rounds later. Using what you said I would have ended up with Brown + Ryan vs. Decker + Rivers. Both are solid combos to me. Would love to see what some other people think about which duo they would prefer. Pettigrew is definitely going to be a great TE this year, I owned him last year in a few leagues, his main downfall was Tony Schefter but I don’t think that will be as big of a problem this season. When I drafted Gronk I saw him as such a match up nightmare and catches from Tom Brady that he is almost guaranteed to have another stellar season.

      — Koopafantasy

      • The only problem i have with Decker is…who is Adam Weber? Manning takes a knock on the neck and that guy has to step in? Then Deckers value drops passed say..Titus Young?…As for Gronk, the strong match up nightmare he is. They have so many weapons! I dont think his production will drop off that much, for example Gates has been doing it for years! I think the TD production of Gronk is gonna drop off and possibly a couple 100 yards. Will still be top 3 fantasy TE but worth a 2nd rd pick when you could get pettigrew late(or even take the chance on Coby Fleener and his chemistry with Luck even later, and draft another RB(not knocking Reggie). Just a thought! Maybe even risking taking Donald Brown for a bench spot(probably the RB with the most potential to have a true breakout year). Locking up maybe goodson(to handcuff injury prone RunDMC. I believe i am thinking about deeper leagues and starting to nod off towards some sleeper choices of mine. lol! hopeing to see more coments rom some people to see what they say!

  2. I think you got great value with your first 4 picks and did a good job developing a solid core for your team. On my own board I have MJD as 10, Gronk at 19, Nicks at 26 and Harvin at 38. I also see no problem with taking Rivers in the fifth round. While there are still good options later, locking up a good quarterback is worth while and will prove to be valuable.
    As for Matt Ryan, I have also noticed he is falling to the later rounds of drafts and this surprises me. I attribute this to his poor showing in the playoffs. He has continued to improve statistically each season and I believe he is poised to have a bit year statistically, along with Julio Jones.
    As for the Ryan + Brown vs Rivers + Decker arguement, I believe Ryan Brown to be the safer pick. However, if Manning pans out in Denver, Decker could prove to be an excellent pick.

    – LU Ironheads baby; the most feared fantasy competitor known to football.

    • I agree, i dont see a problem with taking rivers in the 5th, can just get the same a rd or 2 later in Ryan. but we have already argued that point lol. You also forgot about Meachum on his bench. He is Rivers #1(next to gates) and should have the best season of his career since he is no longer surrounded by all those weapons. Im staking on the fact that he will do exactly what V-jack did in SD(no im not saying he is as good as V-jack, but rivers will make him better)

  3. Yes. You ‘can’ get Ryan a round or two later. So could someone else and you miss out on an elite QB entirely… I’ll be grabbing mine within first 5 rounds

  4. Did a draft last night and ended up having to take Ryan in the 5th rd. There is no problem with taking your QB in the 5th but when you do the research and it happens over and over again then you have something good to go off of..granted they need to improve the mock drafting to include maybe certain stats and positions! but i doubt that will ever happen!

    • Ahhh the! “Experts” lol..first I love the fact that you put it in quotes..I can agree with them..except for the fact that I am so high on Ryan this year. The “experts” would steer away from brown cause of all the talks in steel town of the running game being more of a workhorse this year..I see it starting out that way..sure..but it won’t last..its Ben’s team…and they have nothing but unproven running backs..so I’m sticking with my guns…Ryan+brown will get you more fantasy points this season then decker+rivers..if I’m right then I wanna start my own column..if I’m wrong..well…I’m just joeshmo from nowhere town USA! Eh by the way..Happy 4th of July!

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