(GB) Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers showed why he has so much fantasy potential by rushing for a pair of TDs in the Packers 27-13 win over the Bengals.

(DET) Matt Stafford – Stafford injured his hand in the Lions preseason loss to the Raiders over the weekend. The injury does not appear serious but will need to be monitored.

(BAL) Joe Flacco – I have no interest in Flacco as a fantasy option, but I must admit that he looked good in the Ravens week-three preseason game. Flacco ended up with a full game stat line of 27/36 for 266 yards and 2 TD passes.

(SEA) Russell Wilson – Russell Wilson is the talk of the league after his extremely impressive performance Friday night against the Chiefs. Wilson completed 13/19 passes for 136 yards and 2 TDs, while adding 58 yards on only 2 rushing attempts.

(TEN) Jake Locker – He isn’t the most accurate passer, but Jake Locker sure can get the job done. Jake only completed 11/20 passes, but did so for 134 yards and 2 TDs. Locker doesn’t always look pretty but seems to have a way of getting things done. Locker could make the Titans season a little but more interesting.

(OAK) Carson Palmer – Palmer continues to struggle this preseason, adding 2 more INT while failing to throw a TD once again. I had thought Palmer could be a sleeper QB this season but am starting to have serious doubts.

Kolb / Skelton – Kolb and Slelton both sucked, again. Kolb saw much more action, if that is any indication of who is favoured to be the starter. Kolb completed 17/22 passes for 156 yards and a TD, but was also picked off twice and sacked. One of the INTs he threw the ball right into the defenders hands, who then returned it 31 yards for a TD.

(PIT) Antonio Brown – Brown had another great performance, this time going for over 100 yards and 2 TDs. He capped off a 98-yard drive with a 13-yard TD grab from Roethlisberger just before the half. Brown is moving up the draft boards each week he plays like this and Wallace doesn’t sign.

(BAL) Torrey Smith – Smith was one of the reasons Flacco looked so good, catching eight passes for 108 yards and a TD. I have been targeting Smith as a flex or bench player for every team that I draft, he will not be a sleeper for much longer.

(JAX) Justin Blackmon – Blackmon looked impressive once again catching four of Blaine Gabbert’s passes for a nice 72-yard total. Blackmon has impressed so far this off-season and is looking like a better and better choice as a late round selection.

(JAX) Rashad Jennings – Jennings looked solid once again, rushing the ball 13 times for 57 yards (4.4 ypc).

(GB) Cedric Benson – Benson is now a Packer and looked solid over the weekend. Benson took over for the Green Bay backfield and rushed the ball 6 times for 38, while adding a 10-yard reception.

(TEN) Kendall Wright – Rookie WR Kendall Wright looked pretty good playing with Locker, grabbing 4 passes for 44 yards including a TD.

(ARI) Ryan Williams – Ryan Williams continues to look good in preseason action, while I hear nothing but bad news about Beanie Wells. Williams gained 15 yards on only 3 carries while Wells was stuck with 12 yards on 6 carries. With each week I move Beanie down, and Williams up in my personal rankings of the two.

(ARI) Larry Fitzgerald – Despite another ugly showing from the Cardinal QBs, Larry was able to piece together a pretty good game, catching 5 passes for 91 yards. Poor Larry.

(NE) Stevan Ridley – Shane Vereen had been the NE RB who impressed the most in the first two preseason game, but it was Ridley who impressed in week three. The New England backfield isn’t the most appealing thing, but I do believe that it will be Stevan Ridley who takes over as the teams RB1 and plays the role of Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis from last 2-two seasons.

(WAS) Alfred Morris – The Redskins Rookie had a 100-yard game on 14 carries. The Redskins backfield is a hot mess and it looks like even the rookie is making his bid to be the team’s starter. Royster, Hightower, Helu, and now Morris… Avoid!


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