Word has come down today that Tennessee Titans 4th year WR Kenny Britt will only be given a 1-game suspension for his off-season troubles. Considering all the headlines that he made, none of them good, Britt is getting off pretty easy. This is obviously good news from a fantasy perspective, as Britt is known as a player with a world of potential but more than enough personality issues. I myself have fought tooth and nail to stay positive when rankings Kenny Britt, constantly convincing myself that Britt will still develop into one of the leagues elite wideouts.

Currently, his ADP across the main fantasy football draft sites ranges anywhere from 63 (early 6th round in a 12-team league) into the 100’s (10th round+). If I can get Kenny Britt onto my bench, I will never pass up the opportunity to do so.  I completely understand the volatility drafting Britt can bring to your roster, but when playing fantasy football you have to play to win, and drafting Kenny Britt in the late rounds of a draft can be the difference between making the playoffs, and winning the championship.

We all know that Britt missed almost all of the 2011-2012 season after blowing out his knee in week 3, but I don’t know how many people remember that in both of the 2 games before that he 100+ yards and a combined 3 TDs; Britt was on pace to be an elite WR. In the 2010-2011 season Britt only played 12 games but matched his rookie season catch total of 42, had 74 extra yards, but increased his TD count from 3 to 9! All Kenny Britt has to do is stay on the field for another 15 game season and I guarantee he is a top-10 WR in the NFL.

While we do know that Britt will not be playing 16 games, he still has the opportunity to play in 15. Reports out of Tennessee claim that he is looking great with his knee rehab, and will have one extra week to rest anyways with the suspension. If you are doing some drafting this weekend, which I assume most of you are with time running out fast, I recommend targeting Kenny Britt. I believe he will end the season with WR2 stats minimum.

Kenny Britt 2012-2013 Prediction: 1170 yards w/ 10 TDs

The news also affects Titans WRs Nate Washington who is coming off a very productive season as the teams WR1 (due to Britt’s injury) and rookie Kendall Wright whom is still looking like a good late round flier. Both WRs still have value in the later rounds, especially Washington, whom I expect to have another quality season; I think it takes another season before Kendall is making waves in the fantasy world. QB Jake Locker should also be excited that he now has a WR to work with that I believe has the physical potential of the leagues top WRs such as Calvin, Andre and Larry Fitzgerald.


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