Week 2 Sit ‘Em & Start ‘Em for the 2012-2013 Fantasy Football season by Koopafantasy.

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Start ‘Em: 

(KC) Matt Cassel – Matt Cassel will take on the Bills in week 2, the same Bills who allowed Mark Sanchez to throw 266 yards and 3 TDs, and make it look easy. The Bills will be back to the drawing board this week to try to fix things, but I think Cassel could be worth a start nonetheless.

(WAS) Alfred Morris – Morris is the talk of the Fantasy Football world this week, after his 96 yard, 2 TD effort against the Saints on Sunday. In week 2 Morris will face the Rams, always a promising matchup for RBs. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan is known for constantly changing up his RBs, but Morris’ week 1 performance should be enough to grant him another start / full workload in week 2.

(CIN) BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Green-Ellis surprised me over the weekend, not only by scoring a TD, but also by running for 91 yards with a 5.1 yard per carry average; the Law Firm looked good. In week 2 Ellis has a very favorable matchup against the Cleveland Brown and should be able to keep things rolling, start the Law Firm with confidence.

(NO) Lance Moore – I have been a fan of Lance Moore’s for a few seasons and am glad to see him maintaining a level of fantasy output. He has back-to-back 8 TD seasons and got things started off with another in week 1 against the Redskins, to go along with his 120 yards. I used to consider Moore a bye week filler and injury replacement, but am now thinking that he can be used safely on a weekly basis; another TD against the Panthers would not surprise me this coming weekend.

(DET) Titus Young – Young wasn’t used very much in the Lions matchup against the Rams, and was even taken off the field for a lengthy period of time due to a costly penalty that he drew (he head butted an opposing player). I could be taking a risk by suggesting you start a player that could be in his team’s doghouse, but I see to much talent and potential in Titus Young to think the team will take them out of the game plan, if even for one game. I don’t think the Lions will have much success running against the 49ers, so I am expecting more from Titus Young and Nate Burleson.

(CHI) Alshon Jeffery – I don’t expect Jeffery do have good yardage totals from week to week, but I do think he has a chance to grab a TD on any given week. Against a faulty Green Bay defense in week 2 I think Jeffery has a great chance to grab another TD.

(SD) Antonio Gates – Gates was a bit of a disappointment in week 1 and left the game for a short period of time due to an apparent hit to the ribs, but I still have faith in him for week 2 against the Titans. In week 1 the Titans allowed TDs to both Patriot TEs Gronkowski and Hernandez; I imagine Rivers will be looking to Gates quite a bit in this matchup.

Sit ‘Em:

(PHI) Michael Vick – Despite saving his fantasy day with a late TD, Vick was still awful on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. If Vick is going to struggle that much against the Browns in week 1, I have very little faith for him in week 2 against the Ravens. Vick is still a stud and a weekly starter, but this is one matchup I seriously think he might struggle, especially after seeing his performance last week.

(ATL) Michael Turner – Turner continued to look slow and extremely lackluster overall in the Falcons week 1 win over the Chiefs. I was hesitant to think that Turner will fall off this year, but after watching him against the Chiefs I was largely swayed; he looked terrible. I have Turner as an RB2 in one of my leagues but am looking for better option already. Welcome to the lineup Alfred Morris.

(ARZ) Beanie Wells – The New England Patriots run defense was stellar in week 1 and I wouldn’t want my RBs playing them anytime soon, let alone one as iffy as Beanie Wells. Wells and Ryan Williams had about 8 and 9 touches each last week respectively, but both had an YPC average of 2 or less. Stay away from both of these guys in week 2.

(PIT) Mike Wallace – Mike Wallace was able to have a decent fantasy outing in week 1 by grabbing a TD to go along with his 37 yards receiving. In week 2 against the Jets I think Wallace has similar, perhaps better yardage totals, but doesn’t grab a TD.

(NYJ) Stephen Hill – Stephen Hill is one of the week’s hottest waiver wire pickups, I myself have grabbed him in more than one league and stashed him on my bench; and that is where he will stay for week 2. I do not recommend starting Hill against a veteran Steelers defense if you picked him up.

(SD) Malcolm Floyd – Floyd certainly looked like the teams WR1 in the Chargers Monday Night game against the Raiders, and will likely be a very useful starter in weeks to come. I however still think Meachem is going to have a decent year as well and will have his own weeks like this; I see these guys trading off on production quite a bit. I am going to guess that Floyd does not catch a TD pass in back-to-back weeks just yet.

(WAS) Fred Davis – Davis only caught 2 passes for 38 yards on Sunday against the Saints, not what fantasy owners were looking for in a game that RGIII threw for 320 yards. It should be noted that Robert Griffin III rarely used his TEs in college, and the Redskins are reportedly tailoring their offence around RGIII. So really, one could argue that Fred Davis might not be a big part of the Redskins offence this year; you might want to find another starting TE.


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