In this short post I go over the Sit ‘em & Start ‘em picks that I made before the weekend.

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Start ‘em:

(TB) Josh Freeman vs. (OAK): – 18/30 248 yards 2TD, 5 rush 22 yards – Another solid effort from the young Buccaneers quarterback, Freeman was two yards short of having his 20thfantasy point in the game. Doug Martin absolutely decimated the Raiders defense, limiting the amount of throws Freeman was required to make, but he was still able to throw for a pair of touchdowns. Doug Main is currently the hottest running back in the league, I ma thinking they might need to plan around him more, forcing more from Freeman.

(HOU) Matt Schaub vs. (BUF): 19/27 268 yards 2TD – Schaub had a very similar game to Freeman, throwing for about 20 more yards, but rushing for 20 less. These are the types of matchups that I try to exploit from quarterback likes Schaub; he has much harder matchup next week vs. the Bears but has another good one after that against the Jaguars.

(BAL) Joe Flacco vs., (CLE): 15/24 153 yards TD – Flacco didn’t do a whole lot in this game as Ray Rice and backup running back Bernard Pierce each rushed for a touchdown while combining for 32 rush attempts compared to only 24 pass attempts from Flacco. I think I would be more comfortable owning Freeman or Schaub moving forward.

(CLE) Trent Richardson vs. (BAL): 25 carries 105 yards, 6 catches 31 yards – A solid 130 total yards from Richardson in the loss to the Ravens, unfortunately though no touchdown to top it off. Richardson also has some beatable matchups coming up against the Cowboys, Steelers and more so the Raiders.

(DET) Mikel Leshoure vs. (JAX): 16 rush 70 yards 3TD – Leshoure had a fantastic day, taking three of his 16 carries across the goal line for pay dirt and a monster fantasy day. The matchup against the Jaguars was a great one, but it seems as though the Lions do have a much more balanced offence now; backup RB Joique Bell was still able to add 73 yards on his 13 carries with a touchdown.

(PHI) DeSean Jackson vs. (NO): 3 catches 100 yards TD – a 77-yard touchdown catch gave Jackson all he needed for a good fantasy day. This is the kind of thing we have come to expect from Jackson; a lot of bad weeks with ones like this sprinkled in between. Jackson was one catch away from having only 23 yards on 2 catches.

(BUF) Stevie Johnson vs. (HOU): 3 catches 29 yards – Donald Jones ended up leading the Bills in targets with nine as they played from behind against the Texans. I had hoped despite being a little banged up the Bills would basically need a big game from Johnson, but that was not the case. The Bills were held to just three field goals.

(CAR) Greg Olsen vs. (WAS): 5 catches 48 yards – With LaFell not available, Olsen was the number two option for Newton, but was unable to cash in as Newton carried the ball himself for one of the Carolina touchdowns while DeAngelo Williams rushed for the other. Neither Steve Smith nor Olsen was particularly great in this game, but Smith was able to come up with his first touchdown catch of the season, hopefully the first of many.

(HOU) Owen Daniels vs. (BUF): 4 catches 62 yards – Daniels got things started off early with a 39-yard touchdown catch, and while he didn’t do much the rest of the game, his 12 point fantasy effort is his 4th in his last five starts. Daniels is looking like one of the best, at least the most consistent tight ends in football.

Sit ‘em:

(CLE) Brandon Weedon vs. (BAL): 20/37 176 yards, 2INT, 2 rush 11 yards – A another very rough game from the rookie Weedon, throwing for less than 200 yards despite 37 attempts, while adding a pair off interceptions. I don’t expect much more next week against the Cowboys, one of the toughest teams in the league against the pass.

(MIN) Christian Ponder vs. (SEA): 11/22 63 yards INT, 5 rush 23 yards – Ponder was outmatched by Russell Wilson on the weekend, with Wilson completing 16 of his 24 attempts, with three of them going for touchdowns. In the loss, the Vikings depended on Adrian Peterson to keep them alive, in which he tried his best, finishing the game with 182 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 17 carries.

(TEN) Chris Johnson vs. (CHI): 16 rush 144 yards TD, 2 Lost Fumbles – Johnson’s fantasy day was saved by a 80-yard touchdown run in a lost cause, when the touchdown was scored the Bears were already up by more than 30 points. Johnson was being shutdown until this point and did lose two fumbles, but it is nice to see him breaking big plays like this and against a defense like the Bears.

(IND) Donald Brown / Vick Ballard vs. (MIA): Ballard; 16 rush 60 yards, 3 catch 38 yards – Donald Brown suffered another injury early in the game after getting only one touch of the ball and was forced to leave the game while backup Vick Ballard got the rock 16 times but was only able to total 60 yards rushing, he did however add 38 yards in the air. If you can get a week or two of Ballard on his own, I would feel good about starting him as he seems to be capable of 100 yards when given the ball enough times.

(BUF) Fred Jackson / C.J. Spiller vs. (HOU): Jackson; 35 total yards / Spiller; 102 total yards – Both players got 6 carries but neither topped 40 yards rushing, Spiller however was able to have himself a pretty good day by catching 5 catches for 63 yards, giving him just over 100 yards all purpose. It is nice to see Spiller have a good game against such a stellar defense, but life would be easier if we knew who would get the bigger role each week. I still prefer to own Jackson.

(DAL) Miles Austin vs. (ATL): 7 catches 76 yards – Kevin Ogletree is back on the tongues of fantasy football owners as it was he who caught the lone Cowboys touchdown on Sunday night; Miles Austin, while more than doubling Ogletree’s targets (9-4) ended the game with just 76 yards. Miles should be able to do more next week against the Eagles.

(NYG) Hakeem Nicks vs. (PIT): 1 catch 10 yards – As someone who owns Eli Manning in more than one league I can tell you that the Giants passing game is not at the level it has been in the past. It also doesn’t help that Nicks doesn’t seem to be healthy still; how else to explain Cruz getting 11 targets while Nicks only has four, the same as TE Bennett. Nicks and the Giants do have some good matchups coming up however against the Bengals, Packers and Redskins.

(DET) Titus Young vs. (JAX): 2 catches 20 yards – As I predicted this game was all about the Detroit running game and Calvin Johnson. Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell combined for more than 140 yard rushing and four touchdowns, while Calvin added just under 130 yards in the air; in the end Young was left with just 20 catches for 20 yards.

(GB) Jermichael Finley vs. (ARZ): 1 catch 6 yard – Not really much to say here; Finley only had two targets in the game, catching one. Until Finley is healthy and more involved in the Packers game plan again, you need to look elsewhere to fill you starting line up.


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