Week 10 Sit ‘Em & Start ‘Em for the 2012-2013 Fantasy Football season by Koopafantasy.

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Start ‘em: 

(SD) Philip Rivers vs. (TB) – With only one 3-touchdown game on his resume so far this season, Rivers certainly is due for another. Without the super talented Vincent Jackson around it seems, as tough Rivers can’t just throw the ball up the way he did in the past few years. Rivers gets the Buccs this week, a team allowing much more of their yardage in the air than on the ground, hopefully this continues in week 10. I have given up on Meachem, but Rivers could still have another 3-touchdown game by throwing the ball to Floyd, Gates and his running backs; Ronnie Brown is proving to be one of the best running backs in the league catching the ball out of the backfield.

(BUF) Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. (NE) – I can almost guarantee that Fitzpatrick will be throwing the ball quite a bit as Tom Brady and company command the lead the majority of the game, and while Fitzpatrick loves to throw interception, he also loves to have the odd game where he puts up huge numbers; this could be one. I am also hoping that since he plays the Patriots a couple times a season he will be somewhat prepared for them.

Tannehill might not put up monster numbers, but has an excellent match up against the Titans

(MIA) Ryan Tannehill vs. (TEN) – Tannehill has a very nice matchup this weekend against the Titans, a team that has allowed 20 passing touchdowns so far this season. I don’t see a 3-touchdown game coming, since Tannehill doesn’t have one yet this year, but I can see him putting up 250+ with a pair of scores.

(NYG) Andre Brown vs. (CIN) – Brown already has six touchdowns this season and has a great chance to add to the total this weekend against the Bengals. Brown doesn’t get a lot of work between the 20’s, so there is always the chance that he gets shut out, but with touchdown runs in his last three straight games, I like his chances of making it four.

(IND) Vick Ballard vs. (JAX) – People were quick to drop Ballard after hearing that Donald Brown was coming back to the lineup, but a quick knee injury to Brown in week nine has Ballard back on my Start ‘em list already. Ballard and the Colts play on Thursday night against the Jaguars, a team that has been gashed by running backs all year long. Ballard has a chance for his best game of the season against Jaguars, going for 100+ and a touchdown.

After not getting a carry last weekend, Reece is looking like the Raiders starter for week ten

(OAK) Marcel Reece vs. (BAL) – Likely the most added guy off the waiver wire this week, don’t waste any time putting Reese in your lineup if you are questionable about one of your other starters. With both McFadden and Goodson out in week 10 it will be Reece getting most of the work. Reece is skilled as a pass-catcher as well as a running back so has great value in PPR leagues as well. The Ravens have struggled against the run all year, giving a guy without a carry in week 9 a great chance for a double-digit game in week 10.

(NE) Brandon Lloyd vs. (BUF) – I avoided Lloyd this year, expecting him to be a very up and down starter, such as DeSean Jackson, and I believe I was right. Lloyd is coming off a 2-catch, 2-touchdown game against the struggling Rams and has the chance to do something similar to the Bills; Lloyd has great hands and should be able to pull down at least one Tom Brady touchdown.

(DET) Titus Young vs. (MIN) – I made the right call last week by suggesting that you sit Titus Young (a decision I got some flack for). This weekend, I am plugging him right back in my lineup and expecting big things. If you take some time and look back and how #2 wide receivers have done against the Vikings, you will see that they almost always do well. As the Lions second option after Calvin Johnson, I love Young’s chances at a touchdown; start with confidence.

Gates has a chance to have his first 100-yard game of the season against the Buccaneers

(SD) Antonio Gates vs. (TB) – Without a single 100-yard game and only three touchdowns so far in 2012, Gates in not living up to expectations. However, I think that Gates has his second touchdown in as many games against the Buccaneers. The Buccs are much better against the run, so Rivers will be passing and hopefully looking or Gates, truly his best receiving option on the team.

(MIA) Anthony Fasano vs. (TEN) – The Titans have allowed more touchdowns this season than any other team, and Anthony Fasano is always a sleeper a t the tight end position. Fasano already has three touchdowns in 2012 and will be looking for number four against the Titans. As mentioned before I am expecting a pair of touchdowns from Tannehill, and I am expecting one of them to go to Fasano.

Sit ‘em:

Vick might put up Sit ’em worthy numbers against an aggressive Cowboys pass rush

(PHI) Michael Vick vs. (DAL) – Despite all the crap that Vick is taking in the media he is pretty up some solid fantasy numbers still, usually around 18 or so a week. Vick is very capable of putting up another 18 against the Cowboys, but he is also very capable of throwing some interceptions and giving up some fumbles.

(HOU) Matt Schaub vs. (CHI) – Schaub had a quality start in week 9 as part of the Start ‘em list but is now relegated to the Sit ‘em side of things. The Bears are the scariest team in football so far in 2012 if you ask me; they not a team I want to be throwing the ball against. I would expect the Texans to give the ball to Arian Foster as many times as possible.

(SD) Ryan Mathews vs. (TB) – With only one touchdown on the season, I do not like Mathews’ chances of scoring number two against the Buccs. Mathews’ saving grace in a match up like this before would have been his pass-catching ability, but that role seems to now belong to Ronnie Brown. I would not be surprised if Mathews was kept under 10 fantasy points once again.

As talented as Forte is he has a tough match up against a Texans team yet to allow a rushing touchdown

(CHI) Matt Forte vs. (HOU) – Forte is one of the best running backs in the league, but has an awful match up this weekend against the Texans, a team yet to allow a running back to rush for a touchdown. While I won’t sit someone like Forte for just anyone, I think I would consider benching him for running backs such as the ones featured on the Start ‘em side of the list.

(DAL) Felix Jones vs. (PHI) – Jones is a very hard running back to trust and the Eagles have only allowed four rushing touchdowns this ear so far. This could be a very good game for Tony Romo while Jones is left with 6-9 fantasy points.

(BAL) Torrey Smith vs. (OAK) – The Raiders have allowed 14 passing touchdowns, which does not support my claim that Smith will not be very good in week 10, but my guy tells me to include him. For some reason I feel as though Ray Rice will be able to add to the 10 rushing touchdowns the Raiders have allowed, while Joe Flacco throws for only, perhaps two touchdowns. I think Torrey either ends up with either 4 catches for 54 yards or 4 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown, my money is on the former.

Rice might not get many opportunities against the lowly Jets as Lynch runs all over them

(SEA) Sidney Rice vs. (NYJ) – The Seahawks should be able to run all over the Jets, one of the leagues worst teams against the run, which does not bode well for Sidney Rice and other Seattle wide receivers. There is also the chance the Rice spends much of the day being covered by Cromartie, something very few wide outs have enjoyed.

(IND) Coby Fleener vs. (JAX) – Colts tight end Fleener has had a very mellow season so far as he is yet to catch a touchdown, and the Jaguars have yet to allow a touchdown to a tight end; I know I would be looking elsewhere for a TE this week.


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