In this short post I go over the Sit ‘em & Start ‘em picks that I made before the weekend. I also go over players who had a breakout game and could be worth a waiver wie pickup.

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Start ‘em:

Rivers threw his second 3-TD game of the season and can hopefully be more consistent for fantasy owners the rest of the way.

(SD) Philip Rivers vs. (TB): 29/37 337 yards 3TD, 2INT – In a losing effort Rivers was able to come threw for fantasy owners by throwing just his second three touchdown game of the season. Until Rivers shows he can be more consistent he can still be considered somewhat of a matchup play in most standard leagues.

(BUF) Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. (NE): 27/40 337 yards 2TD, INT, 3 rush 12 yards – Another solid game from Fitzpatrick against the Patriots on the road. Most expected the Pats to have this game handily but that was not the case as they only won by 6, allowing the Bills to put up 31 points. Fitzpatrick will have another playable matchup at home next week against Miami.

(MIA) Ryan Tannehill vs. (TEN): 23/39 217 yards 3INT – The Dolphins got embarrassed by the Titans, going down big early and losing by an eventual score of 37-3. Tannehill failed to throw a touchdown while getting picked off three times. I can’t see myself feeling tempted to play Tannehill anytime soon no matter the matchup.

On just 7 carries Brown rushed for 65 yards and a TD and poses a real threat to Ahmad Bradshaw owners who didn’t handcuff their starter.

(NYG) Andre Brown vs. (CIN): 7 rushes 65 yards TD, 5 catches 29 yards – Another touchdown from Brown while Bradshaw fumbles another, things are getting ugly for Bradshaw owners. The Giants have been playing rather troublesome lately, highlighted by the 31-13 loss to the Bengals this weekend. Luckily, the team has a bye week coming to hopefully get some people rested and ready for the final stretch of the season. Unfortunately Bradshaw is the player I am still most worried about with Brown running so well.

(IND) Vick Ballard vs. (JAX): 12 rushes 48 yards, 2 catches 11 yards – Donald Brown just won’t let Ballard have a full role, gah! Ballard again had the better day of the two running backs once again, but had a disappointing game as quarterback Andrew Luck rushed for a pair of scores. The Colts RBs have a very tough matchup next weekend against the Patriots.

(OAK) Marcel Reese vs. (BAL): 13 rushes 48 yards, 7 catches 56 yards – Marcel saw tons of action in this game and was able to accumulate more than 100 yards as the Raiders got thrashed by the Ravens. Taiwan Jones was forgettable, and with McFadden out another week Reece could see himself starting in quite a few leagues again in week eleven.

(NE) Brandon Lloyd vs. (BUF): 5 catches 45 yards – Lloyd didn’t see the amount of work I had hoped he would this week, seeing only 6 targets, his largest only going for 12 yards. A pair of wide receivers on my Sit ‘em side of the list ended up having the kind of games I was hoping for from Lloyd.

Both Young and Johnson reeled in touchdown passes in the teams week ten loss to the Vikings.

(DET) Titus Young vs. (MIN): 4 catches 35 yards TD – Not much yardage from Young but cashed in for a touchdown giving him nine points and hopefully satisfying owners who started him.

(SD) Antonio Gates vs. (TB): 4 catches 57 yards TD – A first quarter touchdown and 11 total points from Gates, can’t complain about that. I think Gates sees a lot of work in the next couple weeks also as the Chargers don’t have any easy matchups.

(MIA) Anthony Fasano vs. (TEN): 1 catch 4 yards – Fasano only saw three targets in the game, despite the Dolphin being down the entire time, and by multiple scores most of it. Tennessee has allowed the most fantasy points to tight ends so the result is very disappointing, can’t see myself wanting to try to get a touchdown out of Fasano in the future.

Sit ‘em:

Vick left the game and Nick Foles is already reported to be getting the Eagles week eleven start against the Redskins.

(PHI) Michael Vick vs. (DAL): 6/9 70 yards TD – It was a good week to Sit Vick as he ended up leaving the game with an injury, allowing the rookie Nick Foles to see his first regular season action in the NFL. Week eleven will apparently see the first regular season start for Foles, and it will be a juicy one for him against the Redskins.

(HOU) Matt Schaub vs. (CHI): 14/26 95 yards TD, 2INT – The game was rough and low scoring as expected, and Matt Schaub ended up throwing for seven less yards than Arian Foster rushed for. Schaub will be better in the future but still don’t expect a whole lot from him as Foster is running at an elite level every week and Schaub usually only eve needs to throw for 200 yards a touchdown or two.

(SD) Ryan Mathews vs. (TB): 17 rushes 54 yards, 3 catches 22 yards – The rushing yardage total was as expected for how Mathews has been playing this year, and only 22 more to add in the passing game. The Broncos, Ravens and Bengals await the struggling running back in the next three weeks.

Forte couldn’t find any space to run against the Texans on Sunday night, rushing for less than 40 yards despite getting 16 attempts.

(CHI) Matt Forte vs. (HOU): 16 rushes 39 yards – The Texans defense was too much for Forte, keeping him under 3 yards per carry on 16 attempts. Forte is a stud though and shouldn’t be leaving your starting lineup again anytime soon.

(DAL) Felix Jones vs. (PHI): 16 rushes 71 yards, 3 catches 22 yards TD – Jones’ rushing total was in the range I expected but he was able to add a couple catches, one that went for a touchdown that is unfortunate for me. DeMarco is rumored to be possible for week eleven so Felix owners are going to have to pay attention to the situation.

Torrey Smith mad me pay once again for thinking I could predict when he will have a bad week; both Smith and QB Joe Flacco had big games.

(BAL) Torrey Smith vs. (OAK): 2 catches 67 yards 2TD – Between Torrey Smith and Sidney Rice, also on my Sit ‘em list, they caught four passes for four touchdown. Smith in particular has appeared on my Sit ‘em list twice if memory serves, and has had some of his better games both times. Torrey can be a very up and down receiver and it seems I can’t figure out when he is which.

(SEA) Sidney Rice vs. (NYJ): 2 catches 44 yards 2TD – Not only did Rice catch a touchdown from his quarterback Russell Wilson, but he also caught one from Golden Tate. This was just not my week for predicting bunk wide receivers; I apologize to everyone!

(IND) Coby Fleener vs. (JAX): Inactive 


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