In this short post I go over the Sit ‘em & Start ‘em picks that I made before the weekend. I also go over players who had a breakout game and could be worth a waiver wie pickup.

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Start em: 

After another three touchdown game, including one with his legs, Dalton is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league.

(CIN) Andy Dalton vs. (KC): 18/29 230 yards 2TD, 3 rush 13 yards TD – Another great performance from Andy Dalton, not only in the fantasy aspect as well, leading his team to a convincing 28-6 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. I have Dalton as a backup in two of my leagues and might be using him as a starter more often than not the rest of the season.

(IND) Andrew Luck vs. (NE): 27/50 334 yards 2TD, 3INT, Lost Fumble – A trio of interceptions took some of Luck’s value away but he was still able to put up some solid numbers away from home. Luck has some more enticing matchups coming up against the Bills, Lions and Titans.

(BUF) C.J. Spiller vs. (MIA): 22 rush 91 yards, 3 catches 39 yards – Didn’t have the monster game I had thought he might put up, but I can’t complain about 130 total yards; a touchdown and it would have been a much better story. If Jackson is out again in week twelve, Spiller will have an even better matchup against the Colts.

(STL) Steven Jackson vs. (NYJ): 13 rush 81 yards, 2 catches 5 yards – A very impressive 81 rush yards on 13 attempts, but unfortunately he only got 13 attempts! Richardson was no a big problem as he only got 6 carries, the main reason the carries were so limited was because the Rams somehow ell behind early to the Jets and couldn’t catch up.

Reece nearly doubled his effort from last week and is viable as a fantasy starter as long as Run DMC remains out.

(OAK) Marcel Reece vs. (NO): 19 carries 103 yards, 4 catches 90 yards – Reece is looking like a quality starter as long as Darren McFadden is out. With 193 total yards against the Saints, Reece was a touchdown away from having a monster performance. As long as Reece is the starting RB I keep finding room for him on my starting roster.

(PHI) Jeremy Maclin vs. (WAS): 0 catches – No catches on just three targets, Sunday was more than just a little disappointing for Maclin owners, or the owners of any Eagle receiver. Nick Foles struggled mightily in his first NFL start, completing just 21 of his 46 passes with two interceptions. I’m believe Foles will be getting the start again next week so I don’t think I will be starting any Philly wideout or tight end.

(NO) Lance Moore vs. (OAK): 2 catches 53 yards 2TD – Lance is often called indoor Lance Moore for his penchant for having great games indoors and bad games outdoor. That was not the case though this week as the underrated and personal favorite of mine caught a pair of passes for 53 yards, both of them touchdowns. I admit that Moore is hard to trust week to week but is a player to throw into your lineup on matchups against soft pass defenses like the Raiders.

Denario Alexander could be a key pickup in making a final push for the fantasy playoffs.

(SD) Danario Alexander vs. (DEN): 7 catches 96 yards 2TD – Danario had another stellar game, catching both of Philip Rivers touchdown passes in the loss to Denver. Alexander also had a team high 11 targets in the game while teammates Floyd and Gates only had 6 and 4 respectively. Alexander is the Charger wideout to start going forward and could be one of the best pickups going into the final weeks of the fantasy season.

(CIN) Jermaine Gresham vs. (KC): 6 catches 69 yards – Nothing special from Gresham, but his 6 catches does make it a nice PPR tally. With so many tight ends playing poorly (Davis, Gates, Finley) and others injured (Gronk, Hernandez), I believe Gresham to be one of the most consistent in the league and playing with a quarterback as hot as any.


Sit em:

(BAL) Joe Flacco vs. (PIT): 20/32 164 yards – The Ravens pulled off a close, low scoring win of Steelers who were commandeered by Byron Leftwich, whom also suffered an injury in the game that he played through but will keep him out next week. Anyways, Flacco didn’t need to do a whole lot in the win, throwing for just 164 yards on 20 completions, most of them to Anquan Boldin for short yardage. Flacco has the Chargers next week then gets the Steelers again before playing on the road (where he notoriously sucks) against the Redskins (who give up tons of points to quarterbacks).

Freeman added a third touchdown in overtime giving him another stellar fantasy tally.

(TB) Josh Freeman vs. (CAR): 25/46 248 yards 3TD, 2INT, 3 rush 27 yards – Freeman already had a pretty solid game before the game was sent into OT and he threw the game winning touchdown to Vincent Jackson, giving him another great fantasy result. Freeman, like Dalton, is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league right now and has the luxury of playing the New Orleans Saints in week 15.

(ATL) Michael Turner vs. (ARZ) 15 rushes 46 yards TD – Just as I drop Turner for Steven Jackson in one league (you only start one RB so the waiver wire is RB heavy) he finally crosses the goal line. As much as this perturbed me I still won’t be rushing back to the waiver wire to grab him, he has been to disappointing all season long for a 46-yard game with a score to change things.


McGahee is likely out for the remainder of the fantasy football season after suffering a leg injury in this past weekend.

(DEN) Willis McGahee vs. (SD) 7 rush 55 yards, 1 catch 18 yards – McGahee suffered a leg fracture in the Broncos win over the Chargers, an injury that will likely take him out for the remainder of the FANTASY season. Unless reports come out soon that he might be back for weeks 15 or 16, McGahee needs to be replaced. Backup Ronnie Hillman is the obvious candidate but depending on your league players like Parmele, Wells, Benson and Reece could be available to help you out.

(JAX) Rashad Jennings vs. (HOU) – After a few consecutive weeks of mediocrity, Jennings was benched by the Jaguars in favor of Jalen Parmele in week eleven. So, yeah, you can send Jennings to the waiver wire now if you hadn’t already.

Alex Smith enjoyed targeting Crabtree, who might not be as reliable with Kaepernick at quarterback.

(SF) Michael Crabtree vs. (CHI) 3 catches 31 yards – With Alex Smith out for the week backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick got the nod for the ‘49ers, and looked very impressive in his debut. Kaepernick threw for 243 yards and a pair of touchdowns, but looked primarily at tight end Vernon Davis, recipient of 6 catches for 86 yards and a score. It is unclear who will get the start for the ‘49ers in week 12 but this result makes me think that Kaepernick starting will help Davis out while Smith coming back helps Crabtree.

(BAL) Anquan Boldin vs. (PIT) 8 catches 79 yards – No touchdown but a pretty solid 79 yards for Boldin on 8 catches, so if he was a much better play in PPR leagues. Boldin is obviously a much better starter in PPR leagues but still has some value in standard scoring. He is still a great route runner and helps the Ravens move the ball on long drives.

(SD) Malcolm Floyd vs. (DEN) 4 catches 67 yards – With Danario Alexander acting as the new Vincent Jackson I don’t know that Floyd will be as effective as he has been (which wasn’t that effective in the first place) going forward. Still though, there is the potential that teams will begin to focus more on Alexander, allowing Floyd to get open easier; might be worth keeping if you can.


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