In this short post I go over the Sit ‘em & Start ‘em picks that I made before the weekend. I also go over players who had a breakout game and could be worth a waiver wire pickup.

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Start ‘em:

With the bye behind him and a great game against the Packers in the books, Eli should be ready to lead your fantasy team into the playoffs.

(NYG) Eli Manning vs. (GB): 16/30 249 yards 3TD, 2 rushes 12 yards – Manning and the Giants dominated the Packers on Sunday night, scoring 31 first half points. Manning through three touchdown passes to go with his 261 total yards for what was finally a good fantasy outing from the Giants leader. The Giants have an even better matchup next weekend against the Redskins in what is a must start for Eli.

(SEA) Russell Wilson vs. (MIA) 21/27 224 yards 2TD, 5 rushes 38 yards – A pretty solid effort from Wilson once again, putting up good numbers with his arm to go with 38 more yards on the ground to help out; I believe it was actually his best fantasy effort on the road. I like having Russell

(SF) Colin Kaepernick vs. (NO) 16/25 251 yards TD, INT, 6 rushes 27 yards TD – Kaepernick got the nod for the ‘49ers and will get the start for the rest of the season barring an injury from the sounds of it. In a juicy matchup against the Saints Kaepernick did not disappoint, accounting for 278 total yards with a pair of touchdowns, one with his legs. Kaepernick is definitely a guy to get off the waiver wire if still available and should provide a good start in certain matchups.

(JAX) Jalen Parmele vs. (TEN) 8 rush 45 yards, 1 catch 7 yards – Parmele was off to a nice start with more than 50 total yards before leaving the game with an injury. In his place Rashad Jennings got the carries and scored a touchdown; damn.

With more than 130 yards and a touchdown on the day, Vereen was even better than I expected on the Thursday night.

(NE) Shane Vereen vs. (NYJ) 10 rushes 42 yards, 2 catches 91 yards TD – Vereen was one of my best calls this week, taking a catch for more than 80 yards for a score. I don’t see him being a very valuable start in too man matchups the rest of the season but sure was dynamite for anyone who started him this week.

(NO) Darren Sproles vs. (SF) 7 catches 65 yards – Sproles did almost nothing until the fourth quarter when Drew Brees through to him a few times as the Saints tried to catch up to the ‘49ers. Sproles stat line would have been alright in a PPR league but was no better than a mediocre flex play unfortunately this week.

(NYG) Hakeem Nicks vs. (GB): 5 catches 77 yards TD – Nicks had his first touchdown of the season since week two, and has another great opportunity for another next weekend against Washington. Like Eli, get Nicks back in your lineup if you didn’t already this past weekend.

(DET) Ryan Broyles vs. (HOU) 6 catches 126 yards – Broyles had a very nice day going for 126 yards in the controversial (the rule is terrible) loss to the Texans. Broyles didn’t have the touchdown that would have put him over the top but still impressed me. Titus Young might have some competition for the number two receiver spot the rest of the season.

With four touchdowns in his last three games and a target like A.J. Green across the field, Sanu looks like a great addition to any fantasy squad.

(CIN) Mohammed Sanu vs. (OAK) 5 catches 29 yards 2TD – Sanu continues to score touchdowns, being short-range version of Josh Gordon from earlier this season. I think he might have cemented himself as the number two wide receiver behind A.J. Green and has another very nice matchup next week against the Chargers; I know I will be tempted to keep him in my lineups.

(JAX) Justin Blackmon vs. (TEN) 5 catches 62 yards TD, 1 rush 12 yards – Blackmon had his second straight week and looks to be a serious fantasy threat now that the Jaguars have gone with the former Dolphin Chad Henne as their starting quarterback. Cecil Shorts is also playing at a very high level; so Blackmon is not the only wideout defenses have to account for. I was hesitant to invest in Blackmon after just one big game but am now thinking he might be able to help people make the playoffs.

Sit ‘em:

(HOU) Matt Schaub vs. (DET): 29/48 315 yards TD, INT – Schaub had an alright day throwing for more than 300 yards but with only one touchdown and an interception to go with it, there was definitely something left to be desired. Obviously not a terrible day but nowhere close to what he did the week before.

Leshoure ended up with a solid game due to an early touchdown, but the Texans defence still showed why it has been so dominant this season.

(DET) Mikel Leshoure vs. (HOU): 12 rushes 32 yards TD – An early touchdown, the first rushing touchdown of the year allowed by the Texans gave Leshoure two thirds of his total points as he only ran for 32 yards the entire game. Houston defence has been solid all year against the run and this just showcases that, despite a first uarter touchdown, Leshoure still couldn’t get 10 fantasy points.

(MIA) Reggie Bush vs. (SEA): 14 rushes 87 yards TD, 1 catch -5 yards – Much to the my delight as a Dolphins fan, Bush actually had a good game against the Seahawks after having a terrible game against the Bills; figure that out. Reggie is a hard man to figure out but a solid game against the Seahawks is definitely a sign of improvement over his play the few weeks before.

(NYJ) Shonn Greene / Bilal Powell vs. (NE): 14 rushes 70 yards 1 catch 9 yards, Lost Fumble / 12 rushes 40 yards TD, 2 catches 13 yards – Green had a crap day with only 79 total yards to go along with his lost fumble, but Powell on the other hand was actually a good start option with his 53 yards and a touchdown. I wouldn’t be looking to start either Jets running back but would rather have Powell at this point; I have never thought Greene to be a very good running back.

Even with Gronkowski out Lloyd was almost invisible in the Patriots 59-point effort; he just might be waiver wire material.

(NE) Brandon Lloyd vs. (NYJ): 3 catches 26 yards – Lloyd is almost droppable to me at this point; even with Gronkowski out the Patriots don’t seem to need to include Lloyd in the playbook to much. Lloyd does what the Patriots need him to do by luring defenses downfield while seeing about 5-7 targets per game. He plays his role very well, but it not getting enough action to warrant any fantasy starts.

In just his second healthy start of the season Garcon had his second solid fantasy performance and looks ready to help the Redskins and his owners make a run for the playoffs.

(WAS) Pierre Garcon vs. (DAL) 5 catches 93 yards TD – Garcon had a great game against Dallas, catching jut one of the four touchdowns that RGIII threw. With such a dynamic quarterback getting him the ball and such a explosive skill set, Garcon is worthy of sticking back in the fantasy lineup, even if it is a week late. In only two real games this season, Garcon has two excellent results.

(CLE) Josh Gordon vs. (PIT) 4 catches 60 yards – Another week without a touchdown for Gordon. He does have a much better matchup this coming week against the Raiders, but still might not be worth a fantasy start if quarterback Brandon Weedon is out, which he just might be.  I would definitely drop Gordon for Sanu if given the chance going into the final couple weeks.

(OAK) Darrius Heyward-Bey vs. (CIN) 0 catches – No catches on just four targets, wasn’t much going on for DHB on Sunday afternoon; there wasn’t really a whole lot going right for the Raiders in general on Sunday as they were dismantled by the Bengals. I still see value in DHB going forward though as the Raiders look terrible and will be playing from behind.


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