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The league is 12-team, Standard Scoring with Standard Roster Size plus a WR/RB/TE Flex.

Two rules I believe in for 2013 Fantasy Drafts:

Get quality Running Backs early.

WAIT on quarterback.       

So I drafted my first REAL Fantasy Football team of the season today. Early? Yes. I will be drafting all of my other leagues as close to the start of the season as possible to make sure no one I draft gets hurt playing in a preseason game. For anyone who drafted early and took Dustin Keller as your TE you aren’t to happy at the moment for example. I only draft one team early each year so I can write an article like this, so let’s get to it.

I get first pick overall, damn.

Some people really like having the first overall pick so they can take whoever they want, or take the concenus number one pick, this year being Adrian Peterson. While the odds that the player taken first overall is going to end up as the highest scoring player (outside quarterbacks) are very slim. But are you going to go select someone who didn’t almost just set an NFL record for yardage in a season and is going to see a massive workload again? Neither am I. Welcome to the team Adrian Peterson.

I Draft RB Adrian Peterson (MIN) First Overall

How can you go against the guy who just came 9 yards short of an NFL record?

How can you go against the guy who just came 9 yards short of an NFL record?

By the time the draft rolls back to me 24 picks later you can imagine how much RB depth is gone. Almost the entire first round is RBs along with Calvin Johnson, the second round is a few elite WRs, more high end RBs, and Aaron Rodgers. I was thinking that I want to take my second RB and a very high end WR with my swing picks. As my pick approaches I am looking at Reggie Bush as the RB to target and Brandon Marshall as the best WR left.

The person before me selects Reggie Bush, damn again.

I select Marshall knowing I want him as my WR1, but am unsure what to do now with my second pick. Bush is gone and I don’t like the RBs I am looking at as much as I do Bush. I am looking at Frank Gore, Lamar Miller, David Wilson and Darren Sproles. My either thought is to take another high end WR such as Julio Jones, Roddy White and Andre Johnson. Despite the fact that all three of those WRs will be better players than Frank Gore, the quality of WRs that I can draft later in the draft will be much better than what will be available for RBs.

I Draft WR Brandon Marshall (CHI) 24th Overall

I Draft RB Frank Gore (SF) 25th Overall

The ceiling isn't very high with Gore, but the floor isn't very low either.

The ceiling isn’t very high with Gore, but the floor isn’t very low either.

Once again I sit back and watch as 23 more players before I get to make my next selections, but it at least gives me time to look ahead and see what players that I like that might still be available. After my selection, rounds three and four are filled with WR and QB selections, with a huge run of QBs coming in the 4th. Griffin, Stafford, Kaepernick, Brady and Ryan are all selected. At this point I have no interest in drafting a QB as I know I can get great value pick somewhere along the line. I have my two starting RBs selected but since we have a W/R/T slot I could draft one more. But as I mentioned earlier the depth of RB at this point in the draft is not worth it to me so I decide to take a pair of WRs. The four WRs I am looking at are Pierre Garcon, Eric Decker, Antonio Brown, Wes Welker and DeSean Jackson.

I Draft WR Pierre Garcon (WAS) 48th Overall

I Draft WR Antonio Brown (PIT) 49th Overall

Brown could be the man in Pittsburgh with Mike Wallace out of town and a questionable running game.

Brown could be the man in Pittsburgh with Mike Wallace out of town and a questionable running game.

They may not be the biggest names of the five guys I listed, but they have the highest potential to me. Welker and Decker are fighting each other for targets and Jackson is a boom or bust guy that I usually avoid (thought I do like him more this year). Garcon showed flashes of excellence when healthy and should be a favourite target of RGIII while Brown is now the WR1 in Pittsburgh and could have huge year.

Now the picks start getting really tricky. The draft comes back around to me at the end of the 6th round and I have my starting two RBs and three WRs already. I still need a QB, a TE and a flex spot player. I prefer to play an RB in my flex spot if I can, as they are more consistent. Names like Mike Williams, Josh Gordon, Anquan Boldin and Vincent Brown certainly can be useful players, but also have many off weeks. I decide I want to take a running back and take Chris Ivory of the New York Jets. He had a great yards-per-carry average as a Saint and could be very effective in the Jets offence. The biggest risk with Ivory is his massive injury history, which is why I drafted his running mate with a late round draft pick. Just before it came to me I watched Andrew Luck get drafted, leaving just Tony Romo and Eli Manning as the two QBs left that I would draft as starters; Tony has Dez.

I Draft RB Chris Ivory (NYJ) 72nd Overall

I Draft QB Tony Romo (DAL) 73rd Overall

Besides my TE, K and DEF, I have my entire starting lineup set and can start thinking about drafting backups and sleepers. With the complete lack of high end talent at TE this year, I was not worried about drafting one with my next picks, but after seeing Jermichael Finley approach and reasoning in my head that he could have a bounce back year; (he did had 767 and 8 touchdowns in 2011) I make my mind up on him for the position. Also, top-5 running back Arian Foster is yet to practice and is coming off of a huge workload from 2012. If Foster can’t play to start the season or misses time during the year at any point, Ben Tate will be a must start.

I Draft RB Ben Tate (HOU) 96th Overall

I Draft TE Jermichael Finley (GB) 97th Overall

Okay now to speed things up and finish off this wordy article.

I am now looking for backups and sleepers exclusively and when the draft comes back around to me a see a pair of sleepers that I love and could be explosive players this year. Detroit Lion receiver Ryan Broyles could see a large amount of work working opposite Calvin Johnson and Kenbrell Thompkins is having an amazing camp in New England and could be a favourite of Tom Brady.

I Draft WR Ryan Broyles (DET) 120th Overall

I Draft WR Kenbrell Thompkins 121st Overall

Reports are gushing about this rookie and his relationship with Tom Brady already.

Tom Brady is known for creating something out of nothing.

I have three good starting WRs and now have a pair of bench receivers that could have breakout years; now to look at some bench RBs. Mark Ingram has been very underwhelming as a Saint while Darren Sproles is more of a pass-catcher than a running back while Chis Ivory is now a Jet. Why don’t the Saints use Pierre Thomas More? Maybe they will this year. Ryan Mathews, you are not that good and you get hurt way too much, I am drafting the guy behind you.

I Draft RB Pierre Thomas (NWO) 144th Overall

I Draft RB Danny Woodhead (SD) 145th Overall

I have room for one more player on my bench, and Bilal Powell is still on the board. Powell is the backup to Chris Ivory whom I already drafted and has a VERY lengthy injury history. I look at week one matchups and see that the top ranked DEF is St. Louis and they play Arizona in week one,

I Draft RB Bilal Powell (NYJ) 168th Overall

I Draft DEF St. Louis Rams 169th Overall

Time to draft Mr. Irrelevant, and I take some real gold! I figure the offence he works in will be productive but not effective enough so that they might get stuck in the red zone quite a bit.

I Draft K Robbie Gould (CHI) 192nd Overall

The Draft is over, My Team:

QB Tony Romo (DAL)

Rb Adrian Peterson (MIN)

RB Frank Gore (SF)

WR Brandon Marshall (WR)

WR Pierre Garcon (WR)

WR Antonio Brown (PIT)

TE Jermichael Finley (GB)

W/R/T Chris Ivory (NYJ)

K Robbie Gould (CHI)


BNCH RB Ben Tate (HOU)

BNCH WR Ryan Broyles (DET)

BNCH WR Kenbrell Thomkpins (NE)

BNCH RB Pierre Thomas (NWO)

BNCH RB Danny Woodhead (SD)

BNCH RB Bilal Powell (NYJ)

Well guys, I hope you have enjoyed the article and that it might help you in your own draft even if just a little. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Twitter!


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