My Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week One (1) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5 @ New York Jets –

The Jets are going to be a very bad team this year and the Buccaneers could be either a playoff team or a disappointment once again. Both teams lack a great quarterback, but I prefer Josh Freeman to Geno Smith and Doug Martin is head and shoulders above anything the Jets backfield offers. The only chance the Jets have of covering the spread is playing some great week one defence, I don’t see it happening; Tampa Bay -3.5.

Seattle Seahawks -4.0 @ Carolina Panthers –

These two teams played in week four of last season with the Seahawks earning a –point road win; exactly what the line is currently set to for Sunday afternoon’s game. I am expecting the 2013 version of this game to be a bit more one sided with the Seahawks asserting themselves as a team to beat for the Super Bowl early. The have the most stacked roster in the NFL, with high quality players at almost every level of the offence and defence. The Seahawks come to Carolina and win by a touchdown; Seahawks -4.

Kansas City Chiefs -4.0 @ Jacksonville Jaguars –      

If you look up and down the Chiefs roster you might notice they actually have quite a few really good players including a few pro bowlers; despite this they only won 2 games last year. In 2013 however, the Chiefs have a new quarterback in Alex Smith (I don’t completely trust him but he is still an upgrade) who should be able to give them at least a capable aerial attack while Jamaal Charles does his work on the ground. If Chad Henne was starting for the Jaguars I might also avoid this game, but Gabbert is starting, Yay; Kansas City -4.0.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears -3.0 –

The Bengals and Bears are both teams with playoff potential; the Bears in particular were great last year before losing key players to injuries and falling apart. The Bengals have a solid defence but obviously so do the Bears, but the Bengals don’t have the same weapons on offence that are available to Chicago. I think Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and the rest of the Bears will play hard and tough at home in week one, earning the win and covering the spread; Chicago -4.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -3.5 –

Eli Manning how somehow never lost to the Cowboys when playing is Dallas, which is the case this weekend. Despite this stat, I am going to bet on what I think is the much better team at the moment. The Cowboys have healthier players at the moment, and Tony Romo who has looked great so far in limited preseason work.  The Giants on the other hand are filled with injuries, including to marquee receivers Cruz and Nicks. Elite pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul is also questionable for the weekend game while running back Andre Brown broke his leg and is gone for a few weeks. I am putting my money on the hometown Cowboys as they begin what could be a very good year for them; Cowboys -3.5.


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