I went 3/4 with a push on the 5th game in my first week, not bad I suppose but no money won, for now.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5 @ New York Jets: TB 17 – 18 NYJ – Gah! The first game listed on these articles are going to be the game I am the most confident in, so it figures that it is the only game I am wrong on. The Buccaneers found a way to play a much better game than the Jets yet still lose in the final moments due to a last second penalty putting the Jets in field goal range.

Seattle Seahawks -4.0 @ Carolina Panthers: SEA 12 – 7 – I believe I wrote and released the original picks article last week on Wednesday or Thursday I believe. I think that from now I am going to wait until Friday to release the article to give more time for the lines to set. By the time I went to the store on Saturday to make my proline tickets the spread had moved to -4.5 for the Seahawks, which they were just able to cover in a 12-7 win.

Kansas City Chiefs -4.0 @ Jacksonville Jaguars: KC 28 – 3 JAC – The Chiefs rolled over the Jaguars in week one, scoring first and allowing the Jaguars only 2 points on the day. With Justin Blackmon not in the lineup Cecil Shorts ends up well covered and Blaine Gabbert only completes 16/35 passes for 121 yards and two interceptions. As for the Chiefs, it bodes well that Alex Smith looked comfortable and Jamaal Charles was able to return after an injury scare. I don’t trust the Chiefs to be this efficient every week but they should be able to beat bad teams like the Jaguars.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears -3.0: CIN 21 – 24 CHI – The Bears had me worried early, down by a pair of touchdowns from A.J. Green. But it the second half the hometown Bears did what they needed to and played excellent defence while the offence put together some nice drives. When Cutler and Forte are both healthy and the defence is forcing turnovers, this is one very hard team to beat.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -3.5: NYG 31 – 36 DAL – Another very interesting game. Despite the Giants turning the ball over on each of their first three drives I believe, the Cowboys barely had a lead. Dallas was able to finally blow things open a bit in the second half with a fumble return and a second touchdown from Witten before the Giants made a late push that fell short. My biggest complain about the Cowboys was the lack of Dez Bryant production! It is going to be interesting see the line for Dallas and Kansas City next week.

Week Two (2) Picks to be posted Friday.


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