My Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Two (2) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

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Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens -6.5 –

The Ravens are going to take out all of their frustrations from last Thursday out on the Cleveland Browns this weekend when the Browns come to Baltimore. Baltimore is a well-coached team that still has a few veteran leaders such as Terrell Suggs, and they will have spent their entire 10 days off figuring out how to embarrass the Browns similar to how the Broncos did them. Despite what you saw from the Broncos last week they are still a top team in the league and am I expecting them to beat the Browns by a pair of touchdowns. Ravens -6.5.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears -6.5 –     

Whenever the Bears have had both Cutler and Forte healthy in recent seasons they have been a very tough team to beat, they were 7-2 last year before injuries had them playing without both players at times and out of the playoffs. Another reason I really like the Bears in this one is turnovers, they have a knack for forcing them and Ponder likes to give them. I think the Bears offence scores close to 30 points again while keeping the Vikings in the teens. Adrian Peterson will need 200 yards for the Vikings to win this one. Bears -6.5

Washington Redskins +7.5 @ Green Bay Packers –

While I do think the Packers are going to take this one at home, I also think we see more of the 4th quarter Robert Griffin from last week and have a close, exciting game. Even if the Packers do have a two-touchdown lead at some point, the Washington offence has the potential to close the gap fast and cover the spread. Both teams are trying to avoid going 0-2, I just think that playing at home will give the Packers an edge and they will win a 3-4 point game. Washington +7.5.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals -6.5 –

The Steelers struggled last week against the Titans and lost star centre Maurkice Pouncey to an injury; ouch. The Bengals are also a better team than the Steelers and will be playing at home, whereas Tennessee was on the road. The Steelers are hurt and old, while the Bengals are young and hungry. Not only do I think the Bengals will be able to score multiple touchdowns, their solid defence will make it very hard for the Steelers to keep up. Bengals -6.5.

Carolina Panthers -2.5 @ Buffalo Bills –

The Panthers played the Seattle Seahawks pretty close last week only allowing 12 points, but only scored 7 points. This week I think Cam Newton and the Panthers work the Bills defence for their first win of the season while the defence continues to play. As soon as I saw the matchup I had the Panthers winning, and was surprised to see just a 2.5 point spread, perhaps because of how close the Bills played the Patriots last week. If the Panthers lose this one there is going to be some serious talks with how that team is run and perhaps some people being fired sooner rather than later. Panthers -2.5.


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