Recapping my Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Two (2) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

Week One Result: 3-1-1

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Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens -6.5: BAL 14 – 8 CLE – WIN

Well it may not have been the stomping that I envisioned from the Raiders, but they still covered the spread nonetheless. Obviously I am happy that the Ravens covered, but I don’t feel very confident in taking the Ravens in any big spreads anytime soon. Something tells me the Ravens could be in a lot of close games moving forward.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears -6.5: CHI 31 – MIN 30 – LOSS

Of not for a kickoff return touchdown and a fumble return for a touchdown, the Bears would have easily covered this spead. But, the Bears did allow a kick return and a fumble to be returned for a score, keeping this game much closer than it should have been. While yes, The Bears didn’t cover the spread; they were the much better team and overall played as though they should have covered the spread. I still think Chicago is one of the toughest teams in the league and is going to fight Green Bay for that division title.

Washington Redskins +7.5 @ Green Bay Packers: GB 38 – 20 WAS – LOSS

The Packers looked unstoppable at home while Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin continued to struggle. While his stat line of over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns looks pretty good, he struggled early in the game again while the Packers ran away with the game. I thought given the 8 points allotted that Washington could cover, but the offence continues to struggle and the defence sucks.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals -6.5: CIN 20 – 10 PIT – WIN

Things went pretty much according the plan on Monday night between the Bengals and Steelers. The Bengals looked good at times while struggling at others but in the end scored a pair of touchdowns, while the Steelers could only manange one, once again. The two teams often play close games and this one looked as though it was going to be no different, but the Steelers roster is just to banged up to keep up with the young Bengals.

Carolina Panthers -2.5 @ Buffalo Bills: BUF 21 – 20 CAR – LOSS

On Friday when I wrote the original article my dad soon commented on the article that he “liked Buffalo at home!”  Well dad, I should have listened. The Panthers dropped to 0-2 while the Bills, led by first round draft choice E.J. Manuel get to 1-1 (The AFC East has 6 wins, who woulda thunk). Manuel is looking like a solid rookie quarterback while the Bills running game is obviously no joke. I don’t think the Bills are going to be a .500 team but I do think they will win more games than most people originally thought and will be a tougher out than opponents expected.

Week Two Result: 2-3

Overall Total: 5-4-1

Final thought: I certainly didn’t have the best week by going 2-3 but I do feel as though I learned a deal  more about many teams that should help in future weeks. I also have heard a lot of talk in the last two days on sports radio about how close many games this week were and that the NFL has more parity than ever. While I think that this may be true, it may also have just been football, where anything can happen on any given week. Here’s to hitting my stride in week three!


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