My Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Four (4) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

Go With Your Gut!

7-7-1 Through Three (3) Weeks.

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Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills +3.5 

Since being blown out of the stadium by the Denver Broncos in week one, the Ravens have not allowed a touchdown and 16 total points to the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. This week the Ravens will get the Bills offence led by a rookie quarterback and a defence that is greatly struggling which should bode well for a Ravens team that is now starting to figure itself out. Ravens -3.5.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions -2.5  

The Bears might not be the scariest of the 3-0 teams left in the league and they have again benefitted from a number of turnovers in getting those wins, but I still think they can beat an undisciplined Detroit team. The Lions struggled to keep Washington at bay last weekend, which also doesn’t bode well for a match up against the tough Bears.  The Lions usually have a tough enough time winning back to back games let alone three in a row, and I also think Chicago is just a better skilled and coached team that will win this game. Bears +2.5. 

New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs -4.5

I imagine one of the last things the Giants want right now is a road matchup against a good Kansas City squad that is playing like a polar opposite of the Giants; the Chiefs don’t turn the ball over whereas the Giants can’t seem to stop turning it over. I picture Alex Smith and the Chiefs being in control for this game as the Giants continue attempting to get back on track after playing one of the worst games I have ever seen last weekend. Chiefs -4.5.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos -11.5

This game is going to be a fun one to watch, at least for the first half. The Eagles are going to be able to score against the Broncos, which should make it an interesting game for the first half, but how do you guys think the Eagles fair in the second half? The thin Denver air is likely the last place the Chip Kelly offence wants to play. Also, Peyton Manning is going to pick the Eagles defence apart, shredding them for yardage and touchdowns all game long. This game might stay close for a while, but Denver is eventually going to blow it out. Broncos -11.5.

Dallas Cowboys @ San Diego Chargers +2.5 

The Cowboys are looking like the best of the NFC East right now as the Giants, Eagles and Redskins all continue to struggle. They showed how effective their offence could be last week against the Rams when Murray and Romo were both at the top of their game. I was burned last time I bet the Cowboys to win on the road, but that was against a Chiefs team that is better than the Chargers. I like Romo better than Rivers and think that Dallas has a much better running game with a bit better of a defence. Cowboys -2.5.

Honorable Mention: Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints -6.5

I don’t like betting on my own team when placing bets, but this coming Monday I really don’t like my Dolphins chances of staying too close to the Saints. The Saints will be at home and are 8-0 on Monday nights under Drew Brees. The Dolphins haven’t played under the lights for a while as well which could overwhelm. I am going to try to avoid betting on this game, but if I bet with my head I would lay the money on the Saints. Saints -6.5.


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