Recapping my Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Six (6) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

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Week Six Result: 0-5 

After Six Weeks: 11-18-1

Yup, I had a terrible week going 0-5 on my picks and greatly dropping my total for the season. I however am a glass half full type of person and still think I am learning more about the teams in this wild and unpredictable league. I am also not afraid to admit when I am wrong, and boy was I wrong last week. The Texans are looking like a much worse team than the had been the last two years; the Chiefs defence is one of the best in the league, The Seahawks are not very dynamic on offence and never bet against Tom Brady at home (I already knew that but just really thought he would lose this one).

And hey, if I keep this up you can just pick against my choices for some sure fire wins!

St. Louis Rams @ Houston Texans -7.5: STL 38 – 13 HOU, LOSS –

The Texans looked awful in their Sunday loss to the Rams, making multiple and costly mistakes through out the game. Arian Foster was great with the touches he got, but no on else for the Texans played particularity well. Two lost fumbles and a 98-yard interception return thrown by TJ Yates this time helped seal the Texans fate. Matt Schaub suffered an injury (to the delight of his ‘fans’), which could mean Yates or even Case Keenum getting the next start.

Oakland Raiders +9.5 @ Kansas City Chiefs:  OAK 7 – 24 KC, LOSS –

The Raiders kept this close in the first half but were overwhelmed by the Chiefs stellar defence in the second half. Terrelle Pryor was swarmed by the Chiefs defensive line and was sacked ten, that’s right, ten times and ended up with three interceptions. I didn’t think the Chiefs would score enough points to cover ten points against the Raiders, but thanks to some turnovers and defensive touchdown, I was wrong.

Tennessee Titans @ Seattle Seahawks -13.5: TEN 13 – 20 SEA, LOSS –

This was likely the stupidest choice I made of the week. The Seahawks are a dominant team and are even more dominant at home, but they are very limited offensively. Granted, the Seahawks also stymied themselves in this game with some turnovers and a muffed field goal, but in the end the Titans were in this game the entire time. I have a feeling the Seahawks are going to keep getting big spreads in their favour, especially when at home and I will either have to really think them over and just plan avoid them.

New Orleans Saints +2.5 @ New England Patriots: NO 23 – 30 NE, LOSS –

Ugh! I thought for sure I had my first cover of the weekend and at least wouldn’t be 0-4 going into the Monday night matchup, but alas, it was not to be. For some reason, the Saints gave the ball Brady more times than was necessary late in the game and gave him the chance to win the game, and he did just that. As most of you will already know Brady threw a late interception that looked to seal the game with the Saints up 4 and the spread covered, but the Saints gave the ball back to Brady with just over a minute to go and no time outs, apparently more than enough for the Golden Boy. Brady would march the field and throw a 17-yard touchdown pass to undrafted rookie Kenbrell Thomkins. Damn you again Tom Brady.

Indianapolis Colts -2.5 @ San Diego Chargers: IND 9 – 19 SD, LOSS –

The Colts were my last chance for a win and had high hopes of them coming into San Diego and somewhat salvaging my picks for the weekend. But in the end, this was just not my week as the Colts failed to score a touchdown and were held in check by the Chargers all game (The Colts longest play of the day was a 25-yard pass). I still think the Colts are the better team obviously and wish that they would let Luck throw the ball more, especially downfield. The Colts are looking at another loss next week when Peyton comes back to Indy to show Luck that he is still just a sophomore in this league and playing in the city that adored him for so long.


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