Recapping the Sit ‘Em & Start ‘Em suggestions that I made for week ten (10) of the 2013 Fantasy Football season.

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I finally had a good week on my proline picks going 4-1, but had an awful week with the Sit ’em and Start ’em lists. I apologize for the poor performance and will do everything I can to come back tomorrow with a great list for week 11.

Start ‘em:

(ATL) QB Matt Ryan vs. (SEA): 23/36 172 yards TD, 3 rush 15 yards – Ryan was exactly inefficient in the Falcons home loss to the Seahawks, but he certainly wasn’t as good as I had hoped he would be. Roddy White was visibly slowed still by injuries, which didn’t help the cause as Tony Gonzalez and Harry Douglas only combined for 78 yards. I still believe Matt Ryan can have some solid games at home, especially when Roddy White can actually make cuts on his ankle, but likely should have tempered my expectations against the Seahawks.

(NYG) QB Eli Manning vs. (OAK): 12/22 140 yards TD, INT – Eli Manning has been awful this year, do I need to say more? The Raiders were torched by Nick Foles for seven touchdowns a week ago, but two-time superbowl winner Eli can’t get two. Giants running back Andre Brown was back from injury for his first start in a many weeks and was excellent, taking the ball 30 times for 115 yards and a touchdown. In the weeks to come I would be sitting Eli and starting Andre with confidence.

(BUF) RB C.J. Spiller @ (PIT): 8 rush 23 yards, 3 catch 11 yards – It was an ugly result for both Spiller and Jackson despite having a great matchup against a Steelers team that had allowed the most rushing touchdowns all season. For a team that depends upon having one of the best rushing duos in the league in Spiller and Jackson, only 20 rushes between the two of them in the entire game is very disappointing. It is going to be hard to make an argument to start either of these guys next week against the Jets, although an argument for Jackson will be easily as he has been very consistent this year.

 (TB) RB Mike James vs. (MIA): 5 rush 41 yards – James was looking terrific against the distracted Dolphins in the first quarter on Monday night until going down right around the goal line with an injury. The way it was going and looking at the other production from backups Brian Leonard and Bobby Rainer, James would have likely ended the game with well over 100 yards and a touchdown. Brian Leonard received 20 carries in James absence and is likely going to be one of the top adds of the waiver wire this week.

(PIT) WR Emmanuel Sanders vs. (BUF): 4 catch 13 yards, 1 rush 25 yards – I debated in my head whether to suggest starting either Sanders and Cotchery. Despite Cotchery having a three-touchdown effort the week before, I figured it would be safer to go with Sanders who had seen more targets and gone for more total yardage on the season. But alas I was wrong as Sanders only had 38 total yards thanks to a 25-yard rush while Cotchery caught 2 passes for 31 yards and a touchdown. Sanders saw six targets; Cotchery saw two.

(CHI) WR Alshon Jeffery vs. (DET): 9 catch 114 yards, 2 rush 5 yards – Another great performance from Alshon Jeffery who is really playing like a top-24 wide receiver lately. You will no longer see Jeffery on the start ‘em side of the list anymore, as he has become a must-start each week. Jeffery has had 10+ fantasy points in 5 of his last six starts with three total touchdowns and four 100+ yard efforts.

(SD) WR Eddie Royal vs. (DEN): 2 catch 36 yards – It was not the offensive effort I was expecting from Philip Rivers and company. No San Diego wide receiver caught a touchdown as the Chargers only scored two on the day, both going to running backs. Royal is a boom or bust player that I was hoping for a boom week from. I am not against dropping him as I don’t see myself needing him as a starter with most of the byes behind us.

(TB) TE Timothy Wright vs. (MIA): 1 catch 19 yards – Wright was only targeted once in the game, catching it for 19 yards as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers focused on running the ball against the Dolphins as they were running all over the Dolphins defensive line. The Bucs ran the ball a total 37 times while only throwing it 21 times in the win. Wright will likely be much better in the future as the Buccaneers go back to losing and playing catch up.

Sit ‘em:

(CIN) QB Andy Dalton @ (BAL): 24/51 274 yards 2TD, 3INT, 6 rush 22 yards – Dalton was awful for most of the game as the Bengals were down 17-3 going into the fourth quarter. Dalton would have ended up with single digit fantasy points if it had not of been for the ridiculous (and extremely lucky) hail mary touchdown throw to send the game into overtime. Since dominating the Jets a few weeks ago Dalton has reverted to his early season form, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns. Dalton is not a must start in the coming weeks with quarterbacks like Case Keenum and Mike Glennon making waves.  He has a tough matchup this coming weekend against the Browns.

(HOU) QB Case Keenum @ (ARI): 22/43 201 yards 3TD, 2 rush 13 yards – Keenum was much better than I expected against a tough Arizona defence that is always tough to beat at home. Although the Texans suffered another loss, Keenum was able to avoid throwing an interception once again despite putting the ball up 43 times and was able to connect on three touchdown passes. My favourite thing about Keenum? He is making Andre Johnson an all-star again. Keenum will likely be a top-12 quarterback in week 11 against the Raiders.

(PIT) RB LeVeon Bell vs. (BUF): 22 rush 57 yards TD, 3 catch 39 yards – While both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson were disappointing for fantasy owners, LeVeon Bell had another solid game by grinding out his points. His yards per carry average was once again nothing pretty, but he was still given the rock 22 times and was able to find the end zone on a 4-yard run in the third quarter. As long as Bell is getting around 20 carries a game it is going to be hard to sit him. The Steelers use him in every situation, including passing downs where he picked up three catches for 39 yards. I like his odds of somehow finding the end zone again against the Lions next week.

(CIN) RB Giovani Bernard @ (BAL): 14 rush 58 yards, 8 catch 37 yards TD – Some good signs for Bernard owners as the talented young running back had a solid game despite his team struggling for most of the day. Bernard was given the ball for 14 carries while veteran teammate BenJarvus Green-Ellis only got the ball nine times and Bernard was also targeted eight times by Dalton for passes, catching all eight of them. If Giovani keeps getting the ball around 20 times a game between carries and catches, he is going to be a hard player for opponents to stop and should be great for Fantasy owners.

(CAR) WR Steve Smith @ (SF): 6 catch 63 yards – Despite having only 63 receiving yards in the win for the Panthers, Steve Smith was still the top receiver in the game for either team. Smith could have had about 80 yards or more if he had not of dropped another pass on third down that could have led to more points for his team. Smith is a WR3 at best as he is completely dependent on a touchdown for a 10+ point game at this point. The effort did give him the most receiving yards on the season of any Panther, a distinction that Greg Olsen had for most of the year.

(MIA) WR Mike Wallace @ (TB): 4 catch 15 yards – Mike Wallace and almost the entire Dolphins team was out of sorts on Monday night, playing like a team that has been extremely distracting the past week. The best Dolphin players that I saw were defensive player Nolan Carroll and receiver Rishard Matthews who was enjoying more playing time and targets with Brandon Gibson out. I do not like the combination of Mike Wallace and Ryan Tannehill and am glad I did not draft Wallace in any of my leagues despite being a Dolphins fan. He is another boom or bust player that has been primarily bust this season.

(IND) TE Coby Fleener vs. (STL): 4 catch 33 yards, 2 PNT Conversion – Some good signs an some bad signs for young tight end Coby Fleener. The good news is that he was targeted a team high ten times, but the bad news is that he was only able to haul in four of them for 33 yards. The Colts were shocke by the Rams who went up early and never looked back, forcing Andrew Luck to throw the ball 47 times in the loss. I see it as more bad news that Luck threw the ball 47 times and Fleener was only able to provide owners with 33 yards and a conversion.


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