Recapping my Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Ten (10) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

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Week Ten Result: 4-1 

After Ten Weeks: 20-29-1

Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco ‘49ers -6.5: CAR 10 – 9 SF, LOSS

Many people are praising the Panthers for getting their fifth win in a row, this one on the road against the ‘49ers. I however can’t help but notice that the ‘49ers were the better team for much of the game, and it was not until Vernon Davis left the game with an injury that Carolina started to look like the better team. If the ‘49ers and the Panthers play again and San Fran has Davis as well as Michael Crabtree back in the lineup, the ‘49ers end up with the win. Either way though, looking back I think seven points was too much to bet against the Panthers the way they are playing defensively.

Philadelphia Eagles -1.5 @ Green Bay Packers: PHI 27 – 13 GB, WIN

The game was actually pretty close for a while; with the Eagles scoring a wild touchdown on a long pass to DeSean Jackson to go up 7-0 and hold a 10-3 lead at the half. It was the third quarter where Riley Cooper hauled in two touchdown passes from his buddy Foles that made this one a bit of a blowout. Seneca Wallace also didn’t last long in this one as he went out with groin issues and was replaced by Tolzien, who didn’t play awful. The Packers need Rodgers back soon or they may find themselves on the outside looking in on the wild card spots.

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints -6.5: DAL 17 – NO 49, WIN

Not only did the Saints get the job done at home, they absolutely embarrassed the Cowboys. Early in the second quarter the Dallas Cowboys actually had a 10-7 lead, but would go into the half down 28-10 and eventually allow the Saints to score 49 points and gain an NFL record forty (40!!) first downs. The Cowboys tend to play to their competition and lose to good teams, just not by this much usually. The Saints are amazing at winning and even covering spreads at home. Despite the dominance I don’t feel like a learned a whole lot about these teams, it just confirmed things we all suspected.

Detroit Lions +1.0 @ Chicago Bears: DET 21 – 19 CHI, WIN

They did it, the Lions did it; they beat the Bears in Soldier Field. This was a huge win for the Lions. The Lions beat the Bears both times the teams have faced this season, a first since 2007. The win also put the Lions alone on top of the NFC North as the Packers also lost their week ten game. The game was very close and much lower scoring then when the teams first met this season, but the result was the same with the Lions getting the win and covering the spread for me. I think we all still know the Lions have some glaring weaknesses, particularly on defence, but they are looking poised to make someone’s life tough in the playoffs.

Denver Broncos -7.5 @ San Diego Chargers: DEN 28 – 20 SD, WIN

It wasn’t as large of a win as I was expecting from the Broncos over the Chargers, but in the end it was just enough to cover the spread and give me my first 4-1 week in a long time (hopefully not the last).  Demaryius Thomas was unstoppable as he grabbed three touchdowns on the day, and the Broncos held a 28-6 lead following his third grab of the day in the third quarter. The Broncos would come back and score a pair of touchdowns themselves, but eight points was as close as they would get, perfect for the Broncos cover and a 4-1 week for me!


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