Recapping my Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Eleven (11) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

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Week Eleven Result: 1-4 

After Eleven Weeks: 21-33-1

Bah, after going 4-1 last week I rebounded by going 1-4 this week! Still looking for my fist 5-0 week of the season. Running out of time!

New York Jets +1.5 @ Buffalo Bills: NYJ 14 – 37 BUF, LOSS

I know the Bills play much better at home, but a 23-pint win really? I expected the Jets to limit the Bills rushing game, which they did. But what I didn’t expect was how well E.J. Manuel would play in his second game back from injury. Manuel was god for 20/28 passing, 245 yards and a pair of touchdowns without turning the ball over. Geno Smith on the other hand, another rookie quarterback struggled, throwing three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. Smith also fumbled the ball twice, losing one. The bottom line is that Manuel played a solid game while Smith was awful.

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans -6.5: OAK 28 – 23 HOU, LOSS

This was a very back and forth game with the Raiders scoring the first two touchdowns of the game before Houston answered back with 17 points to take a three-point halftime lead. The Raiders would then come back and score another pair of touchdowns in the third quarter while the Texans were held to a pair of field goals in the fourth. While his completion percentage left something to be desired, Raiders starting quarterback Mike McGloin, filling in for an injured Terrelle Pryor was effective in Texans territory, throwing three touchdowns. McGloin has been named the Raiders starter for week twelve, where I think he takes a step back as opponents get a good look at his game tape from this game, but it is still a winnable game as the Raiders host the Titans.

San Francisco ‘49ers @ New Orleans Saints -3.5: SF 20 – 23 NO, LOSS

Like the Patriots game that you will read about shortly, this matchup was largely decided by a controversial call (or no call in the Patriots-Panthers case). Brees was sacked by Ahmad Brooks and fumbed the ball with just 3:16 on the clock, but the play was negated as the refs flagged the play as a hit to the head and allowed the Saints to score a field goal on the drive with about two minutes to play. The Saints would then get the ball back and kick a game winning field goal as the clock expired. I didn’t really agree with the call as Brooks connected with Brees around the shoulder pads, causing Brees’ neck to do something that looked very painful, but not an illegal hit in my eyes. There are some nasty looking still images of Brees during the hit and it looks awful, but it was not contact to the head. Either way, the Saints got the win at home to stay undefeated there, but were not able to cover the 3.5-point spread this time.

Baltimore Ravens +3.5 @ Chicago Bears: BAL 23 – 20 CHI, WIN

Baltimore was in the lead the entire game until Chicago finally tied the game up and eventually won in overtime by a field goal, giving me my only win of the week. Ray Rice finally had a good game with 130 yards and touchdown on five carries, giving fantasy owners hope (be careful though, the Bears have been very generous to many a runner this year). When the game went into overtime I was very confident I would the bet as Baltimore still has a pretty solid defence and figured the game would be decided by a field goal. I can see the Ravens playing in some more close games over the next few weeks as they host the Jets, Steelers and Vikings. The Ravens have only played three home games so far in 2013, winning two of them and losing the other to Green Bay by just two.

New England Patriots +2.5 @ Carolina Panthers: CAR 20 – 24 CAR, LOSS

I’m sure most of you have seen the final play of the game or at least heard about it. Tom Brady throws a potentially game winning touchdown pass to Gronk, whom is being hugged by Luke Keuchly while another Panther defender comes over and makes the interception. I severely dislike the Patriots and was happy to see them lose the game despite it meaning another loss for my picks, but I personally thing the flag that was thrown should have stayed. Some argue that the ball was uncatchable, which it may have been, but Gronk was not given the option to even make an attempt at it. I hate the Patriots, but I did not agree with the way the game ended.


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