Recapping my Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Twelve (12) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

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Week Twelve Result: 3-2

After Twelve Weeks: 24-35-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +9.5 @ Detroit Lions: TB 24 – 21 DET, WIN

With the aid of an efficient game from Tampa quarterback Mike Glennon and four interceptions from Detroit quarterback Matt Stafford, the Buccaneers were able to hand the Lions their second win in a row. Games like this just reinforce the idea that the Lions seem incapable of winning games they really need to. The rest of the NFC North were unable to win their games, even with two of them facing each other while the Lions lost another crucial game to a team they should have beat. Tampa Bay on the other hand has won three games in a row and is working to save Greg Schiano’s job. This was an easy pick to me as the Lions have trouble winning these important games, let alone by 10 points.

Pittsburgh Steelers +1.5 @ Cleveland Browns: PIT 27 – 11 CLE, WIN

The Steelers are looking like a team that could make a run for a wild card spot with their third straight win, this time over the lowly Browns. The majority of the Browns wins come from when they had Brian Hoyer under centre, but have lost five of their last six games with a combination of Josh Freeman and Brandon Weedon as quarterback. I don’t see the Browns winning many more games the rest of the season while the Steelers are still in the running for the playoffs; with a very small spread I was comfortable taking the team with something to play for still.

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers -4.5: MIN 26 – 26 GB, LOSS

I think I overrated the potential of Scott Tolzien, who was eventually replaced my Matt Flynn in the tie to the Vikings. With Matt Flynn coming into the game down by 16 points, he was able to bring the Packers back to a 23-23 and force overtime where both teams scored a field goal and recorded the only tie of the season thus far. Flynn is likely to get the start on Thursday afternoon and could provide for a tough game for the Lions who have had an awful secondary this season. Flynn made a start in week 17 against the Lions in 2011 and had an incredible game throwing for 480 yards and six touchdowns in a 45-41 Packers win.

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs -4.5: SD 41 – 38 KC, LOSS

The loss of Kansas City pass rushers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston were the main storyline from this game. With both players out for the Chiefs, the pass rush was almost none existent, allowing Philip Rivers to have one of his best fantasy performances of the season. Neither player is expected to play this coming weekend as it currently stands and I have heard that Houston may miss multiple weeks. The Chiefs D/ST is going to take a massive step back with these key players missing and should make for a much easier game on Peyton Manning in the upcoming rematch between the Chiefs and Broncos. Denver is on the road this time, but I still think they cover the current -4.5 spread they have been given.

Jacksonville Jaguars +10.5 @ Houston Texans: JAX 13 – 6 HOU, WIN

The Texans continue to be possibly the most disappointing team of the 2013 season, having won just two games all season long. After going 0-8, the Jaguars now have two wins in their last three games and have as many wins as the Texans. It is pretty sad when your offence can only muster a pair of field goals in a 60 minutes against the Jaguars. With their last win coming on back in September, Houston has now lost nine games in a row and were not worthy of having a double-digit spread, an easy cover, even for Jacksonville.


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