My Five (5) Favourite Point Spread Betting Lines for Week Fifteen (15) of the 2013 NFL Football Season.

This column is advice / opinion only!

2-3 Last Week.

29-40-1 Through Fourteen (14) Weeks.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville +3.5

These two teams have been polar opposites with the Bills losing five of six and the Jaguars winning four of five; and the Jags are at home with points to work with. I also like that the Jaguars have been great against the run during it’s recent hot streak and the Bills are a team that is at it’s best when they can run effectively. I am going to count on the Jaguars to keep playing hard and earn another win at home. Even if they lose by a field goal I cover. Jaguars +3.5

Chicago Bears +0.5 @ Cleveland Browns

The Bears have an atrocious defence but have the offence to make up for it and get the road win over the ever-struggling Browns. Cutler will be back at quarterback which could be a good thing or a bad thing considering how well McCown had been playing. The Bears however have much more to gain from a win this week and still have the more talented roster, headlined by a couple of stud receivers in Marshall and Jeffery (considering Josh Gordon is on the other side this game should see some magnificent catches). I like the Bears to move another step closer to actually winning this division with Cutler back at the help; hopefully the team rallies around his return. Bears +0.5.

Philadelphia Eagles -4.5 @ Minnesota Vikings

The Eagles are winners of five in a row coming into this one and have a great chance of making it six. A win over Minnesota would move the one step closer to winning their division and the Vikings will likely be without Adrian Peterson (if he does play he might not be as effective as usual). The Vikings seem to always have upset potential and are playing at home, but just do not have the quality of players the Eagles have and don’t have nearly as much to play for. The Eagles are the better team this season, even more so if APete is out, I like them to win this game by a touchdown or so. Eagles -4.5.

Kansas City Chiefs -4.5 @ Oakland Raiders

After starting the season trading wins and losses, the Raiders have been pretty bad lately in losing five of their last six games. The Chiefs could be licking their lips after seeing the Broncos lose to the Chargers, giving them a much better chance to win the division after most people have handed it to Denver. The Broncos have the tiebreaker but the Chiefs could still take it if they win out and the Broncos drop another game. The Raiders have been played four of their last five games on the road and could be happy about playing at home again, but they still lost their last home game to the Titans. Chiefs -4.5.

New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers-11.5

The 11.5 spread is obviously a tough bet to want to make, but I really think the Panthers are the much better team and can dominate every facet of this game. The Jets have a solid run defence, but the Panthers is better, the Panthers can be beat in the secondary, but the Jets can be beat worse and the Panthers have the better quarterback by a landslide. Playing at home and still trying to beat out the Saints for the division win, I think the Panthers shutdown the Jets and win by a pair of touchdowns, perhaps even more. I picture something along the lines of a 27-10 Panthers win. Panthers -11.5

Arizona Cardinals -3.5 @ Tennessee Titans

I am going to make one more pick this week in an attempt to get my record closer to .500, or make my record even worse; likely the former. I would just like to state that it sucks that multiple .500 or below teams in the AFC have a better chance of making a wild card birth than the Cardinals do a 8-5 and potentially moving to 9-5 this weekend. The Cardinals have one of the best overall defences in the league this season and are even better against the run. The Titans are often at their best when they can run the ball, seeing as to how they have Ryan Fitzpatrick starting at quarterback. The Titans have lost their last two games at home and are coming off a three-game road trip. I think the Cardinals are simply the better team with an elite defence and should take this one from the Titans. I would prefer if it was a field goal spread, but hey, that’s Vegas.


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